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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The vegetable seller...

 'The vegetable seller'
by Vincent

This painting was one of Vincent's work that sent to me by email ...   I just choose this one   without any consideration... I just prefer this one....
I wanna share it here since two days ago, 30th November was Vincent's 18th birthday... 
Happy birthday to my son!

Truthfully  I really missed him as he lived far away from me...
3 months seemed so  long  since he left us  for college at Jogjakarta... especially in his birthday  I felt so sad... and can't stopped thinking about him...  coupled when he called me right on  his birthday that he felt unwell and even went to the  doctor to get medicine... Ohh.. what so sad!! but Alhamdulillah  today he's getting better...
I believed (I hope I could)  my son could take care of himself... 

 My son, Vincent...

But I'm glad and can't wait  to see him... my son will be return home to Palembang on his school holidays around  the end of  this December...
Hope everything will run smoothly...

To all my dear friends...
May Allah always be blessed us !!


  1. Assalamy-aleykum!!!Happy birthday to Your son!
    Be happy with Your family!
    Alhamdulillah!That is getting better now!

  2. Insha Allah,about in two mounth I will be dad.
    She was only ill with the flu,Now She is better.
    Thank You very much!

  3. Happy Birthday to your son. What a wonderful painting that he sent you. Sorry to hear that he was sick on his Birthday and I so understand how it is to be away from my children on their birthday's. I know what it means to have your heart ache with missing your child so I send you hugs today. Blessings to you today. XX

  4. It's a marvellous painting, Nensa. Wow, Vincent is so clever. He's got a great future ahead of him, I just know it. And you know something ... everything will go really smoothly. Hugs.

  5. Your son is surely very talented..

  6. Hi Nensa..That's a very beautiful painting, Nensa. Your son is really talented.I have never been away from my children but I know how does it feel when your children are not around. Harap Vincent tambah sihat ya..
    Yes, may Allah bless us all.
    BTW, I am now in Bandung. Just love to be in Indonesia!

  7. @Amin:
    Wassalaamualikum Amin,
    Thanks for your lovely words... I'm glad to hear the good news and congrats to you to become a dad... I'll keeping my prayer to your wife.. Insha Allah she will give birth to her baby safely...

    Thank you Lori... Living away from our son is something little hard... but however as a parent we must be willing them to fly from their nest.. to achieve their goals and dreams...

    Thanks so much for your kind words Val... I also hope he will have a great future on his own way. hugs to you too, dear friend!

    Thanks Gunsirit, I'm glad to hear from you again...

    Thanks TK dear... so you're at Bandung now...
    enjoy your vacation friend... if you're dropping by to Palembang. dont forget to visit me ... It must be excited to meet a bloggy friend..
    Have fun, TK!!

  8. What a wonderful painting,so much detail and the colours are wonderful.Vincent is a very talented young man.I do hope he is feeling better now,I bet he misses his you to Nensa.

  9. Your son is very talented!
    My oldest son and I were talking about birthdays just the other day. He's not been with us on his birthday for the past 8 birthdays. I'm so hoping that his next one is spent with us!
    Enjoy having him home at the end of the month! I know I'll be enjoying my oldest being home too.

  10. @Matron:
    Thank you so much, Carolyn... I'm also glad Vincent felt more better now... and hope he missed me too...

    @Mama has spoken:
    Thanks my friend... actually this is Vincent's first birthday away from us... and make me feel a little wierd....
    but I can't imagine how could your son not being with you since his last 8 birthdays...what too long!!
    I hope you will get along with your son on his next birthday!!

  11. Happy birthday to your son, Nensa. My son's 21st birthday is in 12 days, and I won't get to see him on that day either, so I know how you feel. He will get to come home about a week after that though.

    I love the painting your son did. It is wonderful! I think he is very talented with his art. :)

    Hugs to you!

  12. Hi Nensa, That art work by your son is INCREDIBLE. What a talented young man he is... He obviously is doing GREAT in college...

    I know you miss him terribly ---and I remember the times when my sons all grew up and left... It was SO hard---but that is life. Your son will be fine. BUT--I know you will enjoy seeing him over the holidays.

    Happy Birthday to him.

  13. Wonderful painting and Happy 18th Birthday to your Son, it will be good for you to see him soon.

  14. It must be so hard to be away from your son and then to hear that he was not feeling well. I wish your son health and a safe return home.
    His art is amazingly wonderful! I clicked on it to see it larger and it is wonderful.

  15. Hi Nensa,

    Wow, your son is very, very talented! That is a beautiful painting. I know you are very proud of him. I hope he had a great birthday even tho he is far from home. I know you miss him a lot.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments at my blog. Have a great day!


