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Thursday, July 8, 2010

The craziness of World Cup was coming up to my eyes....?!

Another craziness of World Cup 2010

Didn’t know why …. seemed the World  Cup fever was infecting  me too…  as the fact that am not interested on soccer before… probably this ‘virus’ was  coming from my best fellow blogger Cheqna who really crazy of soccer and always update the crazy World Cup  on her blog almost every little day…even though her team was failed in the early game…haha... Cheqna  really felt sorry for that my dear fren…sabaar yaa..!!  
Last night I even stay up  all  night  with my daughter  Icha to watch the  all out battle between Germany vs Spain… 

My daughter Icha was so excited…  she  jumped up and down like crazy… when  saw her fav team Spain conquered Germany with the score 1-0…  She also immediately asked me 50.000 rupiahs as she won a bet  for Spain… huh… I see... I know... I said to her before the show began… if my  fav team Der panzers  Germany won then she must massage me about a week every night, but if the Matador team Spain got  won she want me to  pay her 50.000 rupiahs… and deal…!!  haha… but that’s all just a kidding.. not a seriously….  Am I crazy….?!  i'm a moslem and a bet wasn't the right thing to do....
Mmm… this is the craziness of World Cup... and it  was coming up to my eyes….OMG!!
My lovely daughter Icha who's really a crazy soccer


  1. Great post haven'y seen you about for a while :)

  2. Thanks Gwei... yop...have been busy lately.
    will surely coming to your site soon, fren...ok

  3. aku pilih SPAIN ga peduli si Paul Gurita pilih apa hehehehe....

  4. Weleh2... rupanya bobotoh Spain neh Ndri...hehe.. sama dong ama anakku ..
    Sayang jagoanku Jerman udah tumbang.. gara2 si gurita Paul kali...hihi..
    Thx ya Ndri !!

  5. Hahaha..Nensa is infected by the WC bug...ya Cheqna and rad are both avid soccer fans..Im afraid I'm just a so so follower..whichever team won thats my team hahaha..maybe I should cook sambal sotong during this WC season :)

  6. Nensa.., I'm shy dah lah..but as long u get "crazy" with me over W.C no problem..hehehehe...

    u lost d bet? should have listen to that sotong, then u'd get the free massage..haha..

    enjoy d final on sunday/monday morning!


  7. @Umihoney:
    yes Umi... me too, am just a so so follower too... now maybe I must turn to Spain.. as Paul said that matador team will be a winner at the final game...haha.. better u cook sambal sotong tuh Umi... biar lebih seru..
    thx so much

    Cheqna dear,
    pls dont's better for me now becoz of u I can more enjoy the WC, even though I'm lost a bet from my daughter..
    U right fren, for the next final game I must listen to d sotong ... to get a bet...haha
    thx so much

  8. not sure why but my self too feel world cup 2010 more interesting this time than the previous one. I have pay more attention this time compare to previous one. May be like you, the Cheqna's soccer virus had given more momentum to me too :). One of the reasons may be my children already grown up and now I have friends to watch the play together, not alone as previous.

  9. It's maybe looked more interesting now, coz everybody almost here in blogosphere make cheer up the game, esp our friend Cheqna.. who never miss to update the game on her site..hehe..
    but u maybe right, coz our children now were grown up so we could more enjoy the WC together wth them...
    Thx Rad for the compliment
    Rad, belum bosan tuh nak ganti nick teruuuss...haha

  10. Aku tetep Spanyol Deh biarpun aku harap Belanda yang menang soalnya Jagoanku Jerman udah dikalahin Spanyol hhe.......

  11. Hello Ferdinand, milih Spanyol bukan karena berkat ramalan si Paul sotong itu kan...?! hehe...
    Thx y sdh mampir

  12. malam kawanku
    p cabar
    senang bangat y rasanya sang juara........ehheh spanyol yg tak pernah jadi konyol
    salam hangat dari blue

  13. Sedih sich gara-gara Belanda akhirnya kembali menelan pil pahit

  14. Mmmm... Belanda... tim orange yang paling banyak buat pelanggaran di WC 2010..
    thanks Indahnyakebersamaan for stoppin here and taking out your time to write a comment. appreciate it very much!

  15. World cup over...what football league should we go for now...especially in making sure u and Rad join along...hehe..

    its been fun right? n this year's had been more enjoyable for me, not bcos of d games, but having frens like u who joined in the "usik-mengusik".



