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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy belated Birthday Baim...!!


November  sounds    such  an  important month to me...
don't you know folks... in this month I've been given birth to my two beloved sons, Baim and Vincent...
Even though it's  a little late  I wanna say Happy  belated birthday to my baby son Baim...his 12th  birthday was on 16th November ago...
(actually I wanna write this post right on his birthday, but  I felt very sorry I've been busy lately...)

On   the next 30th November will be Vincent's 18th birthday... 

Time flies...
My two baby sons now were becoming  teenagers...
The moments when I spent my time with them  in their infancy...  now become  a mere sweet memories ...
but I'm happy and blessed to have them as my sons...
I'm hoping one day they will be  an independent person and usefull to others...

Many blessings to you my dear sons!
May all your dreams and   wishes will be coming true... Amen!!

Here I wanna  share a video  of  Baim when he played  drum at the first moments he learned this instrument..
he was at about 7 yo that time...
Isn't he adorable??? haha... enjoy it!


  1. Aw...your son is very cute and talented too! Loved the video. Happy birthday to both of your sons, Nensa. I'm sure you are quite proud of both of them and that you have raised them well. :-)

    Hope you have a good day!

  2. hahaha... thank you so much Daisy!!
    I hope you have a very good day too, my good friend!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to two lovely boys. My word, Baim looks like a future musician. He's definitely got rhythm. Hope things are well with you Nensa. Hugs.

  4. Happy belated birthday to your handsome prince too!

    Btw, I would also like to share a video of my little Ben having his 1st try at playing drum last week :)

  5. How cute is that! Happy Birthday to your boys. Just reading this and other posts shows how proud you are of them. Bless you. XX

  6. @Valerie:
    Thanks so much Val... Baim was really fascinated by this instrument. Actually I want he learn another instrument like guitar or piano in the first step... but he prefer drum since he's 6-7 years old... hehe...
    hope you are also doing okay during this time, my friend!

    @I'm a full-time mummy:
    Thank you Jenny... I've just checked out your baby Ben played drum with his dad on youtube... so cute... but too short (the durations)..hehe...

    Thank you Lori... yes I'm always proud of them... I'm happy could raising them till now.
    blessings to you too, my friend!

  7. Happy belated birthday to Bain and happy early birthday to Vincent! I was born in November too-my b'day was the 18th! Aren't November people the best-lol! XX

  8. Happy Birthday to BOTH of your sons, Nensa. Since my sons are 47, 40, and 39 now -----I am one to know how fast they do grow up... It seems like only yesterday that they were little boys...

    Have a great week, Nensa.

  9. @Joe Cap:
    Thank you so much, Joe!

    Thanks so much Stacey... Happy belated birthday too to you Stacey... I guess so... the November people were the best including my two sons.... haha...

    @betsy from Tennessee:
    Thank you Betsy... yes you must have the one who know how fast they grown up... I'm now wondering how I'm when my children being on 30 or 40... just ask Allah to give me long life with good health...
    A big hug to you, my friend!

  10. Assalamy-aleykum!Your son is very cute ! Happy birthday to both of your sons!!! I'm sure you are quite proud of both of them.
    Be happy with Your family!

  11. Happy happy belated birthday to the happy boy!

    Hope your week is off to a great start, sweet Nensa xxxx

  12. @Amin:
    Wassalaam, Amin! Thanks for your kindly words... I'm always glad to read your comment.

    Thanks Saskia, I hope you have a wonderful week too, my sweet friend!
    sending my big hugs to you and your loved family. xo

  13. AW that's sweet! Happy birthday to your sons!

  14. Many blessings to your sons, and time does go by so fast. I know you and your husband are proud of their accomplishments. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Bravo! You son played the drum so well! Happy birthday to both of them. Oh, by the way Baim looks like you, Nensa. :)

  16. Happy belated birthday Baim, I hope that your dreams will come true.

    Nensa, you have a wonderful family with happy children. You are lucky! Congrats!

  17. Nensa dear,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAYs to your wonderful kids...amiin to your doa...semoga menjadi anak-anak yang berbakti kepada kedua ibu bapa mereka and berbahagia di dunia and akhirat...


  18. Happy Birthday to your boys! How handsome and cute is he on that clip, and very talented as well.;))

  19. Does he want blogging as His Mother?!
    Tanks for Your beautiful comment!

  20. salam nensa..
    happy belated birthday to baim..your handsome boy..
    betul cute..akak enjoy dan terharu..menyaksikan anak nensa..bermain drums
    baru 7 yo..dia menunjukkan kecekapannya..
    ssemoga apa saja harapan dan doa nensa buat anak2 akan dimakbulkan..

