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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back to My daily routine...

my youngest son,  Ibrahim/Baim (11 y.o.)  a 6th grade student of primary school

Long holiday was over... All my children  was back to their school...  Me   must also back to my area.. my daily routine.. my busy line as a mom of 4 children...
Even though I sometimes feel bore about this routine, but I always keepin my heart happy as I thought that every little bit I done to our children would generate lots of thing and spirit for  them, especially for their future...

my oldest son Alyasa vincent (17 yo) a first year student of ISI Jogjakarta, a university of fine art)

Actually my daily routine will got a little change this time as my oldest son will left our home as soon as posible to continue his study in University. He will study  at ISI Yogyakarta, the university of fine art located at the other province for about 4 and a half years...  It take about 2 hours by plane or about 36 hours by bus to get there... a so far away from our home...
Yeah... thinking about living apart with my son was really make me feel sad...
Probably I must prepare a room in my heart for placing my giant miss feeling to our oldest baby son which will surely often attack me soon...
However I should be able to entertain myself by keepin my mind in positive thinking that my eldest baby son's departure would make me more easier to handle and take care of my  3 other children's left.

 my 3rd daughter Aisyah/Icha (13 y.o) a 2nd grade of junior high school

my 2nd daughter Nancy/Ochi (15 y.o) a 1st grade student of senior high school

As a parent I just hope they will suceed in their education and also certainly in their life where ever they are...

I love you all my kids!!

                 just came back from their school


  1. Your children are beautiful! I'm new here and didn't realize you had kids this old. If that is your picture in the profile, you certainly don't look old enough to have kids this age.

  2. Hi Ms. Anthropy,
    Thanks for your kindly comment..
    You got right.. haha...yes, that's me on my profile's picture.
    That pic was taken at around 2 or 3 years ago (I'm not too sure)..
    Thanks again for the compliment!!
    i'm glad to see you here.

  3. You have lovely children my friend. Your son will do fine. It is time for him to see the beauty of the world outside his nest. Congratulations for being a great mom to them. :)

  4. Hi, Nensa!
    I agree with Mrs A...your children are so beautiful, and so are you. It look like you live in a lovely area. I think it is cute the way your children wear ties for school.
    I hope you are going to have a great year and a great weekend.

  5. I am in agreement with everyone, You have Beautiful Children and I know you are proud of them, it appears all of your teachings are showing that they will succeed in life and continue to make you proud.

    Thank You for sharing the pictures with us and telling us about your wonderful children.

  6. Hi Nensa!

    Ahh, yes, the daily routine, would it not be for the routine, we would certainly think that every day a vacation, and not get anything done at all!! Hahaha!

    Hope all is well with you, and yes, you do have very beautiful kids, well....the girls are beautiful, but I suppose the son would prefer the word handsome!? (winks) ;)

  7. You have fine children, and they will all be a credit to you for raising them so well. You will feel sad when your eldest son leaves for University but you will also feel proud.

  8. I know what you are going through. It was the hard sending the oldest off to college. But as each son left home, it got easier. Though I still don't look forward to the begining of the new school year, because it means it's time for them to leave again....

  9. @Jolly Princess:
    Hi JP,
    I hope so.. friend, he will fine even though I'm not beside him anymore.. yeah, it's time now for him to see and surf the world outside his nest.
    Thanks so much for your wonderful thought, friend!!
    hugs and kisses

    @Joe Cap:
    Hi Joe,
    Yea.. I better think I live in a beautiful area.. haha..
    I know...perhaps you saw them wierd (not cute..?! haha) with their tie wore the way like that...coz they are just came back from school.. so their appearance were a mess.. hehe...but If you look them in the morning while going to school, they were all dress up neatly in their uniform.. because if not they will got punishment in their school.
    Thanks so much Joe.
    I also hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Hi Jimmy,
    thanks so much for the compliment..
    Of course I'm proud of them... and I always hope they will succeed in the future wherever they are.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend with Cindy..

    Hey JJ,
    Glad to hear from you again... It's about a while I didnt see you.. hehe..
    U got right, friend... the daily routine better think as a daily vacation.. haha..
    Ooo.. of course my children looked beautiful.. you know who their mom are dont you..?! haha..
    thanks so much for your wonderful comment.
    hugs and kisses

    Hi Val,
    Yes.. I always think and hope they all fine wherever they are.. I just try to raise and teach them as well as I can.
    Hopefully they all be deserved to be proud .
    Thanks for your delightful comment.
    I much appreciate it.

    @Mama has spoken:
    Dear friend,
    I know you've got the same experience when sending your son Scotts to the army.. I can feel now how hard it is. But as you said... it would be more easier when he has left our home... I also hope so.
    Thanks for sharing your valuable thought.
    I hope you and your family have a great week end...

