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Sunday, August 22, 2010

And Time will be Coming.....

Alyasa Vincent

Only a couple days left  my eldest son Vincent  could  stay  here with us… On the coming 25th August he’ll fly to Jogjakarta to continue his study at ISI (Intitut Seni Indonesia) the university of  fine Art, for about 4 and a half years…
Jogjakarta was  located  at the center of Java, the other province in my country. It take about 2 hours from  our place to get there by plane, or about 2 days by bus..

Vincent  in  a  painting  contest held in my city Palembang, he's got the second champion the story here!

I’m  a little busy lately  did prepare all what he  needed  to lived apart from his family… I’ve  bought him about  2 dozen underwear, some shirts, jackets, pants…and anything else…but till today I always think there’re  something sketchy…
With a  help of my hubby’s business friend  who lived at Jogjakarta , Alhamdulillah  finally we’ve got a boarding place for my son...  and also a former motorcycle which we bought through him to facilitate my son to easy transportation he needed…

Me, my hubby and Vincent,  attending his high school graduation ceremony... read the story  here!

Yeah… time goes by as the wind blown… my sweetie  little boy who’ve been cared and raised  with all my love.. now was  ready to leave us…
It’s truly sad…  but nevertheless I should be able to accept it ... Maybe this is what being a parent ... one day  we gave birth to them, care for and raise, and  then ultimately must be prepared to release them  into their  real life itself ..

Vincent with the school band, Global Band in a band festival.... read the story  here!!

Maybe someday when we're old and they’ve been independent in all things ... good economy, education and other things ... we can only watch them from a distance, praying for their happiness ....they are … our children ...
Hopefully they could achieve what their  expected and dream ... so by then perhaps I can smile happily and could  live for the rest of my life peacefully ... Amen!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!!

On  Tuesday 17th August 2010, Indonesia will celebrate the 65th Independence Day.  Nowadays the red  white flags  were flown everywhere in my country.  The  buildings, the mall, schools and of course the goverment buildings all lighted up by the red and white. There're a lot of people along the roadside selling the red  white flag....
I also bought one to flown myself in  our  yard, because my old flag has been quite worn and faded.

Along  the roadside,  lots of  the red white flag's vender were hawking their  wares

One of the vender was offering his merchandise to me... I bought one for about 15.000 rupiahs

Actually there're lots of activities to celebrate the Independence day... The populer game was named 'Panjat Pinang'... In my neighbourhood, this game was usually held every year, but this time I have no idea, because the Independence day this time was coincided with the holy month of Ramadan when Indonesian Muslims practice fasting for 1 month....
In 'Panjat pinang'  a palm trunk was erected in a public area which is well greased with a mixture of clay and oil. Various prizes in the form of bikes, TVs , radios, T-shirts, shoes, etc were hung at the top and kids and even grownups climb over each other struggling to reach the goal. In the end there are a lot of slippery, muddy kids and grownups all happy and smiling after their exercise of fun.

As I didn't have any pic about 'Panjat Pinang', here I share a caricature of Panjat Pinang, created by my son Vincent: "Panjat Pinang Hit by Tornado'.... enjoy!!

My son,  Baim was tying the red and white flag, he's still in his school uniform... happily!!

Every year  on August 17  the red  white flag was always flown as usual  in my area as an honor and love for Indonesia.
With the spirit of the Independence day, as the commoners,  I hope Indonesia will become increasingly mature, more advanced, can continue to improve the welfare of its people ...
Just expect Indonesia to be a peaceful country secure and prosperous ...

My daughter, Ochi posed under the red white flag in my narrow yard...

Happy Independence day, Indonesia!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Ramadhan ...

Free Orkut and MySpace ramadan mubarak Graphics Glitters

 Welcome Ramadhan

Month of Grace and forgiveness
To all each and every muslim here and out there
Wishing you a very happy Ramadhan
May Allah always be blessed us

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah... Ramadhan, the holy loved month of all muslim around the globe will be coming soon.. Here in Indonesia Ramadhan will begin at 11th August 2010.

Ramadhan was the month when every muslim do fasting from dawn to dusk (sunset). Fasting is not only about refrain of drink, eating or sex activities... but more for improve our faith and piety towards Allah The Almighty.
Actually the essence of fasting is more to redirect our heart away from worldly activities, its purpose being to cleanse the inner soul and free it from harm. It also allows Muslims to practice self-discipline, self-control, sacrifice, and empathy for those who are less fortunate; thus encouraging actions of generosity and charity.

Every ramadhan night muslim will perform the special pray called 'Taraweh" which held in the mosque...Me and my family were also doing so... but sometimes I usually Taraweh at home, and my hubby with our children go to the mosque...Actually Taraweh is the great moment for the kids.
especially for my little son Baim... He's so excited when time for Taraweh coming... because after taraweh he can play fireworks or even firecrackers with his friends...
which I always forbid, but he still keep playing happily...

My son Baim

This little man is  the one who very excited when ramadhan or esp 'taraweh' coming

However Ramadhan is really a great time for me to teach our kids for being a good muslim, learning how to purify our soul, how to spread out the kindness, offer more prayers, give charity, more to read Al Quran, and make more Dhikr...

I really feel grateful for the presence of Allah The Almighty, for His grace me and my family here are still able to meet The holy month of ramadhan this year... Hopefully we can be reunited again with the ramadhan in subsequent years.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ooo...No... Apil was Missing...?!


"Ma, Apil was missing!!",  my son's voice was quite startling  on my cell phone.
I'm on the way to pick up my daughters  Ochi and Icha at their school, after did shopping my daily stuff at the mall, not too far from their school.
Without much more conversation with my son Baim on the phone, I immediately turn my car back toward our home.

I found my two sons Baim and Vincent were trying to look for our cat Apil around our house.
I started grumble  while help them search out  for our Apil. Felt tired... but Apil still didn't found yet. I saw my watch, it's about 3.20 pm, time for pick up my girls. I called my hubby, said that I'm busy looking for Apil... so asking him to pick up them.

                 Apil posed on her 'palace'

A few moments later I heard the roar of my hubby's car outside. But without our girls.. Again I started grumble...  "I wanna look for Apil first,.. let the girls home by bus just for today!!"  he said to me.
I glanced at him with my evil eyes.

My son Baim was running to his room...  he must afraid for his daddy's scolded, coz he's the one who make Apil left... He let the door opened while Apil not in her cage... so it's  perhaps make Apil  run out...

Then suddenly  Baim cried loudly: "Ma..she's here!!",  he shouted.
We all, me, my hubby, and my son Vincent  ran to his room at once. OMG, I saw Apil was sitting in the corner under Baim's bed  staring at us  with the blank eyes. I approached to her, then grabbed her...
Alhamdulillah, thanks God... finaly Apil was found...

Apil, a Persian cat was about 8 months lived along with our family... First time she came to our house as a baby cat, bought by my hubby as a present of Ochi's  birthday.
so actually Apil was Ochi's cat... but lately she become our family baby... we all love her so much , especially me and my hubby... perhaps because we feel a little emptiness in our heart, seeing our kids grown up...and none of them wanna treated as a baby anymore...(they never wanna hugged or kissed anymore....just like before )

Again my hand-phone rang... must be a call from Icha and Ohi.... I grabbed my car key....drove straight away to their school... Left a father and two sons gathered around their baby  pet...