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Friday, November 5, 2010

What's Up with U.... 'Mbah Petruk"....???

Mount Merapi was spewing 'wedus gembel'
image source from google
Today was the 11th days since mount merapi erupted... but  it's  seemed this old guy still has not let up  his  anger...
His tantrums even seemed got more blazing day after day...

See..... burst of hot clouds and lava ceaseless gush from the mouth of this  volcanic mountain ...
even everyone could watch  the last eruption was so powerful with very loud rumbling sound ...
What a horrible... the event that never really happened before..

Mount Merapi,  this old guy  has been known and well understood by the local resident ... but now it's been  stunned them very much  on his very act of excessive ...
all wondering ... why and what's up with this old guy..!!

You know folks,   almost all Javanese people think that mount  merapi is not only the ordinary mountain.. but this mountain has a spirits or it could be said controled by some spirits which among others  called  'Mbah Petruk'...

'Mbah petruk' cloud, appeared  on the top of Mt. Merapi a couple days before the eruption.
image source from google

A couple days  before the mountain erupted, one of the local resident  named: Suswanto (40 yo)   had been capturing   strange cloud on the sky which the appearence was really the same as 'Mbah Petruk' who has been  very familiar with most  Javanese people.

The 'Mbah Petruk'  cloud has been  believed by some people  as a sign   that something extraordinary (major disaster) will happen and the community is expected to be alert and prepared...

Believe   it or not... but the fact now Merapi this old guy has been fulfilled his promise as the most active volcanic and dangerous mountain in the world.

Appearance of 'Petruk' who had been very populer on the Javanese people
image source from google

And even    now the eruptions of Merapi which commonly understood by citizens, can't be predicted anymore ... every day people seemed to be left for  waiting for  the arrival of the awesomeness of this old guy's fury...

Noone   knows...
when will this old guy stop spewing the hot lava and 'wedus gembel' (hot smoke)...
when will  the people stop suffering  in the refugee camps due to this terrible disaster...
When will I stopped watching TV looking for the latest updates of  the eruption Merapi's  news
When will I stopped thinking about my baby son Vincent who  currently lived at  Jogjakarta for college, the place where  affected by the anger of this old volcanic guy...

Oh...   Allah...Oh... my Lord!!
Your hand is only the one who could stopped them.
There's noone  was the best helper except Thou...

At least...  a little prayer from all of you, folks...  would  be alleviate their suffering ...
Insha Allah! (May God willing!)


  1. Dear Nensa, I have been reading about this in the news here, and every time I do, I think of you and your family there. Prayers for you and your people. I hope this will end soon. Hugs to you from Daisy.

  2. I can only imagine what this is like. I pray for healing for those that have lost loved ones or have been hurt. I enjoyed reading about the history and beliefs of where you live. I pray with all of my heart that your son is safe and well. XX Lori

  3. Oh Nensa, that is so horrible. I have been praying hard for you all --and all of the people effected by this 'monster'.... I'm sure that Vincent is okay--but as a mother, it's hard knowing that he's near that thing... May God Bless All of you.

  4. let we pray for indonesia..and hope the best things will be happen to us..

  5. Setuju... kita cuma bisa mendoakan yg terbaik buat bangsa ini... klo tentang cerita Petruknya... eum......mungkin juga bener

  6. Hi dear Nensa...Hope Vincent is okay in Jogja. I hope the volcano eruption will stop and things will get back to normal. My prayers for our nearest neighbour, Indonesia and everyone who is affected by it .

  7. I continue to pray for your country, your family and for Vincent. God bless you all.

  8. This would be hard, to wait for something that never happens even though you know it will happen, has to be the most never racking experience there is. I'll say a prayer for you and your family that will remain safe and that you will stay strong.

  9. Dear Nensa,I too pray that your son will be safe and my heart goes out to all the people affected by this volcano.I saw the latest pictures on the news this morning,it was heartbreaking,seeing the children crying and covered in volcanic ash.
    Please stay safe,you will all be in my prayers.

  10. @Daisy:
    thanks so much dear Daisy, this time no more we need except the prayer from you..
    Thanks again, my friend!

    Hi Lori,
    We're here had a horrible week during this time... and hope all friends here will keeping us in your thought and prayer.
    Thanks so much for your kindly visit and comment.

    @Betsy from Tennesseee:
    Yes Betsy, It's more hard to me as my son Vincent was there on the same area... just wish him luck and May God always bless him. Thanks so much, dear friend!

    Thank you windflowers dear, it's better for us for doing pray to our loved Indonesia...

    Makasih Ferdinand, memang akhirnya kita hanya bisa berdoa dari jauh, dan lebih baik jika bisa menyumbangkan sedikit donasi buat mereka..
    About Mbah petruk... let it be a Myth...?!

