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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

At The Borobudur Temple....

Posed with my daughter Icha...

Among in our 5 days trip to Jogjakarta, we visited Borobudur Temple... the largest temple in Indonesia which is a Budhist cultural heritage... Borobudur is  also the one of the seven wonders in the world...
Borobudur located in Magelang, the central java, about 40 km from Jogjakarta... More about  Borobudur, please click here!

At around 3.00 pm we began to enter the area of Borobudur temple... the weather was slightly cloudy... but the visitors were quite a lot  because that time was still in holiday feast of Eid...

Vincent was felt unwell... so he decided not to join us to go to the Borobudur temple area... finally he and his dad just have waited us in the parking area  while looking for the delicious resto which so many spread there... so eventually only me, Ochi, Icha and Baim who entered the temple area...
 Icha in front of the Borobudur Temple...

Posed at one of the stupa of Borobudur Temple...

Actually Me, my hubby and Vincent have been already coming to Borobudur several times  in the past..
But Ochi, Icha and Baim have not been seeing Borobudur I wanna them to know and see for certain how the shape of Borobudur temple which often discussed in the lessons of history  in their school.

Oh.. no... What a very bad pose...!!!


Unfortunately the weather was not too friendly... After we reached to the top of the temple... rain began to fall ... we haven't had time to look around the stupa or reliefs that are very historic... we went down and left the temple with a little bit hurry...
The photos we've taken were not too much.... and not  too good...
but hopefully one day if  we got another chance to come to Borobudur again...  I promise myself to take more photographs with more good angels... Insha Allah!


Icha  take Ochi with her BB...

Icha with Ochi...


  1. Beautiful pictures at the temple, Nensa. Your kids look so happy... I know you were thrilled that they finally got to see the Borobudur Temple. What a gorgeous temple and I know that it is special to you.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. It must have been an exciting place to visit, especially for the young ones who haven't been there yet. I enjoyed seeing your pictures, Nensa. It's too bad the weather wasn't better for you so you could stay longer. Still, it was good that you got to see what you did. :)

  3. Nice pose Nensa! You look gorgeous in that cowboy hat!I went to Jogja and visited Borobudur 8 years ago. Wish I could be there again one day. Indonesia is a nice place. I love the culture and tradition very much.

  4. What a majestic structure! And you look gorgeous with that hat on.;) Glad you had a great day despite the weather.;))

  5. Great photos, Nensa. You have lovely children. I love photo number one. You and Icha look like you are sisters not mother and daughter. :)

  6. Waah itu pas nganter vincent ke jogya ya tante??
    Borobudur emang keren, tp sayang nya ridho blm pernah kesana :(

  7. @Betsy from Tennessee:
    You right Betsy... Im really thrilled that finally my children could got to know the borobudur Temple...
    Thanks for your lovely comment.
    hugs to you too, my good friend!

    Thanks so much Daisy... Yeah the weather was really not to fair to us... hehe... but we still felt happy and enjoy the time...

    hahaha... TK bisa aja!!
    Itu tuh anakku yg nyuruh aku pose with that cowboy's hat!! haha...
    Thanks for the compliment, friend!
    Wishing you have to come again to see Borobudur one day ... you'll be surprise with the appearence of borobudur today...

    @Gwei Mui:
    Thank you, Gwei! Glad to see you again...hehe..

    Thank you Zuzana... yes we have a great time though the weather was not too friendly to us ...

    @Jolly Princess:
    Thanks JP... I'm glad if you like our pics... I looked like a sister to Icha?!
    you kidding.... ha...!!xx

    Ya Rido... itu foto2 kami sewaktu mengatar Vincent ke Jogja...
    kapan2 kalo ada kesempatan kesana mampir ke tempat Vincent ya... dia pasti seneng!!
    sering2 mampir ya... tar tante mu posting foto2 lainnya di Jogja yg ada Vincentnya..
    Thanks Rido ats komen-nya...

  8. Hello, beautiful friend. I enjoyed all the photos, I really like. You have a beautiful family, and places you've visited are great, as this temple. That great trip!. I'm glad you've had so much fun.
    Hugs and kisses, a lot

  9. Gorgeous temples! And your daughter is also very beautiful. AND....I can't get over how young YOU Look too! You look like sisters!

  10. Nice and attractive post about Borobudur are also creative.
    Best wishes.

  11. I dream to visit this place.... maybe in the near future.

  12. @Carmen:
    Thank you so much dear Carmen. It's really my pleasure if you could enjoy my post...
    Yes the temple was so great.. I always feel excited to see it, eve
    n though I've been seeing it for many times...
    sending my hugs and kisses too to you my sweet friend!

    @Joe Cap:
    Thank you Joe, but be careful sometimes the photos can decieved our eyes...that's probably the cause which make me looked more younger in the pic...hehe..
    I'm 42 now Joe, if you wanna know..

    @Hermant Kumar:
    Thanks for your kindly words, Hermant... I'm glad to see you here.
    Best wishes too to you, friend!

    Thanks so much Webbie, wishing you have to visit Borobudur Temple one day...
    It would be great for you, my sweet friend!

  13. What a lovely trip. One day, I hope to visit Borobudur. You are so beautiful. Have a wonderful day!

  14. Glad you had this family outing. I would LOVE to visit this temple!

    Very nice photos.

  15. @Flying Giggles and Lollipops:
    Thanks so much Michelle... yeah you got to go and visit The Borobudur Temple...
    I bet it'll be great! xx

    Thanks so much my dear friend... It'll be nice if you could visit the temple...
    Wishing you all the best!

