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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Let's Jump....!!

Icha, Baim, and Ochi...

Still in  the Borobudur temple area....
After we descended  from the temple in a hurry because of  the rain which fallen in a sudden ...
we walked toward  the park around the temple ... Alhamdulillah (thanks to Allah!) rain was falling only a moment ...
Seeing the beauty of the park....we didn’t  want to waste the opportunity to take  some pictures ...
I told to my three kiddos: Ochi, icha, and Baim.... how if they posed  while jumping  ....I think it would be great  if I captured them with jumping posed... haha...

While  giggling Ochi, Icha and Baim then jump and jump... And I captured them also with crazy giggling...
Some people who passing around us staring with the strange eyes... but I can see they also giggling... but who's cared...??

 It's unfortunate that the camera I used was only a small digital camera ...
Actually  I'd love to have a camera like what Betsy have... ( I usually walk around her blog, seeing  and enjoy her amazing pictures which really fascinated me...!!).
Insha Allah one day if I've got some money... I wanna buy one, so that time I could take pictures with more better result... Just pray for me, folks... ok!! hehe....

 I hope you all enjoy my kiddos, Ochi, Icha and Baim in  their jumping pose... (or probably in their giggling pose?!)
I always love to see them on these pictures... 

Oh... Nooo...!! The kiddos want me to jump too...
Look!! What an ugly jumping  pose....!! HA... !!

The momma with an ugly jumping pose...


  1. Hello NENSA,
    very nice and attractive action pics you had posted.i liked it. in fact i also like to take photo of my children...your all three kids Ochi, Icha and Baim---all are very cute and too smart.if they was here in India ---in my city---Lucknow--i certenly try them for participating in my Educational T V programmes.
    And you had also posed very attractive look.
    Best Wishes.

  2. I loved these pictures, Nensa, both the jumping and the giggling. Looks like you and your kids were having a lot of fun. :D Happy weekend to you! Hugs from Daisy.

  3. Hey Nensa!

    I was just thinking of you today! And yes, it has been sometime since I saw you here in my blog. Hope you're doing fine too! Thanks for your compliments on Ben!

    Love the shot of your kids jumping and giggling! What a blissful sight! Happy weekend to you & family!

    ~ Jenny ( )

  4. Hi Nensa, Well---I like your camera and your pictures!!!! All of them --especially YOUR picture are great... I love seeing the kids having fun. That is what life is all about ----having FUN together as a family...

    Thanks so much for sharing..

  5. What fun you had with all that jumping and leaping and a photo shoot as well. Your children are lovely, good looking and good sports, and so are you Nensa.

  6. @Hermant Kumar:
    Thanks so much for your valueable comment... As a mom or even a parent... I love to captured my kids with all their pose even a crazy pose...
    It's all fun indeed.
    Thanks again for your wonderful compliment!
    best wishes too to you!

    Yes Daisy... we really have lots of fun by taking more pictures with different pose...
    Thanks if you love the pictures.
    happy weekend too to you, my sweet friend!

    @Im A full-time Mummy:
    Thanks Jenny... Alhamdulillah I'm doing fine along this time, I'm glad if you love our pictures...
    Happy weekend too to you and your loved family!

    @Betsy from Tennessee:
    Hi Betsy, I'm always happy to see you here with your lovely words.
    You got right... Life is what we got to have fun together with our beloved family.
    sending my warmest hugs to you, my friend1

    Thanks so much Val, We all have lots of fun by jumping and giggling like crazy...haha...
    Thanks again for your lovely compliment.
    happy weekend to you and your loved family, my dearest friend!

  7. Oh your kids are so beautiful! I love the jumping photos. I always want my kids to jump and just enjoy and I snap :)

    I pray you'll get a nice digital to snap snap happy :)

    And you too are beautiful :)

    Do have a lovely weekend with your love ones.

  8. Your children are so beautiful and happy .
    I love the idea I'm overhere in Holland and can meet your children ( on picture) overthere !
    We are so far apart and still we meet now and than. I always love your sweet comments on my blog Nensa . Wishing you joy and happines .....

  9. @jamericanSpice:
    Thank you, my sweet friend for all your kindly words... and also thanks for praying me to get a new camera.

    You too, have a lovely weekend with your loved family! xx

    Dear Francis,
    Probably that is the wonderful of the internet world... where we still could get to meet and talk each other with our blogger mates and family through blogosphere..
    Thanks for your lovely comment. Im glad to visit you and also write a little words...
    Wish you all the best! xoxo

  10. Jump for Joy ! Do have a JOY filled weekend, dear Nensa xxxx

  11. Oh Nensa, these are the sweetest pictures - and your jumping pose is so pretty! So great to enjoy days like this - and so well captured! That is so nice about blogging - you take more photos and think more of how special allthese moments are! Thanks for sharing - and have a lovely weekend Nensa!

