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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reunion with Vincent....

 Me, Vincent and my hubby
this pic was taken before we left back to Palembang
a said goodbye pic...

After about 4 days celebrated Eid in my mom's home  in Sumedang,  the west Java province, we're going away to Jogjakarta, the central of Java, sending Vincent to his boarding place where he recently stay for college.
Actually it's  the first time we  will see  Vincent's   new place.... I just wonder how he lived his life there... what kind of place he stayed in.... how about the circumstances surrounding him... many questions were  out  of my mind....

 Lunch on the way along Sumedang-Jogjakarta

Arriving at Jogjakarta at about 11.00 pm  we rent a hotel around Vincent's boarding place... Coincidently the hotel we rent was where Vincent  have been staying  alone there for 3 days last time when got  the entrance test to college where he in study now. 
We rent 2 rooms adjacent  where I slept accompanying with Icha and Ochi, and my hubby with Baim and Vincent. Vincent didn't wanna back and slept at his boarding place... he prefer with us... hehe...

You know... It's really surprising me when I see my son's boarding place...  I just wonder  my son  will comfortable stay in this place or not... I'm just a little weird with the situations...And Ochi, Icha and Baim had the same feeling  with me... Only my hubby who has the different feeling....hmm...  I'll tell you in my next post about the atmosphere which made me felt weird in my son's place...Insha Allah.

 In Vincent's room...
(Ochi who took this pic)

For about 5 days we stayed at Jogjakarta... We visited some popular place like Borobudur Temple, ParangTritis beach, Kali Urang, Malioboro... We've taken lots of pictures there... I promise I'll share with you in my another post..Insha Allah. 

Actually me and my hubby have been coming to Jogjakarta several times in the past, but my children Ochi, Icha and Baim had never been there... so I want them to know more about Jogja... You know, Jogjakarta was one of the city tourism which quite popular in Indonesia.. 
but unfortunately  we  spent most our time by shopping some tools to complement the needs of Vincent... I bought a small refrigator, TV, a radio, fan, bedsheets, blankets... and so on.....
However we still felt happy and enjoy along the time with my baby son...

 Baim posed in front of Vincent's new friend  aka his motorcycle which we bought from my hubby's friend at Jogjakarta...

And finaly the time for said goodbye to Vincent was coming... It's trully sad... Me, my hubby, Ochi, Icha and Baim hugged Vincent one by one... I saw his eyes  started watering ...I said to him... take care, my son...!! and dont forget to always pray and pray.. you'll do fine... Allah will always be with you!!
Bye my baby son....!!

Vincent's room...

This is Vincent's first creation on color pencil, which been  sent to me by email 
the theme is: 'MY  ROOM'
I just hope his lecturer will give him 'A'  for this painting...haha...


  1. Hi Nensa! Been quite a while since my last visit here. Nice to get updates on your blog. And yes, that painting of your son is kinda jaw-dropping! I thought all the while it was a photo but I'm amazed on how good his hands are on painting. Verrry impressive indeed! I won't be surprised if he gets to be a popular world class painter one day. Regards!

  2. He did an amazing job on his picture! What an artist! As for his room, it looks huge compared to the dorm rooms that my sons have had in college.

  3. Thanks for this fascinating view of your family life.

    All the best, Boonie

  4. So sorry that i haven't been able to stop by before now! I love these pictures and i'm happy that you were able to visit Vincent too:-)

  5. Hi Nensa, This post almost made me cry ---remembering the times when my sons all left home for college.... That was a hard time for me --as I'm sure it is for you. But--he looks great and I love his room and his motorcycle... He apparently is doing good so far.... I know you are proud of him.

    You asked about the little building in my blog. I think (since it is in front of the Visitor Center) that it is there just for tourists to see. I don't think it is used anymore... BUT--I'm sure it used to be used for something. However, as you know, it is small --so I'm not sure what it was used for.

    Have a fabulous day.

  6. @Beng Gee:
    Hi Beng, thanks so much for your precious words... and Amen to what you said.. I just hope all the best to Vincent.
    Love to see you again here, my dear friend!
    warmest regards too to you.

    @Mama Has Spoken:
    Thank you so much for your kindly words...
    I think my son Vincent was really lucky coz he got a more huge room than other with the more cheaper rent...

    @Boonie S:
    You're much welcome, Boonie.
    Thanks so much for stoppin here and take your time to write a comment. Much appreciate you!
    All the best to you too, friend!

    It's ok Stacey... I'm glad if you love the pics... Yeah..I'm really blessed could see my son Vincent at his place. xx

    @Betsy from Tennessee:
    Dear Betsy, all your words were definitely true, my friend! I just hope he will do fine there... and can finish his study as soon as possible...

    Well, about the little building on your blog... so that it was...I'm just curious and also wanna know what the inside of that building.. Thanks for inform me...

    Have a fabulous day too to you, my friend!

  7. The room looks pretty cozy and comfortable to me, I wouldn't mind staying there!The painting is excellent, I had to to back and look and compare it with the actual picture to see which was which!

  8. Hi Nensa,
    The top photo of your family is so cute! You all look so happy! I'm glad you were able to visit Vincent. It looks like you had a good time. Vincent's picture is very good. He has a wonderful talent! Thank you for sharing about your family. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend! :)

  9. I am so glad you got to spend time with Vincent and I know you are proud of him as it appears he is doing well, the motorcycle looks like a good friend and his art work is amazing.

  10. the first pic is so precious, auntie nensa! really hope vincent will get an A+ for his painting. :)

    thanks always for your sweet comments.

