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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ooo....Nooo.... Mount Merapi erupted!!

The Mount Merapi... 
This old guy seemed never tired for  blowing  smoke which usually called 'wedus gembel'

What an unexpected...  it's been a couple month ago me  together with my family   ( here !  in our 5 days trip to Jogjakarta... ) were  still enjoy and seeing the beauty of Kali Urang , the place where was shaded by  the mount Merapi  which is  one of the  most  volcanic mountain in the world... 
And nowadays the Mount Merapi seemed   getting  a big  anger...(as what the resident said)...

yeah... sir mount Merapi  currently was beginning to rage and  has been  erupted ... spewing the lava and heat to every corner of the land wich was  sheltered  by this mountain  with  peacefully  since along time ago....

Here are our pics when we visited 'Kali Urang' (a jungle tours  that place at the mount Merapi area) a month ago.... enjoy!

 Water fall , one of the scenery of Kali Urang

Vincent, Icha, Ochi, and Baim... try to climb...

It's really horrible... the beautiful place when I visited a couple month ago was  so frenzied and chaotic recently  as I  watched from the TV .... 

 Icha, Ochi, Vincent, Baim...

Icha and Ochi...

with my hubby...

I'm so sorry but I haven't any pic of the appearence of Kali Urang  now after attact by the eruption of mount Merapi...

I just hope this natural disaster will be over soon...
And for all the victims...may The Almighty will give you all strenght and fortitude..
And for the goverment I also hope could handle this situation with all the best...

I actually more  worried  because of my son Vincent who was  currently in  Jogjakarta for college... even though his place was far enough from the   disaster  area ... 
Everytime I  pray for my baby son... May Allah always protect and blessed him wherever he was...

With all  humility .... here  I also wanna  ask  you all readers to  give a little pray to all brothers who were affected  by the eruption of mount Merapi... If it could... any  little help  from all of you... will be so meaningful for them..
Insya Allah, I will also contribute some funds to help ease their burden ...

Thanks for   all your kindness,  my friends!
May God bless you !!


  1. Assalamu-aleykum!I am so sorry.Let Allah help them.

  2. Wassalamu-aleykum Amin,
    actually the best helper is only Allah The Almighty.
    Thanks so much, friend!

  3. Assalamualaikum nensa..akak ada juga mengikuti perkembangnya ditv..semoga semuanya nya selamat dan didalam perlindungan allah s.w.t.

  4. Prayers are sent for those affected by the disaster, Nensa, and for your lovely son. I'm sure he will be safely protected by the college authorities. There are too many tragedies in the world lately, I pray they'll soon stop. Hugs for you.

  5. aku pun pernah mendaki kesana Mbak... dan kemaren aku sempet berdoa semoga Merapi gak sampai meletus.. tapi ternyata Sang Empunya berkata lain....

    aku turut berduka untuk para korbannya... semoga arwahnya diberikan tempat yang terindah disisi-Nya... amin....

  6. Hi Nensa,

    I heared about the erruption on the news and hope that all the people who live in the area are safe.

    Your country has had a horrible week. I heard the tsunami washed away complete villages and towns on the coast. Such a sad thing to happen.

    Take care dear Nensa,

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  7. What a beautiful place to be when it's not erupting! Hope your family especially your brother are doing well.

  8. Oh Nensa, it looks like such a lovely place. I'm sorry to hear of the volcanic eruption. Prayers here for those affected by it. Wonderful photos of you and your family. :)

  9. I actually thought of you when I heard about this eruption...I hope you and your family are ok...I will pray for all of you and your country!

  10. Thanks for this post. Your photos are amazing, and your words very appropriate.
    I love to see you walking, smiling, hand in hand with hubby. Truly lovely. (Myself and Mrs S constantly walk hand in hand together).
    Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the eruption.

    Best wishes, Boonie

  11. I am sending good thoughts your way! What a disaster!

    Loved the pictures of your beautiful kids!

  12. Yikes! Hope Mt. Merapi's 'anger' will subside soon! Praying for the safety of all the people around and that the situation is under control!

    Take care dear friend!

  13. @kak Erna:
    Wassalamualaikum Kak Erna, sangat mengerikan begitu banyak bencana menimppa negri kami, makasih banyak akak atas doanya untuk keselamatan kita semua.

