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Sunday, August 22, 2010

And Time will be Coming.....

Alyasa Vincent

Only a couple days left  my eldest son Vincent  could  stay  here with us… On the coming 25th August he’ll fly to Jogjakarta to continue his study at ISI (Intitut Seni Indonesia) the university of  fine Art, for about 4 and a half years…
Jogjakarta was  located  at the center of Java, the other province in my country. It take about 2 hours from  our place to get there by plane, or about 2 days by bus..

Vincent  in  a  painting  contest held in my city Palembang, he's got the second champion the story here!

I’m  a little busy lately  did prepare all what he  needed  to lived apart from his family… I’ve  bought him about  2 dozen underwear, some shirts, jackets, pants…and anything else…but till today I always think there’re  something sketchy…
With a  help of my hubby’s business friend  who lived at Jogjakarta , Alhamdulillah  finally we’ve got a boarding place for my son...  and also a former motorcycle which we bought through him to facilitate my son to easy transportation he needed…

Me, my hubby and Vincent,  attending his high school graduation ceremony... read the story  here!

Yeah… time goes by as the wind blown… my sweetie  little boy who’ve been cared and raised  with all my love.. now was  ready to leave us…
It’s truly sad…  but nevertheless I should be able to accept it ... Maybe this is what being a parent ... one day  we gave birth to them, care for and raise, and  then ultimately must be prepared to release them  into their  real life itself ..

Vincent with the school band, Global Band in a band festival.... read the story  here!!

Maybe someday when we're old and they’ve been independent in all things ... good economy, education and other things ... we can only watch them from a distance, praying for their happiness ....they are … our children ...
Hopefully they could achieve what their  expected and dream ... so by then perhaps I can smile happily and could  live for the rest of my life peacefully ... Amen!


  1. It is very hard to send your first born off to college. I remember when I sent my oldest, I cried the day before,of and after. Thoughts and prayers headed your way!

  2. Nensa, I know this is a time of mixed feelings for you. You are proud of your son and that he is going off to school, but you will miss him and worry about him when he is gone away so far from home. I hope all goes well for him and for you. Hugs from Daisy.

  3. You have a very creative son - you should be so very proud!

    Having them grow up and move off to college isn't easy. Good luck with it all :)

  4. I remember when Tim left for College, Cindy cried for nearly two weeks, he was about seven hours away from home and was the last to leave the nest so to say, now as you know he is the father to Benjamin.

    Life keeps moving and all we can do is raise our children to the best of our abilities, be proud of their accomplishments, and allow them to make their own way in this world while watching and being there when they need us.

    From what I see you have done well, Vincent will do good because of the love and lessons you have given him, I can see why you are proud as he is a fine young man.

  5. Hi Nensa! Semoga sehgalanya selamat ya. Good luck to your son. I am sure he'll succeed in his studies and made you a proud mother. He is not only talented in art but also in music it seems. You must be a proud mother.

    Salam sayang dari Malaysia buat Nensa

  6. You are beautiful Nensa. Nice graduation photo! Your son is very talented. It is a good training for him to be independent. It is okay to be separated temporarily from home while he pursues his studies.

  7. It is a journey for us to let our babies go. I'm having a hard time letting my son go. I notice I don't eat well now.

    Your son is very talented. He will make your proud.

    Little by little we take the steps life presents for us.

  8. @Mamma has spoken:
    That’s true my friend… thinking about my son’s departure was make my eyes watered… It’s really hard… but Im glad to hear your experience... make me not to feel alone...
    thanks so muh for the compliment.

    This is the time when I feel proud and also sad for my son at the same time… but hope everything will fine..
    Thanks so much, Daisy!

    @Jemi Fraser:
    Sure, Jemi… I always proud of my son and also of my other kids... thanks for wish me luck !! I much appreciate it.

    Yes Jimmy… perhaps I’ll be the same as Cindy... especially this time is still fasting .... I kept thinking how my son will deal with fasting in there ... so many thoughts ... I finally just surrendered to Allah The Almighty ... and make more pray for him ...
    You’re really blessed Jimmy to lived this age…. watching the birth of Benjamin…
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience and thoughts to me.

    Thanks TK… aku berharap semuanya berjalan lancar… Aku bahkan ingin waktu cepat berjalan sampai anakku selesai sekolah di sana…
    Sending my love to you too… my dear friend!!

    @Mr. Monkey:
    Thank you Mr. Monkey for dropping here and take the time for commenting …
    I’m glad to know you… and thanks also for being a follower. appreciate it most!

    @Jolly Princess:
    Thanks JP… yeah..better think it’s a great time to my son to get a training there for being independent..
    Thanks for your nice compliment!

    I’m glad.. I’m not alone…there’re so many mom who have the same experience…I think I’m also beginning to not eat well this time… Thanks for sharing your delightful experience..