  16. when you come to the solo?
    I'm waiting for your arrival?

  17. Beautiful Pictures, it looks like you and your children had a very nice time, they look so happy and like they really enjoyed their time with you there.

    Thank You for sharing your visit with us.

  18. @me and otomotive:
    Going to Solo...?? I have no idea for this time... but perhaps one day if I got a chance...who knows???
    Thanks Danang sdh mampir and comment.

    Yes Jimmy... all my children were very happy that time... I'm really glad could send them to see in certain what beautiful The Borobudur temple...
    Thanks for your lovely words, my friend!
    I always appreciate you!

  19. Beautiful photos. I bet it was amazing there. I hope this finds you doing well.

  20. Such a lovely temple and i love the pictures! Such beautiful children you have too:-) XX

  21. lama sekali tidak menginjakan kaki di borobudur ...
    sering juga ke jogja tapi gak pernah mampir ...

  22. @Keith:
    Thanks Keith.. yes surely it was amazing there..
    You can find out it yourself true when you get there..
    Hope you're doing fine too, my friend!

    yes Stacey... Its really a lovely temple since Borobudur was one of the 7 wonders in the world...
    Thanks so much if you love the pictures...It's all my pleasure...xoxo

    @Kopi susu Pahit:
    Thanks sdh mampir n komen Pak Liek... mungkin karena sudah menjadi orang Jawa yah... jadi malas deh menginjakkan kaki lg ke Borobudur ..hehe

  23. auntie nensa, you've got beautiful kids! it looks like a great day for the family even though vincent was not there.

    thanks again for your sweet comment. you are wonderful!

  24. Your pictures are beautiful, Nensa, and it looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

    You have a beautiful family and you are surely too young to be their mother!

    Have a wonderful Friday,

  25. Wah pas nganter Vincent ya Mbak.... asik tuh kayanya... aku jadi pengen ke Jogja lagi haha... maaf baru bisa kesini Mbak... kmaren aku kesini malah kehubung ke blog lain jadi aku close hhe....

    semangat :)

  26. Interesting photos and post. Thanks.

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  27. @Ash:
    Thanks, Ash... yes we're have a great day even though without vincent... it's only the unfriendly weather which make us a little uncomfortable...
    Thanks again for the compliment, sweet Ash!

    @The Farmer's Daughter:
    You're right, Cheryl... we all got a wonderful time... hmmm..but am I surely look too young to be a mom of my children?? haha...
    I'm sure you will change your mind if you meet me in a person...
    Thanks so much for your lovely words, my sweet friend!
    Happy Friday too to you.

    Ya Ferdinand.. itu pas kami mengantar Vincent ke Jogja...
    Thanks sdh mau mampir and comment. I appreciate you so much!

    @Boonie S:
    Thanks so much Boonie. I appreciate much your visit and comment.
    Have a nice day too to you, friend!

  28. What a wonderful intimate blog! You have a beautiful family... I have no idea how you find time to blog with four children!

  29. the temple looks so majestic! you are very lucky to be able to visit one of the world wonders.

  30. Lovely pictures here Nensa, you look very chic! And your daughter as well - must have been a happy day! Thanks for your nice comment on my birds - it's not real woodoo magic - no, just love magic - the love i put into them ;) Have a wonderful weekend!

  31. @Mark Kreider:
    First I wanna thank you so much for your first visit here and also for being my follower of this blog... Appreciate it so much.
    And thanks also for your kindly words.

    It's the fact that I'm a mom of my 4 children... but I always have time for blogging in my busyness as a mother.
    Welcome here Mark... please come here more often...
    It's always my pleasure to see you here!

    @Teresha@Marlie and Me:
    Thank you Teresha... yes of course, I'm really lucky could visit Borobudur since it's one of the seven wonders of the worlds.
    Happy Saturday to you and your loved family!

    Thanks for the compliment, Martina!
    About your cutie birds... I'm just kidding to say that bird has a real woodoo magic! haha...
    me too, Martina...I love magic... Thanks for your explained.
    Have a wonderful weekend too to you, my sweet friend!

  32. Wow, beautiful family in a beautiful place! Borobudur is magnificent! It's like traveling to ancient time. Lovely and good looking kids you have Nensa as well as a handsome hubby!

    How I wish I could visit Borobudur Temple too!

    Btw, thanks for the concern on my foot. Still swollen though but doin' fine! Take care Nensa!

  33. Oww...Beng, thank you so much for your delightful compliment!
    I hope you could visit Borobudur Temple too one day. You'll see by yourself how magnificent the seven world wonders...
    I hope your swollen foot will be recover soon, but Im glad you doin fine..
    You take care too, my good friend!

  34. wah nensa, anak2nya kelihatan enjoy ya...
    aku juga turut happy melihat aksi mereka...ibu juga turut 'jump'..hehehehe...sporting kamu ya..

  35. @Secangkir madu merah:
    Ya Yatie... mereka tampak happy n enjoy... sampe2 menyuruh mamanya utk berpose crazy jumping kayak begetoh...haha...
    Thx yatie sudah sudi mampir n comment di The Note...

  36. Waw indah dan menyenangkan.. jadi kangen jogja nih...
    Lama gak ketemu mba nensa tambah cantik aja... ck ck ck..

  37. Makasih Triz ats pujiannya...kamu juga Triz cantik sexy lagi.. hehe..ckckckc...