  10. Hola!
    this is my first visiting i have ever done.

    anyway, since i don't have any children yet, even any wife to make it happen, i just wanna say; i envy to you, having children pray for you, be a mother who has a heaven in your feet. so, cheers :)

  11. wow...its great..your children are gorgeous..and i think, you are lucky to have them..
    keep smile always for them...:)

    have a great day, sist...^_^

  12. You've got a bunch of great looking kids. You sound like a wonderful mother. I wish you all the best.

  13. Hey Nensa Moon!

    Are you kidding me or what?! You don't look like you have a 17 year old son! Or 4 kids for that matter!!! I salute you mummy of 4!!

    Btw, thanks for your comment in my colors of the sky post, glad you enjoyed the shots!

  14. @kerajaanratu:
    Dear friend,
    thanks for your first visit and also your cool comment. I much appreciate it.

    Diana dear, got right, I'm really lucky to have those such kind kids around me.. I just hope they all become the person who obedient to Allah The Almighty and also useful for others.
    Thanks for your kindly comment.

    Hi Keith,
    I just try to be a good mom for them...Thanks so much for the compliment.
    I'm happy to see you here.

    @I'm a Full-time Mummy:
    Hey Jenny,
    You know...I've just changed my profile's picture as some people here (including Ms. Antrophy) said they're not realize me that I've a mum of 4... I didn't know whether I must happy for that nor vice versa... haha..

    Thanks for your salute... my dear friend!! hehe..
    have a great night.

  15. Hi Nensa, thank you for visiting - nice meeting you! I have 2 sons, the oldest i guess will leave pretty soon as well, so it's the same problem. I think it helps if you have sth else to put your energy in - like a creative project or anything you like. It's hard for your kids if they know you're sad that they are leaving - it's nor one way, they share these feelings! Hope to see you again, i'm your follower now!

  16. What a beautiful family you have! Thank you for coming to my blog and following. I'm delighted to meet you! :)

  17. Hi Nensa. It is good to meet your family! BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN!!! JUST BEAUTIFUL! I can see even from the pictures a bit of their personalities shine through & I love it! I am sure it will be a tough year with your son not under your roof. I am never good with change myself. :) I hope I can get to know your family better! I am not on here as much as usual this summer but I as it cools off I will be on more & more! Take Care Nensa...Goodnight!

  18. Nensa I tried to follow you but it says THIS PAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE. I will try again soon another day & maybe it will work then.

  19. Thank you so much for visiting me the other day..your blog is lovely and what a wonderful family you have. I know it is sad to see your son leave..I have a daughter who is going to the UK to school in September..a long way from Canada. Oh our Mothers hearts...may your week be filled with Joy! I will be back to visit again. xoxo

  20. Just discovered your blog! It looks wonderful!

  21. @Martina:
    Hi Martina you're welcome, I'm also glad to see you. Yea.. you' right.. now I'm trying to look for something to put my energy in...
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful thought.
    and also thanks for being my follower... I'll do the same as well.
    see yaa..and take care>

    @Beth Zimmerman:
    Hi Beth, I'm thanks to you too for coming here and join in my site.
    Love to be friend with you, Beth. xoxo

    Thanks so much Libby... yeah I think this year will be a tough year for me.. but I hope I can live it well..
    Waiting for your next visit, my friend.
    You take care too!!

    Hi Koralee, you're much welcome..I'm glad to know you.
    Mmm.. so we'll feel the same axperience to send our children to I'm not too lonely feeling this way..
    thanks so much for coming to my site. hope to see you again.. xoxo

    @Bossy Betty
    Thanks so much BB for discovered my site...I'm glad to see you. and thanks also for follow my site.. I'll do the same as well.
    Pls come back anytime..It'll be my pleasure.

  22. good for you for staying optimistic. i'm sure it's sad to see your son live away from you for the first time but you'll get used to it as it's better for his future. :)

    ~ash's mum

  23. You've got a bunch of good-looking kids there! And a lot to spend for their education, too! I see why I get this vibe that you are a proud contented Mom. And young and beautiful like your kids. Keep up the good work Mom!

  24. Nensa,

    lovely children..

    don't be sad dear fren..sooner or later you'll have to let them go..keep on praying for their well being...

    may they always be blessed by Allah SWT.


  25. This is such a sweet post, Nensa. I'm sure staying away can be hard. But that will make his life better in the future. You have a beautiful family!:)

  26. Hello Nensa! Just noticed your new profile pic. You are indeed beautiful and quite young to have those lovely grown up kids. I'm sure they will all succeed in their endeavors because of your good guidance. Good luck to your son in his Uni life and to all your beautiful daughters in their studies. More power to you Nensa!

