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Monday, August 2, 2010

Ooo...No... Apil was Missing...?!


"Ma, Apil was missing!!",  my son's voice was quite startling  on my cell phone.
I'm on the way to pick up my daughters  Ochi and Icha at their school, after did shopping my daily stuff at the mall, not too far from their school.
Without much more conversation with my son Baim on the phone, I immediately turn my car back toward our home.

I found my two sons Baim and Vincent were trying to look for our cat Apil around our house.
I started grumble  while help them search out  for our Apil. Felt tired... but Apil still didn't found yet. I saw my watch, it's about 3.20 pm, time for pick up my girls. I called my hubby, said that I'm busy looking for Apil... so asking him to pick up them.

                 Apil posed on her 'palace'

A few moments later I heard the roar of my hubby's car outside. But without our girls.. Again I started grumble...  "I wanna look for Apil first,.. let the girls home by bus just for today!!"  he said to me.
I glanced at him with my evil eyes.

My son Baim was running to his room...  he must afraid for his daddy's scolded, coz he's the one who make Apil left... He let the door opened while Apil not in her cage... so it's  perhaps make Apil  run out...

Then suddenly  Baim cried loudly: "Ma..she's here!!",  he shouted.
We all, me, my hubby, and my son Vincent  ran to his room at once. OMG, I saw Apil was sitting in the corner under Baim's bed  staring at us  with the blank eyes. I approached to her, then grabbed her...
Alhamdulillah, thanks God... finaly Apil was found...

Apil, a Persian cat was about 8 months lived along with our family... First time she came to our house as a baby cat, bought by my hubby as a present of Ochi's  birthday.
so actually Apil was Ochi's cat... but lately she become our family baby... we all love her so much , especially me and my hubby... perhaps because we feel a little emptiness in our heart, seeing our kids grown up...and none of them wanna treated as a baby anymore...(they never wanna hugged or kissed anymore....just like before )

Again my hand-phone rang... must be a call from Icha and Ohi.... I grabbed my car key....drove straight away to their school... Left a father and two sons gathered around their baby  pet...


  1. Apil is beautiful! So great you found her. We have a cat as well, and looooove him!

  2. Never saw a cage for a cat like that before! Glad you found her safe and sound!

  3. I am so glad you found Apil....she is a beautiful cat. xoxox

  4. Wow, Apil is beautiful! I love cats.
    Pretty funny how she has to go into her cage to use the kitty box!
    Glad you found her!
    Have fabulous day!

  5. Woooo----glad Apil is FINE, Nensa. That is scary I'm sure for all of your family... Apil is a gorgeous kitty --and I'm sure you would hate to lose her. Glad this story had a good ending...


  6. Apil is adorable. Glad you found her!

  7. Yay! A happy ending. I'm happy you found Apil and Apil is gorgeous! Happy Monday!

  8. @Gwei:
    Thanks Gwei, Yes we're happy finaly we could find Apil.

    Thanks Martina, surely... Apil was beautiful and we all loooooooooooove her! hehe..

    @Mama has spoken:
    Thanks my dear friend, my hubby ordered the cage from Jakarta, the capital of the state...

    Thanks my friend, we all glad Apil in fact didnt miss...

    @Joe Cap:
    Thanks Joe, it's really fun to see Apil get in her cage...
    Have a great Monday to you!

    @Betsy from tennessee:
    Thanks Betsy, I'm also glad the story was end up with happiness...

    Thanks so much Mr. S...heheh..

    Yoo..Stacey, a happy ending...we all glad Apil has been found.
    Thanks and Happy Monday too to you!

  9. I am all smiles reading your post Nensa. Looks like April is dearly loved. Gosh! Look at that cage! April is treated royally like a princess!

    You think she went away with Garfield for a date? Hehehe.. Thanks for making me smile. :)

  10. I'm so glad you found her. She looks like a very sweet cat. All the pets we have had over the years have become like one of the family for us too. Hope you enjoy your week, Nensa. Hugs from Daisy.

  11. These pets work their way into our hearts, don't they? She is a beauty and very clearly loved by her family!

  12. Oh my, a happy end! fortunately. Off to read some of your past posts...
    Wishing you a wonderful and sunshine-filled Tuesday. xx

  13. @Jolly Princess:
    Thanks JP, if you could smile reading my post...haha..
    but I wanna corrected you, her name wasn't APRIL, but APIL (without R) ok...
    Yohoo..I'm now thinking about to give her a Garfield, so hopefully she will not run away anymore looking for a date...haha..

    Hi Daisy,
    I think so... our pet is like our loved family..
    And we all love her..
    Thanks for the compliment, friend!
    A hug too to you.

    @Bossy Betty:
    Yes surely BB... they come to us and grabbed our family heart....
    Thanks for kindly comment.

    Thanks so much Saskia for dropped by.
    Wishing you a great Tuesday too!!

