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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Obama 'Pulang kampung nih!' vs "Wedus gembel'....

Barack Obama
(image source from google)

A couple days ago  Barack Obama, a president of American people  came to my country in the situations which  you all known, Indonesia currently had so many trials and tragedies that befell our people.

All TV stations  almost everyday before and after Obama came to Indonesia  continuously broadcast about the news of Obama,  so the news about the Merapi  which still spew 'wedus gembel' (hot clouds) was almost stopped for a while, covered by the Obama news...

I can say   our   goverment seemed so busy to prepared all welcomed to Obama...Although my impression may be somewhat exaggerated Indonesia in welcoming this great guest.... which is usually not the case in other welcome guests from outside it. hmmm...?!

Even though   I didn't know  Indonesia  was got many advantages with the arrival of Obama or not.....   but I guess that's just a normal diplomatic visit...
However I really impressed and fascinated  by his visit...especially  by his appearance and his performance on his speech... I can see.. Obama was a very charismatic leader... His speech was like a conjured every person who was there (including me who was  watching 'LIVE'  through the TV) ... applause, such as excited cheers and rousing applause constantly blaring from the audience ... something that rarely happens when a country's leaders made a speech ...
I  can see  ... Obama is not only a president but also he was like a celebrity or even a superstar ... HA!!

 At the Mesjid Istiqlal (Michelle Obama wearing veil/hijab)
(image source from google)

I  also saw    he's  like a true democrat who really appreciates and respects the differences ...
I'm pretty impressed and felt honored  as a Muslim, when he and his wife Michelle visited the Istiqlal mosque, they took off his shoes and Michelle even dressed like a Muslim  wearing  the veil / hijab ...

Above all...  Obama may have a special relationship with  Indonesia because of his background who has lived in Indonesia  in his childhood ..
it is said his stepfather was a Muslim, who may also influence in shaping  him to become a person who really appreciate Muslims...
He also was fluent in Indonesian language,  he still remembered with Indonesian popular food  such as satay, meatballs, and fried rice ...
he also said that Indonesia has been  part of his life ... visit to Indonesia is like returning home (PULANG KAMPUNG NIH!) for him ...

I'm just hoping  the Obama's visit  or Obama's 'pulang kampung nih!'  will further enhance the friendship of the two countries .. especially could increase cooperation in various fields with mutually benefit from each other.

 Mount Merapi spew 'wedus gembel'
(Image source from google)

since Obama's arrival on 9th November  ago ,  my son Vincent was at  his granny's place in Sumedang west Java, because the college was closed for a week as the effect of the mount Merapi eruption..... He  can not  return home to  Palembang, because there was  no flights from Yogyakarta to Palembang, so he and a friend who also comes  from Palembang  and recently study at Jogja  just went to  his granny's home   by train for about 10-12 hours of travel ...

Now Vincent  is  on his way home back to Jogjakarta from Sumedang ... because the lecture will begin at tomorrow Monday..
While the  Merapi  still continued  spewing  the hot  clouds, although the eruption was not as crazy as before ...
Hopefully  the eruptions will stopped soon  .. so everyone can return back  to normal activities without feeling anxious and afraid for the safety of property and their lives...


  1. Have a sweet Sunday evening, dear Nensa and a great start to the new week! It's early early Sunday morning here and I must be off to prepare breakfast ;)
    Happy hugs xoxoxo

  2. It was very interesting reading your impression of our president. I had no idea that he speaks Indonesian, but it makes sense. Let's hope that the friendship will be meaningful for the people of both countries.

  3. I have heard many outside US say exactly what you describe here. My parents were very much taken by his speech in Prague last year and also described him as very charismatic.
    I am so glad that your ordeals are closing to their end,
    have a lovely weekend,

  4. @Saskia:
    Hi Saskia, here in my place was Sunday at about 3.30 pm.
    I'm still relaxing with my family at home...
    go on, friend... do prepare the breakfast for your loved family!
    Happy Sunday morning to you, my sweet friend!

    @Elizabeth Mahlou:
    Thank you Elizabeth... you're right. lets hope the two countries will establish a better friendship in the future..

    Yes, Zuzana... Obama was very charismatic indeed and also a good comunicator... I bet he could inspire every people in the world. Good fortune for American could had Obama as a president.