  9. Oh very very very sweet Nensa .... You make me smile a big smile inside my heart .
    The process of a mother ... letting go .....
    Isn't life wonderful WONDERFUL
    Not only the process of the child but also so very much our own unique process. Making us who we are , who we were meant to be ? ( I hope )
    Your sun is so lucky to have you as a mother and .... you are so lucky to have him as a son.
    In the future we ( you and me ) will still be blogging about all the hapiness we are going te share with them ( our choldren ) and with eachother .... Thank you for that ... sweet sweet Nensa !

  10. You have a handsome and talented son and I know you and your husband are very proud of him. But remember, he won't really be far away from you ... he will always be in your heart. I remember how choked I used to be when my son when into the army... even though he was grown up I still thought of him as a baby. That's what comes of being a mother, eh? Keep smiling, Nensa.

  11. @Francis:
    Hi Francis, Yeah.. this life was wonderful itself...Your words are definitely true, we all blessed and lucky to have each other as a mother and son...
    I'm glad to have a such wonderful bloggies friends like you around me... so I hope we all can keep sharing all happiness in our life through blogging..
    Thanks for your sweetie words...

    You got right, Val... even though my son will live far away from me... but he will always as closed to me in my heart...
    Every mom in the world would treat their son as a baby or child even they've been grown up and was being adult... we always keep them like a baby in our heart.. don't you?!
    Thanks for your precious words, Val!!
    sending a big hugs to you!!

  12. Wow,your son is very talented, very artistic! You've got to be very proud of him. The time has come that as a parent you now have to let him be on his own. It's difficult for mothers like us, but we must get used to not having them around us for their own sake.

    May God bless you both especially Vincent who'll be away from your family.

  13. Ahhh it is always so hard to say goodbye..I will be doing the same soon with my daughter who is going to the UK to study.

    Your son is so talented...that painting of his is amazing.

    xoxoxo Hugs as you say goodbye to him.

  14. A happy Goodbye Nensa, you know it's a good Goodbye.
    Have a sweet week ahead. xxx

  15. Hi Nensa,
    Your son Vincent is very talented! You must be so proud of him:-). I can imagine how hard it will be to see him go...However, the bright side is, he's going away to college so that he can expand his horizons...My son is only 17 months old, so i have a long time before i have to worry about him leaving. xo

  16. Wow, and artist AND a musician? And good artist too, from what I can tell! Awesome, and I bet he gets all this talent from his mom!

  17. He's a very talented guy. You must be very proud of him.

    All the best, Boonie

  18. Wow, that painting is amazing! He is very talented.

    I bet you are really going to miss him. I cannot imagine my girls leaving for college, but I am sure it will be here in a blink of an eye!

  19. Hi Nensa, Congrats to Vincent... He seems to be a very gifted musician and artist... I'm sure he will do GREAT in college... I know you are proud of him...

    And YES---I remember those days when my sons left for college... It was HARD for me ---but it's just part of life. They all have done well and I'm proud of them. But--I don't see them nearly as much anymore as I'd like. We are all in different areas of the country.

    Hang in there, Mama.... He will be fine --and so will you.

  20. Oh Nensa, it's normal - but also sad! But you're a loving family, and he won't really leave you, he'll always like to be in touch. Ah, some changes are not so easy - i send you my love!

  21. He is so talented!!! I could barely handle lmy son going to Kindergarten this year. I can't imagine letting him go to college.

  22. Dear Nensa,
    What a sweet post! It is hard to watch our children leave home. It is sad to us, but at the same time wonderful because we want them to grow, and become all they can be. I wish the best to your son as he starts at the University. He is talented, and will do well. Praying for your son and family...bless you! :)

  23. @Beng Gee:
    Yeah…Beng, I’m very proud of him but also truly sad at the same time…hehehe….
    This is a path of being mother… you got right, of course we must get used to not having them around us for their own sake.
    Thanks for your very kind words!

    Yes, Koralee… it always hard to say goodbye, esp to the one we loved…Oh you’ll got the same …as your daughter will go away for study too… better you prepare your heart from beginning, friend…!! Its what being a mother… everytime we must keep prepare our heart for being apart to our loved kids…even only for school…
    thanks for your nice words! sending my hugs too to you!!

    Thanks so much, Saskia… yes, this is a good byebye!!
    Wishing u a very happy week ahead too, friend!

    Hahaha… Stacey..yeah.. your son will still have a long time to being go for college.. but that time I’m sure you’ll have the same feeling as me..
    Thanks for your kind words my dear!

    @Joe Cap:
    hahha.. yes, Joe… he has talented since he born indeed… I hope he will keep improve what he have now…Sure he got his talent from his parents..esp from me as his mom…haha…
    thanks, Joe!!

    @Boonie S:
    Thanks Boonie… I think so…and I hope he will more improve his talent in college..
    Glad to hear from you.

    @Michelle @ Flying Giggles:
    Hi Michelle… sure, I’ll miss him so much…
    Thanks for your kindly words, friend!

    @Betsy from Tennessee:
    Hi Betsy,
    I always hope so… he will do fine there and so I’m…
    I think perhaps I’ll not see him as nearly as before too… because we’ll separated by large distances, across the vast oceans… and to get there… will got so much cost …
    Thanks for your best wishes to us..
    My hugs too to you!

