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Thursday, October 21, 2010

And I Pray for Mak Ucih...

The scenery around the village where my deceased granny lived
This pic was taken when I return home for Eid a couple month ago...

That little girl was wept bitterly, as she found  Mak Ucih, the old woman who lived alone in a little house on the riverbank has  already died... It's said that her body had been taken by her family who lived  at the opposite village.....

Mak Ucih was a best friend of that little girl.....
She knew Mak Ucih when  she spend her school holidays in her granny's home in the village... her granny also know who is Mak Ucih, but  her granny always warned her to not often  visit Mak ucih though... because her granny was too afraid that her granddaughter will slipped into the river or something... since Mak Ucih lived near the river and also a rather remote from others...

You know folks.....  that little girl was me... when still  in about 11 or 12 yo... I always spend my holidays school  in my granny's home in the village... 
Till now I always love the natural and rural atmosphere ... I think one day if I'm  getting old, I wanna lived and buy a house in the countryside area...hmmm... just a thought!!

That time I know better about Mak ucih from my granny... She said what poor Mak Ucih ... She didn't have a biological child, but she raised 2 children of her brother who fosterage lovingly ... and raising them from the babies until the adulthood, and  eventually  got married and lived happily...
but... what poor Mak Ucih... when she's  getting old and had no longer  property... her children seem like didn't care her anymore, even they let Mak Ucih living alone...
What poor Mak Ucih...!!
My little heart was deeply touched to hear the story from my granny...
so that what make me as a little girl wanna visit Mak Ucih more often... to comfort her ... and make her happy...  I sometimes I mean often brought  her some food which I'd taken secretly from my granny's kitchen...

Last time  when I visited Mak Ucih,  I've  promised   her but not told it   out yet , it's only a promise in my heart... since I saw Mak Ucih didn't have a Mukena (a special clothing for a Muslim for doing pray)  I mean she only  had one 'mukena', but it looked so old and worn... so I promise myself I wanna buy her one.. I have an idea...  asked  my mom some money for it or if not I wanna break my piggy bank..

It's trully sad that my promise couldn't fullfilled yet  while Mak Ucih was already gone...
The little me was crying that time... but also pray and pray for her...
It's make me  totally sure that Mak Ucih   has been  surely  rest peacefully with no more loneliness and suffering...
This memory was still kept good in my mind till now...

I think there're perhaps another Mak Ucih in this cruel world... I even read the story from my bloggy friend Doris, which already inspired me to write  this post ...  Thank you Doris!!  
I think you guys should read  an inspiring   post from Doris's site :  And She Prayed... I bet you will not regret!

Well... finally  from deep in my heart I  hope there will no other Mak Ucih anymore  in this world... 
And I hope one day if I'm getting old.. and being a granny ...I wanna be a happy person, not being a lonely grandma... or a poor grandma who was abandoned by our own children....   And I also hope the same  to all of you,  folks!  Amen!!


  1. The scenery there is just lovely.
    I, too will pray for Mak Ucih...

  2. nensa..amin..semoga kita tidak keseorangan dihari tua kita nanti..
    semoga sentiasa ada anak cucu menemani kita..

  3. What a wonderful story in many ways but oh so sad. We all have had neighbors and relatives that are like this. Think I'll go visit one of them now...

  4. @Joe Cap:
    Thanks Joe.. I always love to see the scenery of that village (=my hometown). It's beautiful indeed.
    Thanks also for pray for Mak Ucih.

    @Kak Erna:
    Ya Kak Erna, sangat mengerikan melihat banyaknya orang tua yang kesepian dan ditinggalkan anaknya di masa tua mereka... semoga kita tidak akan demikian... dan mendapatkan anak2 yang saleh di sekitar kita yang akan menemani kita di masa tua kelak.
    makasih akak sdh mampir and comment.