    Thanks for praying to all who affected by disaster.. and also for my son Vincent.
    This time the nature seemed berserk since the disaster strikes everywhere in this world.
    Sending my big hug too to you, my dear friend!

    Betul Ferdinand, bencana memang selalu datang tanpa kita kehendaki, bagaimanapun Yang Diatas selalu lebih berkuasa...
    Semoga korban mendapatkan tempat yg paling mulia disisi-Nya.
    Thanks dear friend!

    Dear Madelief,
    my country nowadays was grieving... so many disaster attacked... the volcano eruption, earthquake, even tsunami... all destroy our peacefully place.. hope this tragedy will stopped soon.
    You take care too, my dear friend!

    @Mama has spoken:
    You got right, my friend! that place was really beautiful indeed without eruption!
    but there it was... hope everything will back to normal soon..
    Thanks for your kindly wishes to our baby son. xoxo

    Thanks for praying for all the victims..that place looked really wonderful before the tragedy..
    Thanks for the compliment, dear friend! xo

    @Joe Cap:
    Thanks so much Joe... We all really need your prayer this time.

    @Bonnie S:
    Your welcome, Bonnie... and thanks so much for the nice compliment.
    I also wanna see your pic walking hand in hand with your loved wife.. must be lovely!
    all the best to you, friend!

    @Bossy betty:
    Thank you so much BB... other than humanitarian assistance we are also in desperate need of prayers.

    @I'm a Full time Mummy:
    Thank you, Jenny... we also hope this eruption will stopped soon.. and the goverment could control everything.
    Thanks also for your concern. xo

  14. Nensa dear,

    condolences to the families..semoga mereka tabah menghadapi ujian Allah SWT.

    and praying that your son is safe wherever he goes..

  15. Cheqna sayang,
    Thanks so much for concerning our grief..
    and most for your doa to our baby son.
    semoga Allah senantiasa berada bersama kita, Cheqna... Amin!

  16. You have such a wonderful family, they look so happy and proud, I am happy you got to visit before the eruption to see the beauty and our prayers are there for those who were effected by this disaster.

  17. Hi Nensa, I am just now catching up after being gone... I am so sorry to hear about the eruption of Mount Merapi. How very very sad--especially since you showed the beauty in that area just a month or so ago....

    I will keep all of the people who are effected by the eruption in my prayers.... I am so very very sorry.


  18. @Cheqna;
    sama2 amin juga, Cheqna! thanks.

    Yeah...Jimmy, It's such a blessed for us could see and visit Kali Urang, the place where reputedly shattered
    since the eruption of Mount Merapi.
    Thanks so much, friend for giving prayer to those who affected.

    @Betsy from Tennessee:
    Hi Betsy, glad to know you back... hope you enjoy your trip as well...
    I heard from the TV, the situations now there was so horrible... truly sad.
    They do need a prayer from us.
    Thanks so much friend, for keep them in your prayer.
    sending my hugs too to you, my friend!

  19. i hope so..that the natural disaster can be over soon...

    may God be bless for our bro and sist there...

  20. @Windflowers:
    Thank you windflowers..
    let us pray for all the best to our loved country... for no more disaster or tragedy...
    May Allah always be blessed us.

    @Mari mengenal Tsunami:
    Thank you Anton.
    I appreciate your visit n comment.
    Welcome to my site.. and thanks also for following my site.
    Glad to see you here.

  21. Thought about you last week when listening to the news, sweet Nensa. xxxxx

  22. Dear Nensa, I am impressed to see these photos of the erupting volcano, I hope the damage is not important and especially that people are safe, I will pray for it. However the photos are beautiful. I really enjoyed seeing family so happy in these and previous pictures.

    A big hug!

  23. I am with you in prayers Nensa. I hope there is less casualty. I hope the lives of the affected families will be back to normal soon.

    Btw, nice family photos. :)

  24. Aslmkm Nensa.
    Im sure every Muslim wl offer prayers. Our Malaysian government always offer some form of immediate help to ease d sufferings.
    Kak G always fear d wrath of Allah SWT. Such natural disasters really humble us.

  25. Nensa,
    Really very informative post....and photos are attractive.
    Best wishes.

  26. Hi Nensa,

    I'm so very sorry to hear about the volcano eruption and the horrible aftermath of it. I will pray for those affected by it.