    Dear TK, thanks sudah mendoakan Vincent..
    I'm still thinking now to call back my son to Palembang...
    hope everything will be ok soon.
    thanks TK!

    Thanks Val my friend... Appreciate a million for your pray for my country and my son Vincent.
    God bless you too, dear friend!

    @mama has spoken:
    It's surely hard... esp for those who lived in the disaster area... I also pray for them for being safe and staying strong.
    Thanks so much, my friend!

    dear Carolyn friend,
    everyday I'm sitting in front of the TV watching the eruptions news... and hope the eruption will be stop..but the fact.. the eruption was be more and more terrible day after day..
    and the views over there was so heartbreaking...
    Thanks carolyn, for keeping us in your prayer . hugs!

  11. I am praying for you and your beautiful many trials...I hope it all goes well for you! Please have a restful weekend.

  12. I am so sorry to hear about your son and my heart is tender and sad for what people are going through! My heart and prayers lean towards everyone.

  13. @Joe Cap:
    Thank you Joe, so many many trials came across my country... so sad... didn't know when will everything back to normal...

    @Tammie Lee:
    Thanks for all your kindly words, Tammie.
    hope all prayers will give us more strong to face this terrible moments...

  14. Nensa, This volcanic mountain is causing much grief in your country. I cannot imagine living at its base - so beautiful normally but devastated now. I'm thinking of the people's suffering and loss.

  15. Barb, this apparently was the largest eruption of this volcanic mountain in history ... resulted in numerous losses of lives and property ... what so sad indeed...!!
    Thank you Barb, for all your delightful words. I appreciate it very much.

  16. let's pray for Indonesia
    and all people in there

  17. I am so sorry and I hope that all those you love and hold near are safe. The wrath of mother nature is at all times unpredictable and difficult to comprehend.
    My thoughts are with you,

  18. @bintang air:
    the best thing we should do now was doing pray for Indonesia, esp for people who lived in the eruption area..
    Thanks for your kindly visit and comment.
    Appreciate it so much!

    Thank you Zuzana...
    our mother nature now seemed got a big anger... and we don't know when it'll stopped.. all can't be predicted..
    thanks for thinking of us along this time, my friend! xoxo

  19. semoga segala musibah ini segera berakhir dari bumi Indonesia

  20. Oh my that is sooo sad..I am hoping all this will stop soon.


  21. terrible news...prayers and love for all those affected

  22. Mari kita membantu meringankan korban bencana dengan menyumbangkan harta, tenaga atau apapun yg kita punya.. paling tidak kita bisa berdo'a untuk mereka.. Amien

  23. Dear Nensa, was trying to comment here yesterday, but my comp wouldn't let me! Gosh, all these nature deasters are so horrible - and this old guy here can be scary! I'm praying and sending good vibes to please him and stay cool. We all have to be so tough these times. We live in a crazy world of big change! Have a lovely weekend! xox

  24. @the dream catcher:
    Amin! kita semua berharap demikian...
    Thanks a ton Ria!

    Yes Koralee... we got so terrible this time... we're hoping all will be back to normal soon...thanks dear friend!

    Thanks so much Rancour... Appreciate very much your kindly visit and comment.
    I'm glad to see a new visitor here. sending my regards to you.

    Bener Triz, setidaknya kita bisa mengirimkan doa bagi mereka yang sedang menderita..
    Thanks sdh mampir Non sobatku!

    Martina dear,
    I can say this old volcanic guy has a big change this time... didn't know why... his behavior had never as terrible as this time before... we all even the officer can't predict him anymore... It's really a crazy horrible...
    Thanks, my friend and happy weekend to you too! xx

  25. I feel sad this old guy had never let up its volcanic activity for several days now. My countrymen from the south of Manila had same experience with Mount Mayon. It is the most perfect cone volcano. But despite the beauty, it is very dangerous.

    I pray and hope the fury of Mount Merapi will soon be over.

  26. sedih rasanya ng'liat berita dan ternyata merapi meletus lagi .... Tapi, pray 4 Indonesia khususnya merapi masih akan terus kulantunkan....

  27. Dear Nensa,

    I hope the old man wil soon stop his hostile behaviour. I found your story about the old man and 'what you believe in' very interesting. The cloud of smoke that comes from the vulcano does indeed look a bit like him.

    I sincerely hope it will be over soon and the people living near the volcano will be safe once more and be able to go home.