    @Mamma has spoken:
    It's sad really when we found someone who closed to us had suffering, feeling loneliness or even die...
    I'm glad to hear you would go and visit them since they're still alive..
    thanks for the compliment, my friend!

  5. This story of Mak Ucih,made me very sad,but you wrote so tenderly of her and I can see that you have a lot of love in your heart.I am sorry you were not able to fulfill your promise but I am sure she knows how much you cared for her.
    The photographs are lovely,it looks a very peaceful and beautiful place.
    I wish you a peaceful and happy weekend.Carolyn.

  6. Dear Carolyn friend,
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment..
    whenever I remember it... I always feel very sorry for not able to fulfill my promise... but as you said, perhaps Mak Ucih has already know how care I'm to her...
    Wishing you a peaceful and happy weekend too, dear friend!xo

  7. Hello Nensa,

    This is a very touching story and very sad that Mak Ucih was so alone. It was so good of you to visit her when you could. I am sure she knew that you cared much for her.

    Unfortunately, there are too many stories like this. We hear of so many older people who are left in nursing homes and have no one to visit them. How sad.

    Your photos are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing them and for sharing this story.

    Have a wonderful day,

  8. wonderfull landscape ...
    apalagi sungainya ..
    jadi pingin mandi di sungai lagi ....

  9. Sending bunches of joy your way for a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend, dearest Nensa xxxx

  10. Nensa, you have a sweet and caring heart as seen in this story. It's pretty there by the river. Quite lovely.

  11. Hi Nensa! This post is kinda heartbreaking! Sad to say, I also knew someone like Mak Ucih back in the neighborhood where I grew up. She had no child too and the husband died early. She lived a very lonely life. Life is cruel sometimes. Let's just pray it won't happen anymore. But that's to far from reality, I guess!

    Have a great day and take care always!

  12. @The Farmer's Daughter:
    Hi Cheryl,
    I also felt sorry to hear there're so many case like Mak Ucih...I can hear so many elderly left (or dumped..?!)by their children in nursing home... very sad indeed!!
    Thanks so much for your kindly words, my friend!
    I'm glad could share a little story with you all here..
    have a wonderful day to you too, dear friend! xo

    @Kopi susu pahit:
    Thanks Pak Liek sudah mampir and comment... Emang Pak liek suka mandi di sungai getoh... hehe... pisss!!

    Thanks dear sweet Saskia... It's always my pleasure to see you here..
    Sending more blessing to you and your family!

    Hi Daisy... I think everyone will be touched to see or hear the story of Mak Ucih... And that time a little heart of me was feeling the same...
    I'm glad if I could be a caring person!
    Thanks for your delightful words, dear friend!

    @Beng Gee:
    Hi Beng, that's true... in fact everywhere there's someone like Mak Ucih...perhaps better for us to pray for more better life to everyone like Mak Ucih ... and wish there're no more case like mak Ucih ...even though it's too far from reality!!
    You too... have a great day, and take care, dear friend!

  13. What a truly personal and poignant post. Yes, I think we all have had a person such as that in our life....
    Those pictures are beautiful, I understand why you like that place It has a certain tranquility to it.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  14. Aslmkm Nensa.
    There a lot more out there who suffered d same fate as Mak Ucih.
    Cruelty, abuse, loneliness & d like are pretty much the picture of d world 2day. There are also very few people have true caring hearts.
    The true beauty of Islam is that it promotes goodwill, sharing & caring unconditonally in the name of Allah SWT.
    So, although there are too many miseries and sufferings out there in the COLD & CRUEL WORLD, let us just do our part by giving and sharing whatever we could to help lessen their burdens.
    At the same time, always pray to The Almighty for endless blessings.

  15. This is such a sad story. No One should have to die alone. At least she had you to brighten her life. Bless you!

  16. Memory walking through the life with Mak Ucih must be beautiful and past memory always nice to be remembered especially with the love one. May Allah bless her and put together with the true muslimah.