  5. Best of luck for the foreign relations between indonesia and US of A. The best of wishes for the two countries go your way Nensa.

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.


  6. I have to say that I find Obama very open, easy to listen to and believe, unlike some leaders. His term of office can't be easy when faced with the problems that affect the whole world. I imagine Vincent's granny enjoyed having him visit. Happy Sunday to you, Nensa.

  7. @WebbieLady:
    Thank you Webbie... all people here also hope we could establish good cooperation and mutual benefit of the two countries...
    have a wonderful weekend to you too, my dear friend!

    You're definitely right Val... I can also felt Obama was a very opened minded man.. probably we need a leader like him...
    Sure Val... vincent's granny was very excited could meet her beloved grandson... you know, Vincent is the first grandson of my mom.. so she loves Vincent very much... hehe..
    Thanks Val for all your kindly words.
    Happy Sunday to you too, my dear friend!

  8. Yes, I saw news on Obama's visit on TV. In 2 more weeks, I'll be in Jakarta. Hope everything will be ok and I can enjoy my visit to West Java and Indonesia-my favourite neighbouring country.

  9. Nensa, it was interesting to hear your thoughts on our president's visit there. I hope the volcano will stop soon so you all can feel safe there again. Happy Sunday to you! Hugs from Daisy.

  10. @TK:
    TK, the news of Obama's visit to our country has been spread out the world...
    I'm glad you will visit my country, have a happy and safe journey, TK... ke Palembang ga??? mampir ke tempatku...haha...

    Hi Daisy, I'm glad could see your president in my country, although its only through the TV...Thanks for hoping the eruptions stopped.
    happy Sunday to you too, my friend! big hugs from me.

  11. This is a fascinating post. Thanks for sharing your world view and your family news.

    Best wishes, Boonie

  12. Hi Nensa, Our President is more popular in your country and other countries than he is HERE. He was elected because of his great speeches and promises.. He is charismatic, but he cannot speak without his teleprompter in front of him (where he can read the words).

    However, his words were all talk and no action. He and his administration have done alot to harm our wonderful country --so right now, he is not very popular HERE. Glad you enjoyed him though. He is like a 'rock star' or 'celebrity' to many (even in our country) --but he's not a good President.

    Sorry... I shouldn't say this! We are supposed to support our President --but it's very hard when our country is going broke by the minute due to his heavy spending and other policies....

    Glad he is loved there though, and glad your country enjoyed him.

  13. I am happy that his visit to your country was enjoyed and that they were respectful of your customs. I had no idea either that he speaks Indonesian but think that is awesome. I hope that this visit will benefit both countries. I pray for continued safety for you and your loved ones. Blessings. XX

  14. Hello nensa , How are you ?
    Is everything going well with your son who lives now far away ?
    Overhere the weather is rainy and stormey and chill but inside my home its very wonderful .
    I wish you well

  15. Hello Nensa,
    It's very interesting and readable post.You had very well discribed about Mr Obama's visit in your country.
    Best wishes.

  16. @Boonie S:
    Thank you Bonnie, it's always good for me to hear what's in your mind after reading my post.
    Wishing you all the best, my friend!

    @Betsy from Tennesssee:
    Hi Betsy,
    I'm so surprised reading your comment... It's little hard for me to believe that he is not too populer in his own country... but Im glad could hear it from you..
    Thanks so much for sharing your delightful thoughts and views about my post, Betsy... I'm so appreciate you.
    sending my hugs to you, my friend!

    Thank you Lori, yes I think all people here could enjoy Obama's visit... and we also hope the best for our future relationship of the two countries..
    blessings to you too, my friend!

    Dear Francis, Alhamdulillah I'm doing well along this time.. and my son Vincent too..
    The same here, Francis... rain fell almost everyday here now...
    hope everything okay with you there, my friend! xx

    @Hermant Kumar:
    Thank you Hermant, I'm glad you have interested on my post. I always appreciate your comment and visits.
    Wishing you the best, friend!

  17. I also did not know he speaks Indonesian, how about that? Yes, he is very charismatic.
    I hope the eruptions stop soon as well...Good luck with everything.

  18. Agree with what Betsy from Tennessee said.
    Could you keep him until the next election in oh, two years?

  19. @Joe Cap:
    Joe, your president have fluently in Indonesian, even he talked with a very nice Indonesian accent... I love to hear he say like 'sate!' (satay), 'Pulang kampung nih!' (returning home!).. haha... sound pretty awesome!!
    thanks friend!