  16. Great work of art! I could feel how proud you are of your son Vincent. Wishing you and your family a great Holiday Season!♥)

  17. @Daisy:
    thank you, Daisy... so we're in the same boat...hehe...
    hope we would see our son soon...
    a hugs to you my friend!

    @Betsy from Tennessee:
    Thanks Betsy... I'm always proud of my son... I always ask him to sent me his art work... After about 3 months in college he has finished lots of painting... and I'm always enjoying all his work..
    Hope you have a great day, dear friend!

    Thanks Jimmy... yes now I'm waiting for the day when Vincent come back to me...hehe...

    @Tammie Lee:
    Yes Tammie... it's really hard to lived away from our baby son.. but whatever we must face it... Thanks for your lovely words. I'm really appreciate it!

    @The Farmer's Daughter:
    Thanks Cheryl... yes I really miss my son... I just hope he is doing fine and could enjoy his days there..
    ugs to you too, my friend!

    Thank you JP!! perhaps i can't hide my proud and also a sense of longing to my son...
    I wish you and family have a wonderful holiday season too, my sweet friend

  18. Hi Nensa,

    It's a wonderful painting. WOW!
    Vincent is really talented.
    You are a very lucky mother.
    I am happy that Vincent is okay now and
    will soon be returning home for holiday.

    God Bless You.

  19. Thank you Harry.. I'm just happy being his mother .. and feel glad to know my son will return home soon on holidays...
    God bless you too, friend!

  20. Love the art work your son has a talent.

  21. Happy Birthday to your handsome son.;) Did he painted that painting??? It is STUNNING.;) I am in awe, how talented is he!;))

  22. nensa..happy birthday to vincent.jangan risau sangat nensa..walau pun sedih berjauhan..tapi vincent tentu pandai jaga diri..
    nensa..vincent sanagta berbakat.cantik lukisan dia..

  23. I love the painting and I love the way that you share your life experience with us here. Thanks.
    Take care.

    Best wishes, Boonie

  24. @GweiMui:
    Thanks so much Gwei.... I'm glad to read your comment.

    Thanks Zuzana... yes, Vincent who do make that painting as a college assignment... everyday he works at least about 10 pc sketches... and it said.. he must create about 50 paintings or so which must finished for about 3-4 months....sometimes he sent me his work by email if I asked him.
    thanks again for your kindly words, my friend!

    @Kak Erna:
    Makasih akak... memang risau benar rasanya harus tinggal berjauhan dengan anak...Aku juga berharap semoga anakku bisa menjaga dirinya sendiri..
    Thanks again ya Kak erna!

    Thanks so much Boonie... I'm glad could share a little experience about us...
    Wishing you all the best, my friend!

  25. it must be hard to be separated with your son... Good thing you will be seeing him again during his school holiday :)

  26. Happy Birthday to him.. Great picture..

  27. @ThedreamCatcher:
    You got right, Ria... it's really hard living apart with our loved son...but that's life... we should face it with the brave heart...
    thanks for your lovely words, my friend!

    Thank you so much, Amy! appreciate your nice visit and comment. xoxo

  28. Hello Nensa,
    Your boy shares his birthday with me!
    Happy belated birthday to him - and what a wondrous painter he is!
    Take care xx

  29. happy besday to vincent. wah... kreatif betul vincent ni yea. u r lucky to have son like him.

    kesian pulak ida baca nensa kerinduan. 3 bulan tak jumpa pasti kangen ya..

  30. @Pat:
    Hi Pat, thanks so much for your kindly visit and comment.
    I'm glad you could read my post. Welcome and pls come back anytime... xoxo

    thanks ye Ida... aku memang rindu berat sama anakku... beginilah rasanya Ida kalo hidup jauh dengan anak.. 3 bulan rasanya bagai 3 abad...huhu...sedihnya!!

  31. You'll enjoy it so much when you have your son home again! The next few weeks will zoom by :)

  32. Amazing talent! Vincen't style of painting reminds me of another painter, maybe from America in the 1920s. A busy and emotional time of year for you. So glad you get to have Vincent back from school soon. I'm sure he'll be happy to have a home cooked food!

  33. Aslmkm Nensa.
    Nice painting indeed!
    Happy belated birthday to Vincent.
    All the very best in ur son's homecoming.

  34. thank you for your sweet visit Nensa! Oh, i so understand you! It must be hard to have a loved chid being so far away! But then - one day he will be closer again, and this way he grows up - maybe ;) Sons! OMG - if i look into my sons rooms - dirty socks everywhere! But they are both so creative and fun! Lots of snow here and very cold! Brrrrrrr! Have a lovely weekend!

