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Friday, October 15, 2010

Walking under the Borobudur temple area...

Ochi and Icha together with the Buddhist statues...

This is probably my last post about our fun story at the Borobudur temple area...
I hope you guys all still can enjoy our journey...hehe...

Actually I didn't know before that there're some other places in the Borobudur area such as the museum of old ship named  'Phinisi Nusantara', and the museum of art which had some collections of arts including paintings, sculpture, hand crafts and other art works...

Ochi and Icha in the old ship museum...

Actually there's something that make Baim wanna enter the museum in a sudden... he found the bulletin board in the corner across the street when we passed... It showed there's a human dwarf (reputedly the shortest in the world) in the museum... so Baim was so excited to see it with his own eyes...

Finally we bought some tickets to enter the museum... although I was really anxious to get back home since the weather  was so unpleasent... cloudy with light rain...

Entering the museum and found the human dwarf... I can see Baim was not too excited as before... He even blurry right after he saw the dwarf... HAHAHA... he looked scared like watching a horor... whereas I wanna shot him with the dwarf as memento...  so Icha who finally dare to pose with the dwarf...
Here're some pics of us... enjoy!

 Baim posed with the wooden animal sculpture...

Icha posed with the dwarf...

with my daughter Ochi, at the ship museum...

 Baim posed in front of 'Phinisi Nusantara' ship...

Time was getting late, but the rain has not subsided, so we decided to run crashing the rain... Luckily there're some people who rent the umbrella... so we hired a few umbrellas and buy a plastic raincoat  for Baim...
See... we jogged through the rain mists toward  the gate.
But still can snap snap... under the rain... hehe...

Ochi, Icha, Baim walked under the rain toward the gate...

Oh damn!! when we got in the gate... we're puzzled to find our car park....we went round and round...even enter the market which sell many souvenir items and also crafts typical of Borobudur...
I tried to call my hubby asking where the position of  parking... but it didn't worked... so by following the instinct  eventually we found our car park where my hubby and Vincent waited us there as well... oh...Alhamdulillah!!

My three kiddos posed in front of the market...

posed with my daughter Ochi around the market area while looking for our parking...


  1. That's cute that he wanted a picture with a little person then was disapointed. Wish we could get some of that rain here!

  2. Nensa, sounds like you had a very busy day with lots to do and see. It made me smile that you kept on taking pictures even in the rain. I probably would have done that too. :-)

  3. @Mamma has Spoken:
    I think Baim felt that the little man didn't as what he thought.. so he felt disappointed at the end...haha.
    Yeah.. I hope your place will poured by lovely rain soon...xx

    Hahaha... Daisy, you know I have an umbrella in my left hand, and camera in the right hand ... OWW... what a crazy busy that time..LOl..
    But it's fun indeed!!
    I bet you will doing so...HAA..!!
    thanks friend!

  4. Salam Nensa, wah you really had fun & enjoyed with all your kiddos during the trip...aku juga kepingin mau kesana...hehehee..
    seronok ya punya anak perempuan udah dewasa, kelihatan spt adik dan kakak...

    suka lihat kamu & anak2 yg gembira...

  5. Waduh aku juga punya pengalaman tentang hujan2an di Borobudur nie Mbak... jadi wakt itu tau2 hujan terus aku nyewa payung ber-2 sama temenku eh tau2 berhenti lagi ywdh aku kasih ke tukang payungnya eh tau2 malah deres hujannya akhirnya malah kuyub haha...

    hujannya suka mendadak tuh disana wkwk....

    Semangat :P

  6. @Secangkir madu merah:
    Wassalam yatie, hehe... emang enak punya anak perempuan yg udah teenager spt anak2-ku... we're just like a friend not mom and daughter, taking pictures together or even posed like a model...haha... pokoknya asyik deh Yatie!!
    yah.. aku doakan kamu datang ke Borobudur yaa...
    pasti asyik tuh!!
    Thanks ya sahabatku!

    Hmm.. emang bener tuh Ferdinand, waktu itu hujan turun trus berhenti trus hujan lagi.. seperti itu terus... Rupanya emang biasa disana yah...hhaha...
    tp kami tetap happy that time...
    Thanks Ferdinand!
    all the best.

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  8. I love visiting museums, any kind almost. The rain makes it fee so tropical, what a very different climate from ours.;)
    Love all your pictures.;)
    Have a lovely weekend,

  9. @Multi blogging:
    Dear Multi Blogging friend,
    I'm glad you can find my blog and also follow for me by google... welcome to my site, hope you could enjoy here.
    thanks so much... will find out yours soon.
    see yaa!!

    Yeah Zuzana, I think it's fun to visit museum together with the kiddos... probably they could find something different there..
    thanks for your kindly words.
    Have a lovely weekend too to you, my friend!