  14. Losing a pet IS like losing a member of your family... I am so pleased you found her, and even more pleased that she wasn't really lost. Nice post, Nensa.

  15. I can certainly relate to this; I would be devastated if my Batcat went missing. I love him to bits and he is my everything, making me smile every day.;) Lovely post and lovely pictures.;))

  16. @Valerie:
    You're absolutely right Val, losing a pet was just like losing our family member..
    Thanks so much for your kindly comment.

    I think we all felt so Zuzana... Our Apil also make us smile every little day..and she make our life more colourful..
    Thanks so much for the nice comment, Zuzana!

  17. Thank goodness you found Apil! Our pets are part of the family.

  18. Hi Nensa!

    What a drama! Thank God Apil was found! I can see how Apil became a part of your family, you guys are all so worried about it!

    Btw, thanks for your comment on my blog earlier. Thank you for your kind words! You have a lovely Wednesday too! :)

  19. Beautiful cat - glad you found her :)

  20. @Lourie:
    Thanks Lourie... Yeah right, our pet is absolutely like a part of our family...

    @Im a full-time Mummy:
    Hahaha...Yup Jenny...its like dramatic, APIL who had allegedly lost, was just hiding under the bed ...
    Thanks for your kindly comment.

    @Jemi Fraser:
    Thanks for stoppin here Jemi... Yes sure..Im glad she finaly found...hehe..

  21. Aww!! I'm glad you found her! I would be stressed too if it were one of my dogs missing!

  22. Hi Nensa,

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! I am glad you found your cat again! What a beautiful animal it is! I see you live in Palembang. I believe my father once live there, a long long time ago when he was still a child!

    Wish you a happy evening!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  23. So happy there was a happy ending. Thank you for your kind words about my recent loss of Libby our dog. I completely understand how you feel about Apil. Our pets are our babies and we love them.

    ♥ Joy

  24. Wow, that's happened to us quite a bit when we had cats too! Glad you found her and thanks for visiting my diy blog!

  25. @Alicia:
    Thanks Alicia.. Yes it also make me stress, but I'm happy finaly she's found.

    Hi Madelief,
    You're much welcome... yes am so glad could found her. I'm glad too to hear your father has been here in my city long time ago..
    Wishing you a very happy day/night

    Hi Joy,
    You're welcome..and thanks so much for stopping here and take time to write a comment. Appreciate it.
    Love and hugs

    @LL Cool Joe:
    Thanks LL... yes, some people who have a pet would experience the same as me and my family..
    Thanks so much for dropping here and commenting.

  26. great...finally you found her anymore...hehehe...i'm so glad to hear that...:)

  27. I'm pleased that this all worked out OK.

    Have a nice day, Boonsong

  28. Nensa,
    I'm so glad you found your kitty. I've lost mine before too, and it's quite a sickening feeling. Your baby is SO beautiful, too! :)

  29. Hi Nensa! Your cat is so adorable! I love cats too!

  30. Sweet Nensa .... You are a very busy lady ....
    Where do you get the time to write to so many of us .
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog .
    I'm new in blogland and my heart jumps when I see that there are followers ....
    Let's stay in touch . Have a wonderful weekend .

  31. I'm so glad you found the kitty! Such a sweet story.

    I hope my kids will want to still be affectionate when they grow older.

  32. @Windflower:
    THanks so much dear, yes..I feel glad to found her at last...

    Thansk for your kindy comment, Boonsong.
    Glad to meet you here.

    Thanks so much's make me headache when heard my kitty missed..oh no!!

    Thanks TK, you pelihara kitty juga TK...hehe..
    She really makes lots of fun in our family.

    dear Francis, thanks so much for coming here and commenting...I'm glad could found so many friend from around the globe here in blogoshpere..
    sure..lets keep in touch, friend!
    You too, have a wonderful weekend.

    Thanks so much friend for your kindly words!
    yeah..we all hope our kids would be stay in affection now and forever..

  33. Hi Nensa,
    Thank God that Apil has been found.
    You have a very happy family.

  34. Hi Nensa, thank you for visiting - nice to see you! Hope you and Apil (and the rest of the family) are having a relaxed weekend, My cat just got tuna-fish - a special treat and his absolute favourite! Sunny greetings!

  35. I hope your weekend is great so far Nesa. Sending some hugs all the way from Germany xx

  36. @H.Nizam:
    Thanks H.Nizam, we all glad Apil was found..
    Oh yes...i have a very happy family..
    thanks for your kindly words.

    thanks martina... I'm also glad to see you...
    Wow...but our Apil, her fav was mackarel.. hehe..
    sending a big smile to you, my friend!!

    Thanks Saskia... I hope you got the same..
    Happy Friday to you!!

    @Elizabeth Mahlou:
    Thanks Elizabeth, for stopping here and commenting... please come back anytime.
    glad to see you. xoxo

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