    @Mama has Spoken:
    Oh...Noo... so you're in agree with Betsy... but I think I've been falling with him in the first glance...haha,,,
    Thanks friend... so I know now he also apparently have some opposition... something that is fair in every country.

  20. Hello Nensa, I too pray the eruptions are over soon and everyone gets back to a normal life in your country.

    The President is a good public speaker and I am glad he made you smile.

  21. mesti bersungguh2 warga indonesia mmbuat persiapan menyambut obama kan...

  22. Yes, I read about Obama's childhood. I guess he feels like he had returned in his familiar place. Speaking of leaders, Ex-American President Bill Clinton visited Manila around the 1st week of Nov. Speaking of volcanic eruption we also have Mt. Bulusan here in Southern Philippines that erupted. I guess Indonesia and Philippines have something in common this month of Nov.2010. :)

  23. Hi Nensa, I'll have to say that I'm not too fond of Obama. I agree with Betsy that he is not a good president and that he is spending too much money and putting our country at great peril because of it. He isn't that great a speaker, either, unless he has his teleprompters with him. I've never seen an American president rely on them as much as he does! He can read quite eloquently, so he comes across as very bright and articulate. Sorry, I'll be quiet now...I guess you might say I have strong feelings about Obama! Glad you enjoyed his visit, tho. And hope things are improving there with the volcano. Stay safe!


  24. We do hope that Mt. Merapi will cooling down as soon as possible...
    As for Obama, isn't amazing that he could still speak Indonesian fluently though only few words? Comparing with so many Indonesian pretending not able to speak Indonesia?

  25. nensa..harap2 merapi tidak meletus lagi..supaya anak2 semua bisa kuliah kembali termasuk anak nensa..

  26. Assalamy-aleykum! I liked very much the Istiglal mosque.Very beautiful.I saw it in the Euronews...

  27. I hope , the eruptions will stopped soon!Insha Allah!!!

  28. I want to know what is the Istiglal.We have the istiglal word in our language,In Azerbaican language.For us this is freedom.

  29. i love obama and his speeches and especially his dance moves. hehehe didnt know that he spoke indonesian language too - that's very impressive!

    ~ash's mum

  30. @Jimmy:
    Thank you Jimmy... Your president was really a good speaker, he apparently very talented in taking the hearts of the audience through his speech...

    Ya Ida, bahkan pemerintah kami tampak sangat berlebihan dalam menyambut presiden Amerika ini... sedikit mengecewakan saya selaku pribadi and sbg rakat Indonesia.

    Yes JP... about the mount eruptions, I think all volcano in the world was started to show off...
    here in my own country some previously inactive volcano that began upgraded to active after triggered by the eruption of Merapi ... I felt sorry if it is also happened in Philipine..

    @The Farmers daughter:
    Hi Cheryl... thanks so much, you, Betsy and Bonnie(@mama has spoken) all at the same side... hehe....
    actually I didn't know how Obama in his people's eyes...
    so that by all your words I can see more a little about him..
    I appreciate very much your comment, my friend! hugs to you too...

    @The dream cacther:
    Thanks a ton Ria.. we all hope so...
    about obama spoke Indonesian... I think all Indonesian people have to learn more about Indonesian language or perhaps from Obama...?! HA...
    it's crazy if they pretending to speak Indonesian more bad than other lang..

    @Kak Erna:
    bener kakErna, kami semua berharap begitu... tapi Alhamdulillah tampaknya sekarang merapi sudah mulai reda marahnya... so anakku Vincent bisa kuliah dengan tenang sekarang.. makasih akak ats komentarnya.

    Wassalamualeykum Amin, thanks for keeping praying for us... Insha Allah the eruptions will stopped soon!
    About the Istiqlal mosque, Istiqlal means independence/freedom same as in your country...

    Thanks Ash mum... so we're at the same side... you
    know.. I'm so surprised when some of my American bloggy friends said he's apparently not too populer in his own country...Ooww...?!!! hehe...