    How is Vincent doing in college? It is so good to see the beautiful photos of you and your lovely family.


  27. @Saskia:
    Thanks so much for keeping us in your thought and prayer, dear Saskia. xx

    Carmen dear, thanks I hope so... the goverment will safe all people there.. and the disaster will stopped soon..
    sending my big hugs too to you, my good friend!

    Thank you JP... please keep them in your thought and prayer, my friend!

    thanks sudah mampir n comment. Appreciate it!

    wassalam KakG, we all hope everyone who affected could be safe... and the doa from all muslim over the world hope will also ease their suffering.
    thanks akak for your kindly concern.

    @Hermant Kumar:
    Thank you Herman, I appreciate your kindly visit and comment.
    sending my best wishes to you and your loved family.

    @The Farmers daughter:
    Thanks Cheryl... we all now here really have a very horrible week.. esp those who are affected.
    Alhamdulillah, my son Vincent was doing fine in college as his place was far enough from the area of disaster... but he only got the ash rain in his place as the effect of the eruption.
    hugs too to you, my dear friend!

  28. Natural disasters are terrifying. I'll definitely keep the affected people in my thoughts and hopes. It's such a beautiful area.

  29. Oh dear...that is terrible..such a beautiful spot too. I know how it feels to worry about a child so far away...may he stay safe!

    Hugs. xoxo

  30. @Jemi Fraser:
    Thank you Jemi for all your kindness.
    God bless you. xx

    Yep Koralee... it's really terrible, esp I have a son Vincent who stay there in the same area, although not too close to the disaster area.. but I still worry about him...
    May Allah always blessed him. Thanks for your kindly words! xo

  31. thank you for sharing about this.
    the earth has her ways and sometimes they are bigger than we can imagine! My prayers rise!

    Your family looks so happy together~

  32. You're welcome, Tammie.
    And thanks for write a lovely comment here.
    I appreciate you so much.

  33. salam nensa, so sorry to hear about the bad news, hope anybody that effected could be safe...semoga Allah melindungi kita semua sahabatku...

  34. Salam Yatie,
    thanks a million my friend... I also hope everyone who affected will safe and sound...
    Hanya kepada Allah kita memohon perlindungan dan pertolongan...
    Semoga Dia selalu bersama kita, Amin!

  35. Salam!You can see the Maiden Tower in the here.

  36. That is terrible news! I heard on NPR that the man who was the keeper of the mountain and lived on the side of the volcano died in the eruption. I was so sad! I hope and pray for the people affected

  37. Hi Nensa,
    I thought about your family when I heard about the disasters in Indonesia. I'm glad your family is safe. I'm praying for the victims and their families. Take care friend.

  38. I've heard of this and I pray that your son will be safe and also for all the other families affected. Glad you got to visit.

    Have a relaxing weekend! *HUGS*

  39. @Amin:
    salam Amin, thanks.. will be checked it out soon.

    @Teresha@Marlie and Me:
    Yes Teresha... we had a terrible week here... and I felt sorry for the keeper of mt. Merapi who has been gone...He's really a great old man..loyal until death to accompany the mount Merapi.
    Thanks Teresha for praying those who affected..

    @Susan B:
    Hi susan, Alhamdulillah... me and my whole family all safe with His grant and mercy...
    Thanks for your prayer, dear friend.
    You take care too...hugs.

    Thanks my friend... I also worried about my son as he recently stayed at the same area... but Alhamdulillah he's doing fine.
    Have a relax weekend to you too, my friend! hugs

  40. salam nensa,
    takziah kepada semua mangsa, semoga mereka tabah menghadapi ujian Allah s.w.t

  41. Hello Nensa, My thoughts are with your country's people in this time of natural catastrophes. What a lush and beautiful landscape it was for your family to visit recently. I enjoyed seeing your children who are all smiling and seem to be enjoying themselves. A restful weekend to you.

  42. Hope all is well with your family. Beautiful place! Incredible sight!

  43. My prayers for all people who have to suffer. This year was such a hard one, with many catastrophes to bear. We live in a time of great change, and we must be brave. Dear Nensa, may you and all your loved ones always be safe! Have a happy sunday! xx

  44. @Amin:
    You're much welcome, my friend!

    wassalam ibuintan,
    makasih, kita semua berharap semoga mereka para korban dan keluarga diberikan kekuatan dan ketabahan dlm menghadapi ujuan Allah ini. amin!