  35. @Amin:
    You're much welcome dear friend!

    Yes Jemi, I can't wait to face the day when my son home..

    Thanks for your delightful views, Leslie..
    This time perhaps Vincent didn't have his own style yet on his painting... but someday I'm sure he'll be improving and will get his own style on his art work...Insha Allah!

    Wassalam KakG, and thanks a million for all your wonderful words...I'm always happy reading your comment.

    You're welcome dear friend... but I still can't know how about Vincent's room now since I met him about 2 months ago... You got right... however he's doing fine and hope will be more creative day by day..
    thanks for your warm words, Martina... sending my big hug to you!

    @Ms. Anthropy:
    Hi dear friend... long time no see, I'm glad could hear from you again.. Thanks for your nice comment.

  36. My dear friend, I'm really impressed with this Vincent's painting. It's wonderful!. He painted many beautiful details of art in an only work is truly amazing. Your son has a huge talent, I've said on several occasions, but in such a short time he is making great strides and advances more and more each time in each new painting.

    Do not be sad dear friend, the distance, being away from loved ones involves some sacrifices, but you know that it is good and for the bright future that awaits Vincent.

    I really enjoyed seeing the paintings of Vincent, thanks for telling me to visit my blog so I'm very grateful. I still have not answered your kindness comment, have little time lately because of my work, but I am very happy to see you there.

    God bless you and your family
    Hugs and smiles!

  37. Hi Nensa!Thanks so much for the visit to my blog.Always nice to see a new face.Happy belated Birthday to your son.The picture is just lovely.

    Have a nice new week ahead!

  38. salam Nensa... kreatif sungguh ya si Vincent itu...mudah2an dia sehat di sana, happy bufday semoga dia sihat dan sentiasa dibawah lindungan Illahi hendaknya...
    pabila berjauhan..rindu pasti datang..adat kehidupan..bertemu dan berpisah..tapi berpisah hanya sementara..semoga pertemuan akan membibitkan kemesraaan...

  39. Mash Allah! Very beautiful post!

  40. @Carmen:
    Dear Carmen my friend, I'm very thank to you for all your very valuable words... I'm continue observing and caring what Vincent's work especially on Painting, but I'm not that understand about it.. so it's really blessed and honored for me to have you as a bloggy friend who definitely understand in this painting's world....

    Thanks again for your kindly visit and comment... will surely invite you again one day I post about Vincent's work...
    GOd bless you and your family, my dear friend!
    Hugs and loves to you!

    Hi Becky, you're much welcome.. I'm glad visiting yours and thanks for your kindly visit and comment...
    Will surely visiting you again next time... xoxo

    @Secangkir madu merah:
    Wassalam Yatie, Makasih yee atas doanya buat Vincent... sejak usia 7 tahun Vincent memang sangat berminat di dunia seni, terutama melukis dan musik... sampai akhirnya dia memutuskan kuliah di jurusan Seni Murni (Melukis)... meskipun sedih harus berjauhan aku tetap support dia...
    tetap saja kalo sudh kangen berat aku masih suka menangis memikirkannya... kasian banget aku ya.. Yatie... hehe...

    Thanks so much my dear friend for all your kindly visit and comment to my blog... I always appreaciate you.

  41. Dear dear Nensa!! Your son is soooo talented!!! I figure how much you are missing him!!! Be strong, sweet friend!! May our Gods bless all people in need always!!! Love!!! Bela.

  42. Wow. Your son is very talented! Beautiful work and Happy belated birthday to him. Soon you'll get to hug him again.

    I'm glad he is feeling better.

    Is it cold there?

  43. Wow.. I can imagine one day I'm going to be sad too when my Ben grows up and goes to further his studies, staying away from us.. sob sob... I'm already having separation anxiety when he goes to his Sunday schools at our church with hubby (we took turns so that one of us can still attend the church service)

    Btw, thanks for your compliments on Ben with his 1st experience eating with banana leaf rice :)

  44. Wow.. I can imagine one day I'm going to be sad too when my Ben grows up and goes to further his studies, staying away from us.. sob sob... I'm already having separation anxiety when he goes to his Sunday schools at our church with hubby (we took turns so that one of us can still attend the church service)

    Btw, thanks for your compliments on Ben with his 1st experience eating with banana leaf rice :)

  45. Oh my!!! What a beautiful painting!! He is really gifted!!! I can imagine how much you miss him, especially when he wasn't feeling well!!!!!!

  46. @Amin:
    You're welcome my good friend!