  27. Hello Nensa! Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment there. It's nice to meet you. My older son is in college and has one more year to graduate. Where he goes now is just a couple of hours drive by car away, but next he wants to go to graduate school, and it is much farther away. I know what you mean when you feel sad about your son going to University. I'm sure your children will take with them your love and teachings though wherever they go.

  28. @Ash:
    Yea…Ash, It’s first time for me to live apart with our son, so I feel hard for it. But as you said, whatever It’ll good for his future.
    Thanks so much for the compliment, Ash’s mum.

    Hi Lita,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment!
    It's like make my spirit high.

    You’re absolutely right Cheqna, sooner or later they will be leaving us…
    Yes, better for me to keepin pray for them for more better life and their future.
    Thanks so much, friend!

    @Mr. Stupid:
    Thanks Mr.s, you got right… living apart with our son for university, hopefully will make his life and future more better!

    Hi Beng,
    hahaha… yup… I’ve got change my profile’s picture as people said I’m look too young to be a mum of 4 kids… so I hope this new pic will change their view about me…
    Thanks so much for your best wishes to our kid…
    love and hugs

    Hi Daisy,
    You’re most welcome, my new friend! I’m also glad to meet you. It’s nice to share our experience in life with others in blogosphere.. I love to hear your journey with your wonderful family…
    Thanks for coming here and sharing your wonderful tought.
    It’s really a pleasant to me.

  29. You were asking about the painting - it's acrylic and gouache. My studio is next to where i sleep at the moment, so i can't paint with oil there. Do you paint sometimes?

  30. Yes Martina... I sometimes also paint, but I'm not good on painting...haha..
    Actually My eldest son vincent who often paint in our house, coz he has a talent on it and also love painting...but we ussualy used oil and water color..
    And Gouache, this is first time I hear the name...
    Thanks Martina

  31. Salam Nensa

    Beautiful young ladies and handsome young men :)'s wishing you happiness always. I am sure they love you as much as you love them,where ever they may be later they will always come back home to you.
    Nensa memang awet muda :)

  32. Hi Nensa, You have such a beautiful family.... Enjoy them now since they will all grow up and be gone soon. Sniff!!!! My 3 sons are 47, 40, 39 now... Yipes!!!!!

    Congrats to your oldest... To be 17 in college is GREAT. I know you will miss him--but he will do GREAT.

    Thanks for sharing your family with us.
    P.S. I could never be bored with FOUR children... ha

  33. First time to your blog and your children are beautiful. Happy weekend to you.

  34. Aku ni sering lewat mampir ke sini. Maaf ya bu Nensa. Congratulation to your son. He made it to ISI Jogja. Nanti pasti Nensa sering ke sana. I miss shopping in Jogja..really nice place!
    You have beautiful children. Cantik sekali your daughters!!

  35. Thanks for coming to visit my blog Nensa:-). I'm also following you! xo

  36. Meni gareulis dan karasep... tah bati teh Ceu..., ikut emak-nya hehehe... have a great day ceu Nensa...

  37. Hello Nensa, finally I managed to return your lovely visit.;) Sorry about that delay, have been enjoying some days off line with my family.;)
    I am too now returning to the routines of life, at least briefly.
    What lovely children you have and i cannot believe they are yours - you look like a child yourself, so young.;))
    Hope you had a lovely weekend and thank you again for your visit, please do come back again,

  38. @Umihoney:
    Wasalam Umi,
    Surely I hope they will love and care as much as I did wherever they are... and of course they will come back home to me...Insya Allah. Amin!!
    Thanks so much Umi sayang for the comment.
    Ah..aku awet muda..masa sih?!! hihi...jadi malu gue...
    love n hugs

    @Betsy from Tennessee:
    Hi Betsy,
    WHAT...?! your son was 47, 20 n 39...oh my really blessed my friend could see your sons this old... I wonder whether I could be like you that old...
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment.
    love and hugs

    Thanks so much Stacey, for coming and take the time to write a comment.
    I really glad to meet u.

    Hai cikgu TK... memang cikgu yang satu ini doyannya shopping and eating... just like me ..haha...
    Thanks so much TK for the compliment!

    Thanks so much for following my site!

    @Land of Oase:
    Eehh...cep Igo...hatur nuhun kasep, pinter pisan ceceu meni bingah tur bagea tiasa tepang sareng baraya didiu...
    Mugia diditu di Ausi, Igo n wife tur pun anak sing sarehat sadayna..

    Hi Zuzana,
    thanks so much for coming here and commenting...I'm glad to see you... dont worry about the's OK.
    Enjoy your day, my friend.