  17. Dear Nensa, such a sad story. What a lonely life she must have had.

    Lieve groet & happy weekend,


  18. Such a touching story. It reminds us to be kind and do for others today and not to wait. Thank you for the lovely pictures as well!

  19. alfatehah buat aruah mak ucih...semoga dia aman bersemadi di alam sana....aku juga berdoa agar kita bila tua nanti tidak akan melalui saat2 getir spt itu...

  20. @Zuzana:
    Hi Zuzana, I'm glad could share a story from my little me about something which deeply touching my little heart..
    Thank you so much for your kindly words!
    have a lovely weekend too, to you, dear friend!

    Wassalam KakG:
    It's such a light illuminating my day to read your valuable thought and views...
    Thanks a million KakG... for all your wonderful words.
    may Allah always be blessing all of us. Amen!!

    @Teresha@Marlie and Me:
    Yes Teresha, it's trully sad to find our loved one lived and died with so much loneliness...
    Thanks for your kindly words, my friend! xo

    salam Rad... i'm happy to hear from you again...
    long time no visit..hehe..
    its such a sad memory Rad, but still stored good in my mind. Thanks so much for your doa for Mak Ucih.

    Dear Madelief friend,
    you right.. it's trully sad for being alone in the elderly without someone closed around.
    Thanks for your lovely comment.
    wishing you the best, dear friend!

    @Bossy Betsy:
    Yes BB...I'm totally agree that we should do something as soon as possible without delay until eventually all becomes too late and we will be regret ...
    I appreciate your visit and comment, dear friend! xoxo

    @secangkir madu merah:
    Makasih banyak Yatie, sudah memberi alfatihah buat arwah Mak Ucih, semoga dia bisa mendapatkan kebahagiaan disisi-Nya.
    Aku juga berharap dan berdoa, semoga kita memiliki kebahagiaan bersama anak cucu kita di masa tua kelak.
    thanks sahabatku!

  21. ... the place looks like a paradise. i miss the tropics badly!

  22. Such an inspiring story and a bit sad too...Thanks for sharing it Nensa. I'll be praying for Mak Ucih too and also that there won't be anymore Mak Ucihs. Happy and peaceful weekend to you:-). XX

  23. I love the view of your beautiful kampung. I've always love the countryside and the view of the paddy fields in Indonesia. Tenang je rasa..
    I don't like to live in big cities and crowded pales..One day I might settled down and live in a countryside too..Tak sabar ni nak ke Indonesia lagi...

  24. @Webbie:
    I think so.. that's like a paradise to me..
    Thanks Webbie. Appreciate your comment and visit so much!

    hi Stacey, A sad and inspiring story... i'm glad to hear that.
    Thanks for your kindly wishing for Mak Ucih.
    Happy weekend too to you, dear friend!

    @The dream cather:
    Thanks Ria for your kindly words and visit.
    Appreciate it much!!xo

    Ya TK, tar kalo kita udah sama-sama tua kita mudik and beli rumah di kampung aja... yang halamannya luassss.... di kampung tanah lebih murah daripada di kota...hehe..
    I feel bore living around the crowded and lots of pollution..
    Tk, kapan berangkat ke jakartanya??

  25. Dear Nensa,

    thank you for sharing your story of Mak Ucih...its touching n a good reminder as we sometimes tend to forget about the elderly..may Mak Ucih rest in peace...

    yes i love kampung calming.


  26. Hi Nensa Yes, that was my first impression. I grew in a similar place in Philippines and i miss the place so much.

    Thanks for helping me with my traffic promotion and for leaving a comment too.

  27. aw... dear Nensa, thanks for mentioning my story on your post. I loved your post. It's sad if we look at the way she lived and died, but it's so inspiring as to what you, as a little girl, decided to do for her. You brightened her life. And she inspired you with compassion and love. The description of the country side is so neat, as well as the pictures. You should write a novel based on those beautiful memoirs.