  12. I think your photographs are wonderful,full of joy and fun.I wish more families would do what you did,jump,laugh and have fun together.
    I hope you are able to get the camera you want,but you are doing just fine with the one you have.
    I hope you enjoy your weekend.Carolyn.

  13. @Saskia:
    Dear saskia, lets jump for fun and joy...hehe..
    Thanks so much for your sweetest comment.
    Hope your weekend full of joy and happiness too my weet friend! xx

    Thank you so much, Martina... I think so...Those pictures of my kids were so sweet for me... I always love and laugh seeing them with their funny pose...haha...
    Thanks again for your lovely words.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend too, my dearest friend! xx

    Dear Carolyn,
    It's always fun and happy taking some pictures of our kids with some different funny or even crazy pose... hehe...
    Thanks so much for your kindly and thoughtful words... That's all mean so much for me.
    You too... I hope you enjoy your weekend, my good friend! xoxo

  14. Hi Nensa,
    I love the photos of your family jumping, and the one of you too! Very cute! You have a very lovely family. It looks like you had a nice day together. Thank you for sharing your photos! Enjoy your weekend, my friend. :)

  15. Dear Susan,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
    It's true, we had a very nice day that time along together with family...
    I love doing such taking a photograph of my children and sharing with you all here.
    Thanks again for the compliment.
    Hope you enjoy your weekend too, my friend! xx

  16. Cute kids!They are all great photos of the family, even if they were taken by a cheap camera. Sometimes those cheap cameras take the best pictures and these prove it.

  17. I love the last photo. It is the best! :♥)(lol)

    Looks like you had a great time with you children, Nensa. Great bonding time. ^_^

  18. Wow..happy family happily jumping for joy. I am sure you all had a nice time there. It's really a nice place. You look so young Nensa! Awet muda ni..
    Hope you'll get your dream camera!

  19. Oh, I so enjoyed this post! The pictures are great, so full of life, fun and happiness. They are so genuine as well, your kids are so cute. And I love your pose, you look more like you are dancing, Travolta style.;)
    have a lovely Sunday,

  20. @Mama has Spoken:
    Thank you friend! But I think I want/need a new camera with more high resolutions... hehe...
    pls wish me luck! ok...

    @Jolly princess:
    really, JP?? HAHA...
    Thanks for your funny but interesting words.
    I always love to read your comments, friend!xx

    Ya TK... aku emang suka foto2 bersma anak2ku dgn berbagai gaya yg aneh dan lucu...hehe..
    awet muda... bener getoh?! haha..
    Thanks ya TK sayang.

    I'm glad if you could enjoy my post...
    WHAT??? Travolta style..?? so lets rock 'n roll...HAHA...
    have a lovely Sunday too to you, my friend!

  21. Hi Nensa,

    I enjoyed your photos very much. Never mind your camera. I think they are more than ok! The happiness jumps of the page :-)! You look like a very young and stylish mum, but I believe I said it before...

    Thank you for your kind comments. I always look forward to them very much!

    Have a happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  22. Nensa, dear, these are the best pics ever!!! So happy and you are having so much fun!!!! I hope your days are always filled with joy and health and much laughs!!!!
    Thanks for your always kind words at Chá de Baunilha, Nensa! I get so happy when I read your comments! Beijos!!! Kisses!!! Bela.

  23. @Madelief:
    Dear Madelief, thanks so much for all your lovely words. That's really make my day!
    I hope you have a happy weekend too, my friend!

    Dear Bela,
    thanks for your pretty nice words.. I also always love to read your comment...
    I hope your days will always full of blessed and happiness.

  24. asyik bener ...
    kelihatan seru sekali liburannya ....

    kalau baca kata jump ...
    jadi teingat sama lagunya van hallen

  25. @Kopi susu pait:
    Yo Pak Liek... emang seru bener liburan kami...hehe..
    Ow.. secara PakLiek a fan of langsung inget sm van hallennya deh hoho..
    thank you sdh join di THE NOTE... appreciate it very much!

  26. Wah kapan ya bisa ke borobudur lagi????

    dah lama nggak maen2 kesana

  27. I love these pictures, everyone looks so happy and it shows how much fun they were having and how happy you are to be with them.

    Thank You for sharing youe happiness with us.