  21. Happy birthday to the birthday boy and congrats to the lovely mom :)

  22. @Sue:
    Thank you Sue... you got right, time go by so fast... It's been a little while when I saw them as little kiddos playing around me... and now they grow so fast..
    blessings to you too, my good friend!

    Thanks JP... he choose drum at the first time he learned instrument, not the same as my other children who prefer Organ/piano and guitar at the first step on learning instrument..
    Ow he looks like me, JP?? sure... he was coming out from my belly, friend...!! HAHA..

    Thanks Harry... yes I'm lucky and happy to have them as my sons..
    thanks for your kindly words.

    Timakasih banyak Cheqna sayang for your wonderful doa...
    Many blessings to you too, fren!

    Thank you Zuzana... I'm just loved to see him happy played that instrument as what he has choosen..
    yes he looked so cute on his video...haha...what a mom said ...xoxo

    I think my kiddos didn't interested in blogging like his mom... hehe... but sometimes they read my post!
    Thanks also for your lovely words, my friend! xx

    @Kak Erna:
    Makasih banyak akak... itu video anakku disaat2 pertama dia belajar drum.. aku suka melihat ekspresinya yg sangat lucu.... Amin! sekali lg makasih ats doanya.

    @The dream catcher:
    Thanks so much for your lovely words, Ria... I'm always happy to read your comment.

  23. Happy Birthday to your sweet sons my is hard to believe how fast time goes...have a great week and thank you for being so sweet for visiting me. xoxo

  24. Thank you dear Koralee... yes time flies as the wind blown... what so fast...
    glad to hear from you, friend... I'm always happy for coming to your beautiful site..
    have a great week to you too! xoxo

  25. Happy Birthday to both your sons and congratulations to you and your husband for giving them life,you must be very proud parents.
    Your little drummer boy is adorable and very talented.!!
    I wish you and your family a happy and peaceful week.

  26. Thanks so much Carolyn.. of course we're happy and also proud could raising them until this day...... yes my little drummer boy looked so adorable in the video...haha...
    I hope you and family have a very happy and peacefull week too, my friend!

  27. Happy birthday to both your boys! Love the video of Baim playing the drums!! :) Enjoy the month!

  28. Hi Nensa,
    Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Baim, and early Happy Birthday wishes to Vincent! I hope both your sons enjoy their days! :)

  29. Happy Birthday to your babies. They do grow up so quickly!

    And he does really well with the drums! Best of all you can tell that he loves it.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  30. @Jemi Fraser:
    Thanks Jemi, I'm glad you could enjoy the video...xo

    You're much welcome Cheqna dear!
    sending my big hugs to you, fren.

    @Susan B:
    hi Susan, I'm glad to hear from you again... Thanks for your lovely words... I'm keeping my thought and prayer to your mom... Hope everything okay to your family...
    Many blessings to you, dear friend!

    Thanks so much Colette, my son was really fascinated on playing drums... I just loved to see him enjoying doing it... even though he played not too well... hehe...
    You too... please enjoy the rest of your week, my friend!

  31. Hi, Happy Birthday to your boys. I hope your oldest makes it home safely. Baim is so cute and the little video was adorable. Thank You for the well wishes on my blog post.

  32. Aslmkm.
    Happy belated birthday to Baim.
    Reckon, wishes 4 Vincent will have to wait till next week! :)
    My son is also a November boy ... he was born on Nov 5th.

  33. @Tess:
    Hi Tess,
    thanks for your lovely words...
    I just wondering how were you during this time... long time no updating your blog... I'm glad you're okay...hehe... xx

    Wassalam KakG, someone said November's people are the best... hope our kids who have been born on November will be the best person... hehe..
    Thanks for your very nice comment aka, I'm appreciating it very much!

  34. Oh dear Nensa, I am so happy every time I read your words on my blog!!! :o)) You are a special friend I have!! My Indonesian friend!! I wish your boys all happiness in the world! May them be blessed and ther ways be full of light and love! You are a lucky mom, Nensa!! They are adorable!!!
    I hope your week is going great so far!!! Love!! Bela.

  35. Hi Bela dear,
    thanks a million for your lovely words.. It's always fun visiting your wonderful blog... I always found something interesting and inspiring everytime I came through your blog. I'm also glad and feel blessed being a friend of you here in blog land.
    I hope your day will full of blessings and happiness.
    a big hug to you, my sweet friend!