    Lieve groet & happy weekend,


  28. Allah hu Akbar.. selamatkanlah sahabat kami di bumi Jawa dan sekitar Gunung Merapi khasnya..

    semoga semuanya selesai segera

  29. @Jolly princess:
    Yes JP... we all sad facing the big change of this old volcanic guy's behavior... I think all volcanic in the world have been save immense danger which would threatens anyone surrounding at anytime...
    I'm hoping all will be back to normal soon.
    Thanks so much friend for all your prayer.

    Benar Ferdinand, aku menangis setiap kali melihat TV, menyaksikan anak2 dan orang tua begitu menderita karena amukan gunung tua ini...
    sepatutnya kita terus berdoa utk mereka.

    Dear Madelief,
    Almost every Javanese people believed this old volcanic guys controled by some spirits like 'Mbah Petruk' (although I just believe it as a myth...)...
    I heard a news... 'mbah Petruk' will claim his promise in a way rampage if in the Javanese land... there're too much decay and injustice of their leaders...
    but the truth... who knows?!
    Thanks so much for all your kind words...
    wish you the best and happy weekend to you, dear friend!

    Makasih ibuintan atas doanya... semoga semua saudara kita di tanah jawa bisa selamat dari amukan gunung Merapi ini. Amin!!

  30. Dear dear Nensa, I have been following the news and I confess I am really worried about all these happenings! My prayers go for all your people. God may look after you and your family!! Never lose hope, dear friend Nensa!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you! Love! Bela.

  31. Wow Nensa! Unbelievable! I'm sending prayers and positive thoughts your way:-) XX

  32. Assalamy -aleykum!I agree with You.Only Highest of all can help!!!Insha Allah!!!

  33. I pray and hope you son is safe and that the grumpy, old man calms down soon!

  34. Nensa, You, your Family, and country are in our prayers, I think and worry about you each time I see a news report on this, I pray all will be over soon and everyone can get back to life without worry.

  35. salam Nensa, setiap kali aku mendengar berita ini, hati kecil selalu berdoa supaya dilindungi saudara2 yg sedang mengalami bencana itu...harapan aku semoga semua yg terlibat bersabar dgn ujian yg diturunkan...

    doaku utk kesejahteraan mu sekeluarga dari kejauhan....

  36. @Bela:
    Thanks a milion for all your kind words, Bela!
    we all here now have a very horrible moments...
    May all your prayer will provide us lots of strength especially for they who suffering..
    sending my big love from Indonesia, my sweet friend!

    Thanks so much Stacey... I'm hoping all the prayer from you would give a strength and fortitude for our country.

    Wassalamualaikum Amin, surely only The Almighty who could handle this such 'big monster' which make many people suffering...
    Yes.. the photo was very unique, Amin... and it's more unique because shaded by so many myth around...

    @Teresha@Marlie and Me:
    Thank you Teresha, May God always bless my son.. and sure hope the old grumpy volcano will be cooling down as soon as possible..

    Thanks so much Jimmy, I'm so appreciating all your kind words...Thanks for been praying for us, my friend!

    @secangkir madu merah:
    Wassalam Yatie, begitupun aku selalu menitikkan air mata menyaksikan di TV bagaimana orang2 dengan badan diselimuti abu berlarian kocar kacir dikejar awan panas merapi...sangat mengerikan!!
    semoga semua ini cepat berakhir.
    Makasih atas semua doamu Yatie, sahabatku!

  37. I texted some frens I know in Bandung and was told that they now suffered as well.

    Semoga selamat semuanya dan keadaan kembali pulih..dengan izin Allah SWT..amiin.

    may you and family remain strong, take care.

  38. Dear Cheqna,
    the eruption apparently still has not stopped...
    Everyone here now could only pray while waiting anxiously what would happen then...
    Thanks for the doa, my fren!

  39. i so sad.
    that is my grandmother stay :(

  40. The not knowing definitely makes it hard to not worry. But I hope you will have peace as you wait because worry makes nothing better or worse.

    Keep praying for your baby. Prayer is powerful.


  41. salam nensa,
    ida doakan semoga vincent selamat dan begitu juga penduduk lain. semoga bencana ini akan cepat berakhir.

    take care ye nensa n famili...

  42. Hi Nensa - Thank you for this so we around the world can know what you're experiencing. I'm struck by Mbah petruk cloud formation before the eruption -- how much it looks like the drawing you posted! Very strange and intriguing indeed.Thank you too for your recent visit.

  43. @Aciid:
    Thanks for stoppin by and write a comment.. I hope your grandma will safe and sound... May God bless her.

    Thanks my friend... The not knowing that's make us all wondering what will happened in the next...and it's such a worrying moment..
    Thanks again for praying for my baby son..I'm very appreciate. sending mu hugs to you too!

    wassalam Ida,
    makasih atas doanya buat anakku Vincent juga buat saudara2 kita yang menderita disana... semoga doa2 dari teman2 semua disini didengar dan dikabulkan oleh Allah swt. Amin.
    Thanks ye Ida!