    Hi Barb, yes..that time when we visited that place, still looked beautiful and gorgeous..before the disaster came..
    Thanks for keeping them in your prayer.
    A restful weekend too to you, dear friend!

    Thanks so much, Amy.. I appreciate all your kindly words and visit too. xo

    Thank you, Martina.
    You got right... this year, esp this month (October) was such a hard time for our country... we got so many disaster everywhere in our country, earthquake, tsunami, mount eruptions, flash flood...
    I just hope all people could strong and steadfast to face all with His grace and mercy... Amen!
    You too, have a happy Sunday my friend!

  45. Hi Nensa,
    It is good to be back here on your blog reading your updates.
    The eruption of Mt Merapi has devastated the beautiful surrounding area. Let's hope the people
    would be give strength to carry on.

    PS: Very nice photos

  46. salam nensa...
    patutlah tak jumpa blog lagi satu, rupanya dlm pembaikan. sori ida pun lama tak jalan2 blog.. bz sungguh.

    tumpang simpati atas bencana yg terjadi. semoga Allah melindungi mereka yg terlibat.

    nensa... anak2 nensa semuanya cantik dan manis...

  47. @Multibrand:
    Multibrand friend,
    Thanks for coming by here. I'm glad to hear from you again.
    I felt so sorry that the eruption was almost destroy the area which I've been visited before a couple month ago..
    I also try to always keep them who affected in my prayer that way..

    Wassalam Ida,
    memang sementara blogku CATATANKU aku close, karena ada kesalahan edit sehingga penampilannya jadi kacau and banyak entry yg hilang...dan aku belum sempat memperbaikinya lagi...hehe
    Thanks Ida sudah mampir n komentar ya.
    I know... Ida bz banget sama bisnis

  48. Assalamy-aleykum!I have seen the news from the Indonesia.How is the situation now?!Let the Allah help to all of them!!!

  49. Hi sweet Nensa, i hope your week is great so far! xxxx

  50. Hi Nensa dear. I remember seeing the volcano from afar years ago.I was at Candi Prambanan at that time. Tumpang simpati dgn penduduk di sekitar gunung tu. There are also many Malaysians in Jogjakarta. Semoga semuanya selamat ya..

  51. I've been reading about the tsunami and then the volcano. Unbelievable. Thanks you for these beautiful photos and update. I was in Bali a few years ago. The lush green brings back memories!

  52. Merapi ohhh Merapi.. when are you calm down...
    Just to say .. your husband ..very handsome and very energetic ... greeting

  53. i hope merapi to be calm down soon

  54. @Amin:
    Wassalamualaikum Amin,
    The situation now here was still the same as before... seemed the old volcano didn't wanna stop his anger yet.

    Thanks so much Saskia.. I hope you have a wonderful week too, my sweet friend! xo

    Thanks TK, surely there're also some Malaysian people there who've been lived for study or work... hope they all will be safe and sound.

    Thanks LD, I'm glad to see you here. I'm also glad that you've been coming to Bali... You know, Jogjakarta with the mount volcanic Merapi was also one of our natural beauty as a tourist spot that pretty much in demand.
    but nowadays the views over there was really heartbreaking...

    saung..oh Saung... thanks a billion for the compliment to hubby..
    And I'm also asking when will this old volcanic guy stay cool... and stopped rampage...???

    I'm hoping so, bintang air... May everything will be back to normal soon..
    komen ga muncul sebelum dimoderasi oleh daku begetoh.. mbak/mas...
    makasih banyak sdh sudi mampir ya!

  55. Hello Nensa! I've been hearing about that volcanic eruption in your country. Sad to know that it hasn't stopped its eruption. Don't worry much for your loving son, God will take care of him. Praying that the volcano's fury will end soon!

    You look lovely! You have a very beautiful family Nensa! God bless you all!

  56. Hi Beng,
    Thanks so much for all your lovely words... I also hope all people there will safe and everything back to normal... so everyone including my son could undergo its activities safely and peacefully...
    God bless you too, my friend!