  36. double joy this month! happy bday to your adorable boys (belated and advanced). :D

  37. wow! that is such an ispirational post for those people around with children... and to those who'll have them in the future.

    Your son is soooo cute and talented! Congratulations!

  38. @Ash:
    Thanks so much dear Ash mom... best wishes to you and sweet Ash!

    Hi Webbie, it's my pleasure if my post could inspiring people with children around or perhaps for who will have them in the future... just like you maybe??? hehe... thanks so much dear for all your lovely words.
    I'm always glad reading your comment.

  39. Hi Nensa..Happy Belated Birthday to your cute son. Also Happy Birthday to Vincent.. in a few more days he'll be 18. Share with us about the birthday celebration then..
    Have a nice day Nensa..Take Care..

  40. Thanks TK, actually there's no special celebration on Baim's b'day this his b'day was a day right before Eid ul Adha.. we consider to celebrating Baim's b'day as well as celebrating Eid ul cutting a cow as a sacrifice that we used to do every year with our neighborhood...
    you too... have a nice day, cikgu sahabatku!
    gimana jadi ke Jakarta, TK??

  41. Masha Allah!!!Very beautiful post!!!

  42. Thanks for Your beautiful words...

  43. happy besday buat baim dan vincent. anak2 nensa semuanya keren. mesti bangga kan punya anak sebegitu....

  44. Thank you for posting the true meaning of Thanksgiving which we're celebrating over here tomorrow.. Very sweet post!

  45. @Amin:
    Thanks so much Amin for your kindly visit and comment. I much appreciate it!

    Makasih banyak Ida... sebagai orang tua tentunya aku bangga dan bahagia bisa memiliki mereka sebagai anak2ku... hehe...

    Thanks for stoppin by and commenting, Leslie.. hope you and family have a wonderful Thannksgiving!

  46. salam Nensa sobatku yg jauh dimata tetapi dekat di hati...

    happy belated bufday to Baim yg sgt cute..semoga menjadi anak yg menghormati ibu bapa dan berjaya di dunia & di akhirat...amin..

  47. Happy birthday to your adorable son.

  48. salam nensa..

    hepi belated besday 4 Baim n Vincent too (next week)

    semoga terus sukses dan berjaya dalam study dengan cemerlangnya

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  50. Hello Nensa!
    Belated happy birthday to your two young men. Really,time flies so quickly! How they've grown tall and good looking! Genes from mom or dad? I guess both. Right Nensa? Omg! Your older son has an oozing talent! You must be a very proud Mom. Congrats to you for bringing them up well! God bless you all!

  51. @Yatie:
    makasih banyak Yatie atas doanya yang tulus... semoga Allah mendengar, Amin!
    selalu dihatiku sahabat!

    Thanks for your kindly visit and comment. Appreciate it so much!

    wassalam ibuintan... makasih ye diatas doanya buat anakku!

    Thank you Iosif... will check-out the link soon.

    Thanks Beng... the gene was surely coming from their mom and dad... hehe ... thanks for your lovely words, friend!
    God bless you too!

  52. Glad you found my site.. THanks for stopping by.. Happy Birthday to the boys.. How fun. Enjoy your night..

  53. Asalamy -aleykum!!!
    I think Your son looks like his mother!

  54. Wah hebat2 nih jagoannya.. tahun depan coba ikutkan aja di IMB teh..

  55. Selmat aja deh buat Baim.. jadilah anak yang pintar n jadi kebanggan banyak orang.. amin

  56. Happy Birthday to both your boys Nensa! What a wonderful drummer! I am kind of glad none of my kids have taken up the drums, yet....

  57. Assalamy-aleykum!Mash Allah,the first photo is very beautiful!

  58. Happy Birthday to your precious sons!

    ps. If you have a moment, please stop by and leave a comment on my blog post entry for a Thanksgiving photo contest:

  59. Your son is so cute playing the drums, does he still play?

    It is hard to let the children go off to begin their own journeys in life, all three of my children are now adults and in their own homes. My oldest son and his wife have blessed our lives with a beautiful baby girl who I admire and love so much. Grandchildren are such a blessing, one day you shall see what I am talking about I'm sure.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, have a wonderful day.

  60. Thanks so much Darlin... yes Baim still play drum till now..he really loves doing that..
    thanks also for telling me about your loved children and grandchildren... I'm glad to hear it..I should learn much from you...
    Many blessings to you, my friend!

  61. Happy Birthday to Baim and I waitting for next episode..