    Hi LD, The 'Mbah Petruk' cloud which appeared before the eruptions is a real... but about the story behind it, every people could believed it or not...
    The fact now 'the Mbah Petruk' cloud was very populer after the eruption...
    especially after it's blown up on TV and the net..
    Thanks so much friend, for your kindly visit and comment.

  44. Wow! I can easily imagine spirits and beings living in that mountain! I hope you and your family are well and stay well. Take care!

  45. Jemi, almost all Javanese people who lived in the mount area believe the mountain had big spirits.. even they usually do something like an offering ceremony about once in a year for the strength of spirit there ... very mystical!
    thank you for all your kind words friend! xo

  46. Aslmkm Nensa.
    Have faith. Everything happens for a reason or more.
    Believe me, all good people around d world are praying along with d victims & affected residents.
    Everybody should also beg 4 Allah SWT forgiveness 2 stop his wrath.
    Insya Allah, there would be some form of relief & blessing.

  47. #merapi tidak pernah ingkar janji ...

    maaf pak liek baru bisa jalan² karena selama ini juga mantau merapi terus ... dan banyak juga yang ngajak jadi relawan kesana ...

  48. @DDrfauziah:
    Wassalamualaikum KakG,
    You surely right, the most thing we should do now is doing praying an praying and also ask forgiveness to Allah... so that hope every evil and catastrophic will leave away from our earth.
    Thanks a million akak for all your kind words.

    @Kopi susu pahit:
    Ooo... rupanya Pak Liek sdg memantau di area bencana.. kalo begitu selamat bertugas and tetap berhati-hati.

  49. Hi Nensa, still praying for you and the people affected by the eruption. How is your son? Take care and keep us posted on how things are there.


  50. I hope your week is lovely so far, sweet Nensa. Cannot believe it's almost weekend again. Happy hugs for today xoxoxo

  51. My English is not too good but I want to say we all think about you here in Europe. Thanks for youre report.

    With Kind regards,

    Tim Freh (Belgium)

  52. @The farmer's daughter:
    Cheryl, thank you so much for keeping praying us...although the eruption still didn't stopped yet, but Alhamdulillah my son Vincent was doing well... he was now in his granny's home in Sumedang (West Java) coz the college has been closed for 1 week.... he can't come back to me in Palembang coz there're no flight .. so he just went to her granny by train about 10 hours or something.
    sending my hugs to you too, dear friend!

    Hi Saskia, yeah...time flies... it's been almost weekend again..
    I hope you also have a lovely weekend, my sweet friend! xoxo

    I'm glad to see you back here acid... smile to you!

    Hi TimFreh, thanks for your kindly words.. It's always my pleasure to see a new visitor here. I welcome you, my new friend. Please come back anytime.
    sending my warmest regards from Indonesia,

  53. Just want to wish you a happy weekend, Nensa, and hope you and all your loved ones are safe and sound!

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  55. Hi Nensa! I finally succeeded in visiting here again! Good thing that virus was fixed!

    Too bad to hearabout the eruption but nature has its own ways. It's difficult to control.

    Lookingat the photos, especially the first one, (I enlarged it), it looksvery lovely workofnature despite the danger that it indicates.


  56. salam nensa.lama tak bersiaran..semoga semuanya kembali pulih di bumi indonesia.

  57. Assalamy-aleykum!Have good week-end with Your family!

  58. Hohoho.. akhirnya keluar juga mbah petruknya .. siip dah..

  59. @Martina:
    Dear Martina, thank you so much friend... you too have a great weekend with your loved family.xoxo

    Thanks Iosif for your kindly invite... I've just click the link, but unfortunately I didn't understand the language and there's not any translator... so I've just done nothing.

    Thanks Webbie for your lovely words... I'm glad you could come back here.. and thanks again for inform me about the problem of my site... and Ahamdulillah all has been fixed now.

    @Kak Erna:
    wassalam kak Erna,
    Makasih akak... Alhamdulillah aku n keluargaku sehat semua... semoga akak juga demikian yah...
    n semoga semua bencana segera pergi dari bumi Indonesia..

    wassalamualaikum Amin,
    thank you friend... you too have a great weekend with your loved family!

    Mbah Petruknya udah lama keluar tole ...Mbah Saungnya nyang baru nonghol.... hohohokkk..

  60. Is it true picture or just a picture? Wow.

  61. Hi Jessica,
    The 'Mbah petruk' cloud was said as a real pic...
    thanks for droppin by here. Appreciate it so much!

  62. Yeah I luuvv Mbah Petruk's hair style so cute thx for share tht Picture hahaha