  10. Nensa, it is so refreshing to read your posts. You're family seems so carefree and happy I does my heart good to see them. And you, my friend, are a very attractive woman ... and a lucky one to have such a lovely family.

  11. salam nensa..wah..seronok ye..bercuti bersama keluarga..
    cantik2 foto nya..pengalaman indah..bergambar semasa hujan turun..

  12. Dear Nensa, wishing you a very merry lovely happy weekend with your beautiful family. Sending some Dutch sunbeams your way xxxx

  13. @Valerie:
    Val, dear...I'm so glad you could enjoying my post. it's such a pleasure to me... I do feel blessed living in my warm family around me.
    Thanks so much for your lovely words! xx

    @kak Erna:
    Wassalam Kak erna, emang seronok kami berlibur bersama keluarga...tetap happy meskipun harus hujan-hujanan...hehe..
    makasih banyak akak sudah sudi berkunjung kesini.

    Me too, sweet saskia... wishing you and your family have a lovely weekend ahead.
    Thanks for your kindly wishes.
    sending more blessing to you and your loved one...

  14. You really had a great vacation with your family, Nensa. You look great my friend. You look like a sister to your two lovely daughters. ♥

  15. You have such a beautiful family...and even though it was raining, it looks like you had a good time.
    Hope you are having a safe and pleasant weekend.

  16. Wow, such a lovely place and i love all the pics! Sweet family too:-). Have a great weekend dear friend. XX

  17. So pretty and fun pics, dear Nensa!!! Your kids are so bright!!! You might be so proud of them!!!
    I always get soooo happy when I read your sweet words on my blog! Thanks for always making my day, dear friend!
    Wish you the best ever!!! Bela.

  18. Very beautiful pictures! Regards and still fun!

  19. @Jolly Princess:
    Thank you JP..I'm perhaps not only like a siblings to my 2 daugthers... I even feel like I'm their best friend...hahha...

    @Joe Cap:
    Thank you Joe... Im glad to hear from you again... I felt sad when thought that you like you wanna stop blogging.
    Thanks again for your words.
    You too, have a pleasant weekend!

    Thanks Stacey... its always make my day reading your comment in my site. Thanks again and Happy weekend to you, dear friend!

    Thanks dear sweet Bela... I also love to read your lovely words in my site...
    hope you have a wonderful weekend with your loved one!

    Thanks for your kindly words, Iosif.
    Sending my warmest regards to you and your loved family!

  20. Fantastic photos! Looks like a fabulous place to visit! :)

  21. Thanks Jemi! Apreciate your visit and comment.
    Wishing you the best. xoxo

  22. Hi Nensa,
    I enjoyed the photos of your family...looks like you all had a good time! I've been places and forgot where I parked the car can be very frustrating! Thank you for sharing your photos. Have a lovely weekend with your family... :)

  23. Thanks Susan,
    Yeah..I'm so frustrating that time when forgot my parking area ... and the rain was adding my feeling more bad...hehe..
    but still could enjoy our memorable time with my kiddos.

    hope you have a lovely weekend too, my dear friend!

  24. Deat Nensa,

    What a fun time you had with your family. Those are priceless pictures!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and for leaving such a lovely comment.

    ((((( hugs ))))))


  25. Hi Nensa,

    You really went on a wet day! Such a pity. The Borobudur temple must be a magical place. I hope I can visit one day!

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  26. Hello Nensa,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leave a comment.
    Now I can know yours too.It's really a beautiful place,
    Have a happy weekend with your lovely family,

  27. Dear Nensa, the atmosphere in these pix is so joyful - so sweet to see you and your kids being such good friends! I feel my sons being my best friends too - it's such a blessing to have such a close relationship with your kids. Have a gorgeous weekend, love, M.

  28. @Hold my hand: a social worker's blog:
    Dear Doris friend,
    I think so.. Those are such a priceless pics for us... I always love and smile seeing our ridiculous behaviour in that pics.. It such a memorable time...
    Thanks Doris, and I love to visit and comment on your lovely blog.
    sending my big hugs to you too!!

    thanks madelief friend, It's really a wet day that time....but even though we still enjoy and could snap snap around the rainy.. hehe...
    Sure...You must go and visit The Borobudur temple... it's a magical place indeed.
    happy weekend to you too, dear friend.

    @desde my ventana:
    Hi cecilia,
    Thanks and welcome here...Im glad you could come to my site.
    I just found your site and it's so beautiful!
    I hope you have a lovely weekend too with your loved one! xoxo

    Dear Martina,
    when our kids grown up day by day... we will looked more like a siblings or even a friend each other... and it's really wonderful.
    I think you will find out it yourself with your lovely son..
    Thanks for your delightful comment. I always pleased to read it,
    Hope you have a gorgeous weekend to, my beautiful friend! xx

  29. Aslmkm Nensa.
    Wow! I tell U, playing in d rain is real fun!
    I really cherish those days when I was at ur daughters' ages. Don't U?