    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment. How is Vincent? I guess I think of him because he reminds me of my son, Ernie, who is also in college. :-))

  28. @Cheqna:
    Salam Cheqna,
    Woww... it's such a big surprise..but I'm happy you come back again here in blogosphere...
    Kamna aje neh... lama ga muncul2 Cheqna...hehe..
    Pokoknya seneng banget deh Cheqna sdh kembali..
    Welcome back ya, dear friend!

    Ooo.. so I guess you have another nickname Rojen.. right?
    Well.. I'm glad could know a little more about you.
    I understand now, living abroad will make you miss your hometown indeed. Hope you doing well there!

    @Hold my hand: a social worker's blog:
    Hi Doris,
    thanks a ton for your lovely compliment.
    It's really make my day..haha..
    About Vincent, Alhamdulillah he's doing fine... and I hope Ernie will doing fine too in his college...

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend, my good friend! hugs

  29. hi Tammie, thanks for your kindly words.
    And welcome to my site.. It's always my pleasure to see a new visitor.
    Happy weekend to you!

  30. Great photos and I appreciate you sharing your story

  31. Hello!Interesting blog and post.

  32. I believe Mak Ucih's spirit was made lighter because of your visits and caring, Neesa. Your story is very touching. Keep smiling - you have a lovely one.

  33. @Joe Todd:
    Thank you Joe Todd, I also appreciate your visit and comment.
    Welcome to my site. Hope you can enjoy my post.

    Hi Amin, thanks for stopping here and write a comment. I much appreciate you!
    And thanks also for join my site by google connect.
    Welcome here, my new friend!

    Hi Barb, thanks for your sweetest words...
    I'm glad could see you here. welcome to my little corner my new friend. Im so pleased could meet a new friend here. xoxo

  34. mandi di sungai di desa atau hutan ...
    kalau mandi sungai di kota ... ogah banget ... sudah tercemar polisi e' polusi kiri kanan ....

  35. Thanks for sharing that with us. It was very touching. I'll pray myself.

  36. Nenek tua yg wafat dalam kesenderian di satu sudut lembah terpencil.... Sungguh sangat memilukan. Semoga saja iman islamnya diterima Allah SWT. Amin.
    O ya, sejak sekitar dua pekan lalu, tiap kali mau buka CATATANKU, yang muncul adalah izin ditolak, dengan pesan "blog ini terbuka untuk pembaca yang diundang saja". Kenapa ya? Apa ada yang salah dalam format blog saya, atanapi kumaha? Kitu tah manawi kauninga.

  37. Hi Nensa, you made me teary eyed by your story. I am glad I have my sister in law, my brother and their 2 children who took care of mother. After mother was put to her resting place (Sept 10,2010) my sis in law and my niece would send me text message saying they miss my mother. I would tell them to let mother go. She is now happier where she is with my father. ♥

    You are a good person my friend. I know deep in my heart you children will be there for you. . :♥)

  38. Hello Nensa! what a touching, heart-wrenching story! I pray that you will be blessed and that your family is well!

    Have a great week!

  39. hohohoho... unique post .. hopefully .. we are not alone in the old days later

  40. long time .. no visit ..
    unique post .. hopefully .. Nensa Nensa later .. not like Mak Ucih? wekekek

  41. such a sweet post which made me happy and sad at the same time. you're a wonderful mother and also a great wife so you will always be surrounded by your beloved family and friends. :)

    ~ash's mum

  42. @Kopi susu pahit, Keith, Jolly Princess, Arus Rasyid, Amin, melanie, Saung Web, TsunamiMentawai, Ash... thank you so much all for your kindly visit and comment. All your words are so meaningful to me... thank you... thank you !!

    @ArusRasyid: itu CATATANKU tampilannya jd kacau setelah sy edit n belum sy perbaiki lg.. jd sementara sy close dulu.
    Hapunten nembe ngawartosan...hehe..