  31. Wah ternyata Obama Fans juga ya.. btw.. met hari raya kurban teh nen.. maafin bila ada salah kata ya..

  32. Aslmkm Nensa.
    Selamat Lebaran. Maaf zahir & batin
    President Obama is a great orator. He is articulate & passionate too ... should make a wonderful world leader!
    Apparently Americans have a change of heart now that he associates himself more with Islam & the Muslim world.
    Our prayers with fellow bros & sis for the safety of those in the disaster areas. Insya Allah, HIS wrath will end soon.

  33. Peharps,there are a lot of same words in our languages..Eastern languages...

  34. It's a very difficult time for Indonesians coping with the Merapi eruptions.The images of the suffering are heartbreaking. Like other world leaders, President Obama is now hugely tested now that the 'honeymoon' period is over. I agree he's a charismatic speaker and I guess that won many votes.

  35. Interesting update! Yes I think Obama probably felt very comfortable there. As you noticed he is a gifted speaker. His ratings are low here now, but no American president has taken office amidst turmoil on so many fronts for quite a long time. I'm happy your son is on his way back..

  36. Hi, dear friend Nensa! My prayers are still for your people! I DO hope you are ok and safe and healthy!!!
    Sending lots of blessings from Brasil!!! Bela.

  37. Halo Nensa,

    Happy Eid Ul-Adha to you and your wonderful family. Let us hope that this Eid will bring peace and happiness to all of us in Indonesia.

    About Barack Obama,
    We are lucky that Obama, as president of the most powerful country on earth, think of Indonesia as a very close friend or like he said " bagian dari diri saya ".

  38. I enjoyed reading your personal account of President Obama's visit. He is struggling here in the US, but I am glad to see he is appreciated abroad. I continue to pray for the safety of Indonesians during this time of crisis

  39. Happy Eid ul Adha to you and your loved family!!!
    May Allah always blessed us!!!

  40. Thanks,for Your beautiful comments in my blogs...

  41. @Saung Web, DDrFauziah, Amin, Keats The Sunshine Girl, LD, Bela, Multibrand, Teresha@Marlie and Me,Amin... Thanks a million to you all for commenting
    my post about "Obama 'Pulang kampung nih!' vs "Wedus gembel'.... " ..
    All your words have been cheer up my day... I'm so much appreciating you all..
    And here I wanna say Happy Eid ul Adha to you all who celebrate it...
    May Allah will keep continue to bestow all the blessings and grace to us all ...Amen!

  42. @Amin:
    The 'Istiqlal' name was not Indonesian, but an Arabic language. Most of Indonesia's mosques named in Arabic...

  43. I hope your son will be safe and that the volcano will stop spewing so much for a bit.

    I'm also glad that our President's visit was good for the people of Indonesia.

    I also learned a few things more about our president from reading your post, about him speaking the language and being there as a child.

  44. @JamericanSpice:
    Thank you Collete... Your president was really make good impression for most of our people in Indonesia... he's been inspired so many people here...
    yes he lived in my country for about 4 years in his childhood.. . he could also still speak Indonesian fluently...

  45. Dear Nensa, thank god your son was safe! So hope Merapi will be peaceful again soon! Obama certainly 's got a lot to deal with - so many herds of crisis everywhere. I wish you a lovely and happy weekend with your loved ones!

  46. Hello Nensa, We also had news of President and Mrs. Obama's Indonesian visit here in the US. I'm glad that as a citizen of Indonesia you felt he spoke well in your language. I, too, hope your volcano soon stops erupting. I'm sure your Son's grandmother really enjoyed his visit though. Stay Well.

  47. Assalamu-aleykum!How are You?!
    I put two new photos in my blog
    Your opinion is very interesting for me...I mean the photos about fallen yellow leaves..

  48. Hello Nensa. Really appreciate your post very informative and insightful.

  49. @Martina:
    Thanks so much for your wonderful words, Martina. I'm always glad to read your comment.
    best wishes to you and your loved family!

    Thanks so much Barb.. we felt glad could see Obama in our country. He's very charismatic as a leader. I'm sure my mom will happy to see her loved grandson...hehe..
    you too...stay well, friend!

    wassalamualaikum Amin,
    thanks for your kindly visit n comment. I've already checkout your new updates.

    @Joe Todd:
    Thanks for your kind words and visit. i appreciate it very much!

  50. hope everything fine as it was

  51. Dokter gigi reg bandung, thanks for stoppin by!