  30. Sei bella, grazie della visita!

  31. @DDrFauziah:
    Wassalam KakG,
    You're definitely true... Its really fun indeed playing in d rain...haha.. esp when we're at young age...
    Thanks Kak G atas kunjungannya.

    Thanks Stella, and you're welcome... i'm glad to hear from you again.
    happy weekend, dear beautiful friend!

  32. I also donno about the museums near Borobudur and I also don't know when I'm gonna be there again. The wooden sculpture looks very interesting. BTW, I'm going to Jakarta and Bandung this coming December. Tak sabar nak ke sana ni..

  33. Ya TK, emang sudah banyak perubahan disana... tiket masuknya juga udah naek...kemaren 30rb/orang... padahal dulu sewaktu aku kesana masih 5ribuan kalo ga salah...haha..
    so you'll come with your whole family??
    dont forget to take more pics , TK..
    i also can't wait to see what you could captured from there...hehe..

  34. Beautiful gardens. The rain makes me think I can smell them.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  35. I love your photos...your family looks amazing. Thank you for sharing the JOY!

    Happy new week to you all. xoxo

  36. This looks like SO MUCH FUN! I love that you too pictures, so special!! I'm a new visitor and I love it!

  37. Cool! The rain did not stop you at all!

    Imiss the tropical rain... it's not cold at all! Unlike here the rain is really freezing.:(

  38. @Tara Dillard:
    Hi Tara, thanks for your kindly words and welcome here.. Im glad could see you here. xoxo

    dear Korealee friend,
    It's such my pleasure to share a little joy from us... I'm happy if you like them
    Thanks for your lovely comment.
    Happy new week to you too, dear friend!

    @Jen Daiker:
    hi Jen,
    Thanks for your new visit and comment... i welcome you to my site.
    Please come here more often when you free. it'll be my pleasure. XOxo

    that's true, Wibbie... rain didn't stopped us at all... we still enjoy and having much fun!
    yeah, the rain here was not too cold as in your country. Hope one day you will come and enjoy the rain here in our tripocal country...hehe
    Wish you the best, dear friend

  39. Hmm Baim Gak ngajak2 lagi tuh liburan , ,,,
    wew segarr kehujanan tuh baimm ,

    suasana yang Indah dan mendebarkan , dapaun yang paling utama terlihat betapa indahnya akan kebersamaan ,
    benar2 Keluarga Harmonis aku turut bahagia melihatnya ,
    mutual posting Thx you Baim ,, o iya baim ney cocknya Ikut mundo idiot main Ragnarok aja ha ha

  40. hai Mundo, kemana aja baru nongol lg...
    seneng bngt bisa melihat kamu lagi.
    Thanks sudah mampir n nulis komen.
    hope you doin fine along this time..
    wishing you the best!

  41. Nensa, I always love to visit other places through other eyes. You did a wonderful job showing your trip. You all looked like you were having such fun. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I shall return to yours soon.
    visit me here too:

  42. These are all wonderful photos. I really like the top one. Take care.

  43. salam nensa,
    wow.. beautiful pic
    Bilalah saya dapat melawatnya.

  44. @Tess:
    Hi Tess, thanks for your kindly visit and comment...welcome to my site, Tess..I'm glad could see you here..
    Will check out your new site soon.wish you the best.

    Thanks Keith, Im happy if you could like my post.
    You take care too, dear friend!

    Wassalam ibuintan,
    makasih banyak sudah sudi mampir and comment.
    Kudoakan ibuintan melawat kesana ya...hehe..
    pasti menyenangkan!

  45. Hi Nensa! Thats for paying me a visit and joining in on my blog.Thanks so much another friend is always welcomed.

  46. You definitely had a fun wonderful with your children :) I love that you didn't let the rain stopped you from enjoying the time.

    Was that human dwarf real? or a statue?

    Thanks for sharing your fun!

  47. Very interesting museum! I found you at Mamma's blog. Thought I'd say "Hello" from Nebraska!

  48. despite the rain, it is still a very lovely weather there Nensa!

  49. @Becky:
    Thank you Becky... I much appreciate your visit and comment!
    and welcome to my site. I always glad to see a new friend.

    We all had lots fun and still enjoy while rain fall around us...
    The dwarf was real... he is a man with the very short body.
    Thaks for your lovely words, dear friend!

    Hi Amy, thanks for coming to my site... Welcome Amy, i'm glad to meet a new friend!
    Hope you will be back here again when you free!
    See yaa!

    Thanks you Rojen, nice to know you.
    I welcome you to my site.., my new friend!

  50. Halo Nensa,
    You and your happy family are very lucky to be able to visit Borobudur temple, because after Merapi erupted the temple has been closed.

  51. Yes Multibrand, I also heard from the news... Borobudur now was enveloped by a very thick ash..
    Duh Gusti...!!