  11. Hey! I just stumbled onto your blog via the friday meme, and I had to leave a comment telling you how wonderful I think your blog is! Your design is pretty, and your content is great!

    Please keep it up, I've followed you for more. :D

    Best Wishes,
    ●▬▬▬๑۩Tina @ Book Couture۩๑▬▬▬●

  12. That looks like fun fun fun, looking at your first picture!
    Have a happy weekend, sweet Nensa xxx

  13. @Joe Cap:
    Yeah Joe, I also hope Vincent will feel the same as you...
    Hmm.. about his painting, i think at the first glance it was perhaps hard to compare which of the original image and which was the painting ... hehe..
    Thanks for the compliment, friend!

    @Susan B:
    Thanks Susan... yes we all have a great time...
    I'm glad could sharing a little story about my family...
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend too, my friend!

    Thanks Jimmy... Alhamdulillah Vincent seemed doing well... and i always pray for him...
    yes I always proud of my son... whatever he is...hehe

    Thank you so much Ash... I always hope my son get the A or even A+ for his work.. hehe...
    You're welcome sweet Ash, it's my pleasure to come to my bloggy's friend site and left a little word.

    @Tina (Book Couture):
    Hi Tina,
    thanks for stoppin here and follow my blog by google connect... I much appreciate it.
    Welcome to my site, my new friend!
    I'll be glad if you would come again here.
    All the best.

    Thanks you, Saskia...
    I'm glad we looking fun and fun on the pictures..
    Hope you have a happy weekend too, my sweet friend! xx

  14. Hi Nensa - oh, i understand you so well - it must be hard leaving your son in a far away place. But then the runion was so nice, and it seems to me, that you are a a family who is very close to each other, so, your love will always be with him - and his with you. Who knows, maybe one day, he'll live close by you again? Have a lovely weekend, dear one!

  15. Hi Martina, thanks so much for all your lovely words... I really appreciate it!
    I hope you have a lovely weekend too, my dear friend!

  16. Looks like you had a wonderful family reunion. Great photos!

  17. Dear Nensa,thank you for visiting my photo blog,I also have a blog--views from the castle- there is a link to this on the photo blog.I hope you will visit me there as well,you will be very welcome.
    I am sorry you are missing your son,it is sad when they grow up and have to leave home.We raise them the best we can and prepare them for adulthood,then we cry when we have done our job.!!
    I wish your son well and I am sure he will make you very proud.
    Regards Carolyn.

  18. Hi Nensa! Your family is such a happy family and you and your husband are such loving and wonderful parents.

    Vincent's room is quite spacious. I love Vincent's drawing! Really cool!

  19. The motor's lovely! I wanna have one of those too!

  20. Oh Nensa, I can understand what you are feeling with getting to visit with your son and then saying goodbye again. You want them to do well and be independent and still you worry about them. I love that first picture. You three look so happy to be together. I hope you have a good week! :)

  21. Waah tante jadi kangen sm vincent nih, pa kabar yaa vincent, semoga vincet sukses yaa tante di jogya, ridho dan vesto selalu mendoakan yang terbaik buat vincent dan kita semua :D

    Eh tante itu kamar nya vincent yang di plg atau kamar kostan nya yg di jogya??

  22. Oh I know how you is so hard to say goodbye.

    My daughter is all the way over in the UK and my heart is with her everyday.

    Thank you for sharing. Hugs

  23. Makasih tante, ridho masih newbitol nih, blog ridho jalan nya maju mundur, tp sekarang ridho niat buat jalanin blog dengan serius mohon bimbingan nya :D

    Kabar ridho baik tante, ridho kuliah di Universitas Komputer (bandung) jurusan Desain Komunikasi Visual. Owh, kamar nya vincent di jogya kirain td yang di plg, vincent ngekost?? ya nanti di salamin tante, sukses jg buat tante Nensa :D

  24. To my all sweet bloggies friends: Jolly Princess, Matron, TK, Webbie Lady, Daisy, Idho_aydeal, Koralee...
    Thanks so much for all your lovely words my friends... That's all so meaningful to me.. I appreciate you so much!
    All the best to you!


  25. @Idho_aydeal:
    Ohh... skrg Ridho kuliah di bandung ya?! Syukurlah kalo begitu...
    Iya itu kamar Vincent yang di Jogjakarta... tempat kostnya...
    Ridho boleh2 aja ngeblog, asal jangan sampe ganggu kuliah..ok! Kuliah yg serius spy cpt lulus n bs membanggakan orang tua...
    salam buat mamamu ya!

  26. Hi Nensa, I'm fascinated, Vincent has a lot of talent. I keep observing the correspondence seems to exist with the great painter Vincent Van Gogh. Not only their names but also match your Vincent painted his room as did the great artist in this painting so famous. I really like his paintings, please congratulate him and encourage him to continue painting, he is really good and promising so young.

    Glad you're back already, friend

    God bless you and your wonderful family

  27. Dear Carmen,
    Thank you so much for your valuable thoughts and views, my friend... It such a great meaning to me as you're a senior in fine art world ... Yeah I've been seeing 'Vincent's Room' by the great painter Vincent van Gogh...
    I hope my son will continue painting as he's the college student of fine art right now...
    Thanks so much again my dear Carmen... perhaps I still hope your support to Vincent.
    Blessing to you, my friend!

  28. You are privileged to have the opportunity to visit these beautiful places! Me and my family we send greetings and good health!

  29. Thanks so much Iosif... Your lovely words were really brighten my day.
    sending my warmest hugs to you and your beloved family! nensa