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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Special Bra For Men

Who says that bra can only be used by women.... Now the men are starting much wear a bra to support their breast. This bra has been believed definitely not to make the breasts look bigger.

This men’s bra was made by an underwear store, Wishroom that based in Japan.Since last year the company produced this kind of unusual underwear. Initially the producer was not sure about the reaction of the community. At the first time this bra are only produced about 160 pieces. Beyond expectations, this bra is sold out immediately.
And later Wishroom receive orders until 5000 pieces.

This bra which is known as the Bra-O is available in several colors: white, pink, and black. This bra is more reserved for men aged 30-40 years with sizes ranging from 32-38. The price of this Bra-O is 331.00 dollars /piece.

Did you know whoever became the supporter of the advertisement of this man’s bra...? they’re... the world’s famous football player David Beckham and the star’s of James Bond, Daniel Craig… Waaww!!

David Beckham with pink-bra

Daniel craig with black-bra

These two sexy guys wear the unusual bra…. Can you all imagined….?!
They seemed funny and maybe a little bit ugly….haha…

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Moment that Never Forgotten

Once in a year, I together with my family usually going back to my hometown (‘Mudik’) to visit my beloved parents.
Surely that was on Eid ul Fitr …. the time when all of my whole families gathering.
We’ve took a long distance till arrived there in CANUKUR, my hometown, the place with full of peace… the place where I always missed…

Eid ul Fitr is a muslim holiday that marks the end of ‘Ramadhan’, the Islamic holy month of fasting.
In my country Eid is also commonly known as Hari Raya Lebaran means ‘Celebration Day’.

Just like other moslims all over the world, we also celebrate that great day.
In the morning on Eid ul Fitr we attended a special Eid Prayer (Shalat Id) where performed in congregation at mosques or at an opened area.
After prayers…, we commonly greet each other with saying ‘Selamat Lebaran’ means ‘Happy Eid’ or ‘Minal Aidin wal Faidzin’ means ‘Forgive my physical and emotional (wrong-doings)’.
As you’re all known….Eid ul Fitr not just mean for celebration only, but also the time for moslim to ask for forgiveness for any sin which we may have commited but was cleaned as a result of the fasting in the holy month of ramadhan.

Before the noon growing up…we all going to visit the graves of our family members. During that visit we usually recite ‘Ya-Siin’, a chapter from the Quran, and also pray there to ask Allah to forgive the dead and those who are living for all their sins.

Truthfully…. as the time before, there’s nothing special in Eid/Lebaran this year… All things gone as usual…But we all feel happy as we’re who lives separate one another for a very long distance, that day on Eid ul Fitr we could fulfiled our missed feeling and could see each other.. chit and chat…take pictures…Whats a gathering family!

That moment I’ll never forget…

Here I posed several pics which have been taken at Lebaran/Eid ul Fitr 2009.
In these pics: My mom , my dad, my children (Vincent, Ochi, Icha, Baim), my bro (Ruby), my bro Gino with his wife Ani n their children Egi & Berry, my bro A Emin (mr Kumis) with his wife teh Iis & their children Deni, Dani & Neng… . And other family members (too much to list)….
I luv you all..., hopely we can always keep in touch…for last long.

my dad with my son Baim

my mom & dad with their grandchildren/my children: Vincent, Ochi, Icha, Baim

my family members

at the graveyards, my mom was reciting 'Ya-Siin'

another pose

here my beloved grandma (Salti binti Empon) rest in peace

here my beloved grandpa (Pani bin Inen) Rip

Mr. Kumis's family

Gino with his lovely daughter Egi

Ani with her daughter Egi & hr son Berry

my mom & dad with my daughter Icha

My lovely dad (Waww... his style likes cowboy..haha!)

Me with a large hat on my head.. (this hat usually used by the farmers, in my opinion its probably designed for covered the face from sunshine, coz here the farmers work at noon under the sunshine...)
I really like my pose here... haha...
(Am I looked like a farmer... ?!)

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Beauty of CANUKUR

Canukur is a little village located at the distric of Sumedang, Jawa Barat Province, Indonesia.
This village was around by several mountains, hills, and many of rice/paddy fields...
There's also a very popular river in this village called Cipeles.

Most of people here worked at their fields as farmers... Many of them had a very kind hearted. They lived based on 'Gotong Royong' as nature. They used to work together as they help each other whenever they have alot of work to do in their fields.

Honestly... I felt excitted when I tell about this beautiful village.
Canukur... I wanna allow you as my own village.. where I even never lived, but only visit you once in a year.
However.... wherever I recently live, I'll never forget you...

Canukur... I'll always miss you!