  16. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog. :)

    It seems that lots of folks have been bitten by the World Cup bug this year. Oh well, as long as it's done in fun and they don't get too serious about it.

    Have a blessed day!

  17. Hi Nensa Moon!

    Thanks for dropping by. Appreciate if you can go to my new blog domain and check out more! :)
    ( I'm a full-time mummy )

  18. thanks for your sweet comment. your daughter should win more than 50000 rupiahs coz spain won the wolrd cup. :D

    ~ash's mum

  19. Klik adja bendera Indonesi ntar langsung meluncur ke bahasa indonesia kok. Eh leh minta fb nya nggak? atau add fb ku?

  20. @Cheqna:
    U're right our game was better stop talking about the football league.. hw about u create a new one.. just like The World Champion Culinary Competition.. haha...would be excited!!
    Thanks so much, my friend for having fun by 'Usik mengusik' during this time ..
    take care

    Hi Lisa,
    perhaps all people in the whole world were getting infected by the WC bug around this time... including me...but it doesnt matter as I found the bug was so enjoyable and make lots of fun..haha..
    thanks for coming n commenting here.
    have a pleasent day!!

    @I'm a full-time mummy :
    Hi jenny,
    Thanks also for coming to my site... just checked out your new domain, but I think there's error in setting or maybe other thing. coz I can write a comment there..better you chek it out again..ok!! thx
    see yaa...

    You're most welcome Ash...I'm glad to see u here..
    haha..right I lost a bet from my daughter..
    Thanks so much for visiting n writting a kindly comment here.
    take care

    @Indahnya kebersamaan:
    The problem is... I cant enjoy reading your post, coz perhaps you used ggl tranlsate when u wrote the post but without edited... so I bacanya jadi puyeng yeng..yeng.. begicu...well, next time will click the flag first for better u said...
    Thx so much for the explaination...heheh

  21. I didn't enjoy Soccer much. I fell asleep halfway in most games and the Commentators woke me up!

  22. Hello Mr. S (as Gwei said),
    hahaha... I think you must have more enjoy your sleep and dream than soccer, so you could make so many brilliant n creative story on your blog which lots of people loved...
    Thanks so much for droppin here.
    Looking forward for the next Harry Potato's story...
    hv a nice day!!

  23. Hi Nensa! Good for you that you have enjoyed the World cup. Unluckily you lost to your lovely Icha! At least both of you enjoyed the game. Unlike here, I wonder why Filipinos are not very much attracted to soccer. We love basketball better.

    Hope to see you around more often. I did miss you a lot! Take care!

  24. Hi Beng,
    I'm very glad to hear from u again...
    Yes my dear fren... here in my country all people almost crazy about WC...
    I didnt know before that there're difference in ur country.
    but maybe basketball was more enjoyable for Filipinos...
    btw thanks again for coming here, hope next time will see u more often.
    hugs n kisses

  25. There were definitely a lot of soccer crazies around. I was totally obsessed with the World Cup.

  26. Hi, Nensa Moon.
    I am not a big sports fan, but I am glad that your daughter has something to be excited about.
    You sound like a very nice person, and I bet Indonesia is just beautiful!

  27. @Keith:
    You're right, Keith... so many people crazy and obsessed with the WC... including me and my family..
    Glad to see u here.

    @Joe Cap:
    Hi Joe,
    Me too!! am not also a big fan of soccer, but I and so my daughter were really enjoy the WC 2010...
    You're a kindly person too, Joe... Thanks for coming here and take your time to write a comment. Appreciate much!!

  28. My dear friend Nensa, thank so much, the post is so funny. The WC 2010 was a collective madness :) :).... specilly in Spain as you know.

    Hugs and kisses!

    PD.: You have a gorgeous daughter, beautiful!. Congrats

  29. Dear Carmen,
    You're much welcome..
    The WC 2010 was spreading all craziness to the whole world...
    Congrats to your country has got won this time!!
    looking forward for your next work on water color, my dear friend!!
    I'm glad to see you here.

    hugs and kisses too to you

  30. My office mates became crazy with the World Cup and one of my blogger friends from India. Just dropping by to say - hello! - :)

  31. Thank you so much Jolly, no people now who didnt crazy about WC... the bug was spread out the world.. hehe..
    thanks for droppin by..
    Will going to your site soon.. hope we can meet more often next time...
    Enjoy your night friend!!