  28. You and your family are soooo cute.
    Thank you for the well wishes you sent me concerning my daughter....hugs for a great new week xoxo

  29. Oh what great and fun pictures! I love to see people having fun!

  30. @Indahnya kebersamaan:
    Kalo ke jogja mampir aja kesana..
    Thx ya sdh sudi mampir n komentar. Appreciate it so much.

    Thanks Jimmy if you like those pics that I post...I love to share a little happiness of my family with you all here.
    hope you have a beautiful Monday!

    Thanks Koralee...
    Sending more blessings to you and your daughter.
    All the best to her study!!

    Thank you Lourie...
    It's really fun to take some pics of our kids with their funny or even crazy style...hehe...

    @Secangkir madu merah:
    Ya Yatie... mereka tampak happy n enjoy... sampe2 menyuruh mamanya utk berpose crazy jumping kayak begetoh...haha...
    Thx yatie sudah sudi mampir n comment di The Note...

  31. Great pictures and they all look so happy

  32. Great photos. It does like everybody is having such a fun time.

  33. Aslmkm.
    Hmmm ... Ual must have had a great time indeed! If I may ask, where is Papa?
    Kak G had visited Borobodor too ... nice historical site.

  34. @Gwei Mui:
    Thank you Gwei... You're right, they all have had a fun time..

    Thanks for your kindly visit and comment, Keith... much appreciate it!

    @meand automotive:
    haha... thanks Danang sdh mampir n komen.

    Wassalam KakG,
    Makasih banyak KAK G sudah sudi hadir di The Note...
    About papa...he didn't join with us...but just waited us with my other son Vincent at parking area...haha, but I bet he n Vincent have also got lots of fun...coz at the parking area there're lots of variety restaurant ...

  35. This is a lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

    All the best, Boonie

  36. makasih telah ditaruh dalam blogies friend list ...
    sebagai balasan The Note, pak liek masukan dalam Blog Rekan ...

    maturnuwun sakderenge ... .

  37. Looks like everyone is having so much fun! :)
    Life is sure indeed and better to be happy as the chance come!

  38. @Boonie S:
    Thank you Boonie... Appreciate your visit and comment.
    Wish you all the best!

    @Kopi susu pahit:
    Sama-sama Pak Liek...
    Thanks a ton for doing so...
    Maturnuwun yo rek!

    as you can see... we all have lots of fun... and Im glad could share a little here with y'all.
    Thanks so much for your kindly visit and comment, my friend!

  39. Udah lama bgt gak kesana..... tapi klo aku liat foto terakhirnya kayanya bener2 nikmat tuh haha... terbukti Mbak ampe pose serasa nancepin Bedera Merap Putih di Gunung Mount Everest hhe....

    Semangat n happy blogging :)

  40. hahaha...mungkin bener jg yg kamu bilang... it's such a crazy pose...but with so much fun indeed...ha!
    maksih sdh mampir n komen yo Ferdinand!

  41. auntie nensa - you are one cool mommy with that cool pose. looks like you all had great fun :)

  42. Hi Nensa! Wow, one happy family! AS if I could hear them giggling. Lol! You have lovely kids. All good looking! I'm not surprised because their mom is beautiful as well! I guess you married young. Your kiddos are just like your siblings!
    You are cute too, like them!

    Stay young and forever happy! Take care Nensa!

  43. @Ash:
    Thanks a million sweet Ash for your sweetest visit and comment.
    It always make me smile to read what you're written.

    @beng Gee:
    Thank you Beng... I believed you could hear them gigling..haha..
    yeah.. I can hear some people said they all like my siblings... I didnt It's me who looked younger or they who grown too fast... but I think the last was probably the truth...ha!
    Im married when 25, and next year I'll be 43... will getting and getting old every little year...haha.

    Thanks Beng, you too stay healthy and happy forever! You take care too, my sweet friend!

  44. Fun pictures!! What a great looking group! And you are too cute, too!

  45. Thanks Alicia... appreciated your comment and visit! xoxo

  46. Funny photo when you are all jumping

  47. Hi Filip,
    Thanks for your kindly visit and comment,
    Appreciate it co much! XO

  48. Nice style.. really it's like the selebrities style

  49. haha.. gayanya ok banget.. but.. beware .. Tampomas be as Merapi ...

  50. @Saung:
    Ya iyalah Saung... secara kita semua kan model dalam mimpi!!

    Fenomena Oktober 2010:
    Gawat kalo Tampomas ikut ngbledugg...
    semoga tdk spt Merapi...