    Thanks so much, Martina… That’s right, even though we lived away each other but our heart will be always keeping in touch.

    Hi Lourie… now you better enjoy your time with your kids when they’re still with you… one day when they going away for college…you’ll know what I’m feeling … hehehe…
    Thank you so much, friend!

    @Susan B:
    Dear Susan,
    as you said… it’s really hard to let our son going away even for college… but I hope we will do fine… thanks so much for sending your pray to my son and me…
    Blessed too to you, my friend!

  24. what a beautiful post! i like your son's painting. hope he will be successful on every step of life. good luck to him and also you. :)

    ~ash's mum

  25. Hi Nensa!

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my Hungry Ghost festival post. Those things that the Chinese burn are made of paper. So, the pictures of cars, bike, laptop and all are made of paper. Interesting huh?

    Btw, Vincent's drawing are beautiful. Cantik sungguh! :)

  26. Good luck to your son. I wish him the best.

  27. Nensa,

    by now he has left for his ISI..hope you are okay...insyaAllah he'll be successful in life, now and hereafter.

  28. Hi Nensa,
    I wish your son the best , as he goes off to school. He is so gifted and talented. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts about letting go.I know how hard it is to let them go.

  29. @Ash:
    Thank you so much Ash!! I also hope my son will be succesful in his educations and also his life..
    Glad to see you here.

    @I'm A Full-Time Mummy:
    Hey Jenny, yeah...your latest post was so interesting..and I love it!!
    Thanks for your kindly words..

    Thank you so much Keith!
    I also wish all the best to my son...

    Salam Cheqna...
    Ya.. finally my son used to leave..Cheqna...its really sad.. but I hope everything will be okay..Thanks for your dua.
    salam sayang buat Cheqna.

    @Beautiful pear tree lane:
    Yes..Sue, its truly hard to send our son to live away from us even though its for college...
    Thanks for your lightening words...
    sending my blessing too to you!!

  30. Hi Nensa,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I can't imagine how hard this must be, but it is also a very exciting time. Wishing you both the very best! :) I'll certainly be praying for your family that all goes well.

    Have a great week!
    ~ ~

  31. Hi Melanie,
    You're welcome, I'm glad to stopped by your interesting site anytime.
    Yes..It's hard for me to let my baby son away for college...but also exciting at the same time..
    Thanks for your nice comment.

    Have a great week too to you and your family!

  32. aw... Nensa, how nice that he is heading to college, but also how sad to see him leaving. I know that feeling. One of my blog posts in July was about my son Ernie, and my experience when he left home for a while; now he is back. Good luck to Vincent. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment.

    Nensa, you are precious!

  33. Hello Nensa, it's nice to meet you! Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving your sweet comment.

    I know exactly how you feel seeing your son going away from home to college. Both my kids have been out of college for some time now, but I remember the feeling very well. It's an exciting time for them and a bit of a scary time for the parents.

    Your son is very talented, the artwork is wonderful! I'm sure he has a bright future ahead of him. Try to relax and not worry too much although I know it is hard. Best wishes to Vincent and to you too!

    Come and visit me at my blog anytime. I love to make new friends.

    Have a wonderful day,

  34. Wow!!! He sounds like such a smart young man!! I can imagine how much you are going to miss him!!

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  36. @Hold my hand: a social worker's blog:
    Hey Doris... glad to see you here, and thanks for your nice comment...will check out your older post as you mentioned above..hope I'll be learn more from you.
    You precious, Doris!!

    @The Farmer's Daughter:
    Hi Cheryl, you're much welcome.. I'm glad to know you and find your beautiful site..
    Thanks so much for your precious words.. it's really enlightening me...
    Will surely come to your site again...I also love to make new friend..

    Hi Alicia, thanks so much for your kindly words..
    You know, now I'm beginning crazy to miss my son...

    Hi FishHawk,
    Thank you so much for featuring my site 'THE NOTE' to your latest post 'Sites to See'...
    and thanks also if it would help me to attract new visitors...
    Have a great day to you!

  37. Hi Nensa,
    It is very hard to let our children go out on their own. They do stay a baby in our *heart*! Prayers for you and your son as he journeys out into the world to become an independent adult. He is an amazing artist! I wish him much success in his future.
    Blessings to you,

  38. Hi Gloria,
    thank you so much for your very nice words...
    You're absolutely right, our children will stay as a baby in our heart even though they've been grown up and become an adult.. and its really hard to let them left on their own way...
    thanks again for your good prayer for us... Blessing too to you,

  39. Such a handsome and accomplished boy.;) I can so understand how much you will miss him...
    Thank you for your very thoughtful comments on my blog and your care ad attention. I have been traveling, but am now back blogging.;)
    Wishing you a lovely weekend,

  40. I know it is bittersweet to see your little boy grown and leaving for the university. You are sad to see him go and proud of him at the same time.
    I wish your son much success in his studies.
    Thanks for visiting my site.

  41. I have been meaning to come by to thank you for commenting on my blog. I REALLY appreciate it and thank you for adding me to your blog list too. You're also on mine:-)