    Thank you Bela... It's true, I'm having a big longing to my baby son.. but I'm happy to hear he will be home soon..
    Many hugs and kisses to you, my sweet friend!

    Thanks Colette... Yes I'm happy waiting him home in this month for holiday.. Here's cold now, everyday rain falling...make everywhere wet...

    @I'm a full time Mummy:
    Yes Jenny.. you should now enjoy better the time when you still along with your baby son... once you're son leaving you for college you will know how the feeling.. hehe..
    Thanks also for the compliment, my friend!

    Thanks Alicia... That's right, I'm feeling more sad when heard my son felt unwell right in his birthday.. xoxo

  47. Hi Nensa,
    Happy Belated Birthday to Vincent! I'm sorry to hear that he was sick, but glad to hear he is feeling better. :) His artwork is wonderful, he is a gifted artist. You must be so proud of him. I'm glad he will be coming home at the end of December!

    Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts for my mother. She is still recovering from her surgery, but is doing so much better!

    Have a great week, my friend! :)

  48. May Allah always be blessed us !!

  49. @Susan:
    Thanks Susan, I felt crazy miss my son, esp when found he got sick... but glad to hear he will home soon...
    I'm also glad to hear your mom was getting much better.
    Have a great week to you and family too, my good friend!

    Amen!! THanks my friend!

    You're welcome, dear friend!

  50. Happy birthday to you son. He's very talented. Wonderful painting!

  51. Vincent is unbelievably talented! I would buy a painting! I hope he is well now. I know you are going to hug and kiss him lots when he gets home :-)

  52. @Amin:
    Thanks for stoppin by, Amin!

    @Ana Lange:
    Thank you Ana, and welcome to my site... I'm glad to see a new visitor... pls come back anytime, my friend! xoxo

    Thanks so much Teresha... he's doing fine now... and of course am gonna kiss and hug him a lot when he home..hehe..

  53. Asalamy-aleykum!
    I agree with You that He must take care of himself!

  54. Shukran ,for Your beautiful comments in my blog.

  55. Nensa,

    Vincent is talented..that painting looks great, congratulations to him.

    and happy Belated Birthday to Vincent..may Allah SWT bless his life, and he be contented always.

    You are a wonderful mum my fren and have good son.


  56. Omigosh! I thought I have left my comment here. That painting of your son is comparable to the paintings of the professional and veteran painters! He's truly talented! And yes, belated happy birthday to him. More power to a very talented young man that is your son!

    Have a beautiful day Nensa!

  57. Dear Nensa, I am dropping by to wish you and your family a bright new year! May your days be always filled with the best feelings and much love!!! Kisses!! Bela

  58. liburan sekolah akhir desember sudah tiba ...
    selamat menikmati berkumpul dengan ananda vincent dan keluarga kembali

  59. if we compare with the previous painting, evident that developed in his paintings, we can see cak mano Vincent combines colors, very very impressive.and mantap

    would be difficult to distinguish between localll painting with nonlocal, thz's really an amazing painting.

    Congrat..! and success for Vincent

  60. HAppy celebrating, Nensa and a wonderful New YEar! xxx

  61. Happy New Year!!!
    I wish all the bests to You and to Your family in 2011!!!
    Be Happy with Your family!!!

  62. Salam sayang buat Nensa sahabat ku nun jauh diseberang lautan..selamat tahun baru dear. Miss you bunches.May the new year brings happiness,love and joy for you and your family. Hugs buat mu sahabatku.Take care hun.

  63. Dear Nensa,

    What a wonderful painting and a wonderful talent your son is. I'm sorry you've had to go through the adjustment of one of your "chickies" leaving the nest, but trust me, it will get better/easier. It especially hurts when they are far from us and sick. Hope he feels better soon.

    I've missed you dear lady and your always positive notes. :) I'll be posting more in 2011 and hope to see lots of you.


  64. Dear Nensa , I want to wish you all the best for the new year 2011 . hope you and your family will be happy and healthy.
    You miss your son who is now far away . We have to learn to let our children go , bit by bit .
    Did you know I'm going to be a GRANDMOTHER !
    My firstborn son is going to be a father . He is 31 and very happy about it .They just found out it will be a girl . May 2011 . I look forward to be a grandmother .
    All my best wishes for you

  65. Salam Nensa,
    ur son is obviously a talented n gifted young man. the painting is awesome!!! u must be very proud of him.
    i'm sure u're missing ur son very much but deep down inside i'm pretty sure u know u want what's best for him even if that means he has to be far away from u. be strong girl! ((((hugs)))

  66. aunt nensa - where are you? ash has missed you. that painting is a genius!

  67. you son the best...hi all friends