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Friday, July 16, 2010

Remembering My old Friend...

A couple days ago I was surfing the net and found a very interesting Indian’s blog which posting I read had a title ‘I’m Free”  talking about  someone (Vivek)  and his view about the concept of  'one God'…
It’s making me feel impressed and also remembering me to a friend of mine when I was still a student of a university ...who thought had almost the same experience like  Vivek…

I ussualy call my friend Mr. Silent.
Mr Silent was a very kindly friend… he has an angel in his heart, he always  unconditionally there when people or his friend in trouble… I’m not too closed to him, but sometimes he chit and chat with me just like a best friend..

One day he told me a very interesting story about his journey to search the real truth of the religion he believed…(as he said to me that time)
I was so surprise when he said… that he has embraced all religions which exist in our country…
How could it be….???

It began when he is still in high school… first time he believed in Buddhism , he felt sad as he miss a girl he loved, but couldn’t meet her… so with the feeling like a heart broken, he pray and wish the God to meet the girl with the Buddhism way … on and on… then the next 2 days, he can meet that girl…

After several year… he switched to Catholic … (I dont know why...!!!)
he saw a priest who did drive out the evil spirits which residing in his house…

And last he switched to Islam, but he never tell me why and what kind of miracle he had been experienced in Islam like he always say to me whenever he embraced one religion, first he got a miracle…
It just seemed he drove seriously to be a Muslim… I often saw him spent all his time in Mesjid Salman, a mosque in front of our campus, learning about Islam…

Last time I saw him at about year 1992 or probably 1993… That time he’s still embraced Islam.. I hope till today he’s still a muslim, not change his religion anymore...

Now I’m thinking about Vivek… who enjoyed and believed in all religions like Mr. Silent before, and even also pray with all religions ways  and their festivals… .
I just hope Vivek did the best for himself whatever his choice

For me my self my religion is just like my identity… I wonder how about someone who had more than 1 identity…

Anyway I always appreciate all differences and views of others…
I’m not judge anything at all…


  1. Interesting post.
    I am a Catholic, but like you, I don't judge people by their beliefs...but their actions.

  2. I was born a Catholic. Later I chose to adapt a Protestant religion. You are right we should not be judgmental with someone else views and happiness. I guess your friend Mr. Silent is in search of happiness. I really hope he found it already where he is now.

  3. Hi Jolly,
    All people in this planet have a freedom to choose their own religion.. It's maybe a destiny for all mankind to seek the truth of their religious in their life..
    hope Mr. Silent my friend will find his happiness as u said.
    Thanks so much Jolly... I'm really glad to see you again... XX

  4. I am a firm believer that it's not what faith you are but that you have faith. It will be our actions here on earth that will determine what will happen to us in the afterlife. I've met some awesome people who have no affilation to a faith and I have met some horrid people who are religious. In the end, I feel it will be what I did for humanity that will be the deciding factor.

  5. Nice story Nensa, just want to share with you and other readers, Jeffrey Lang has a unique way finding his belief recently. He is a professor in one of the university in USA, his book is "struggling to surrender". I have a good impression how he point his view about his religion in a western way. Yet he do respect others even dont like him...

  6. Hi Nensa Moon!

    Thank you for dropping by my blog! Am so glad to know that you're able to leave your comment now! As a backup, I've been looking for a chat program to put on the sidebar (like the one in my previous blog) but I can't use it cos of some technical mumbo jumbo security issues. Still looking for a good one...

    Glad to know you like my post! Have a blessed day ahead! :)

    Btw, I am wondering whether your friend is able to change his religion now that he is a Muslim. In my country which is Malaysia, it's a very big hoo hah if you try to change to other religion once you've embraced Islam. People go to court for this you know! Dare not dwell further cos its' a sensitive issues over here.

    ( I'm a full-time mummy )

  7. @Mama has spoken:
    Actually sometimes there’re some religious person who looked so horrible from the outside.. but there’re also others even didn’t have a faith but looked so cute from out side… however we couldn’t judge anyone from what they believed .. but probably more from their actions for humanity…
    Btw for me as personally… I believed that only the Almighty who can judge our faith and determine what will happen to us in the afterlife..

    Anyway, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and views here.. I really appreaciate it very much!!

    @ Adventurer blog:
    Thank you Igo !! (sugan the saha ieu pake nick lain…hehe…meni rewas sim kuuring teh yeuh…)
    Here in our religious life, we should respect each other, so we could live peacefully …
    I'm so curious about jeffrey Lang and his book..

    @I'm a full-time mummy :
    Hi jenny,
    You're welcome my dear friend...
    About my friend Mr. Silent I also hope he wouldn't change his religion again... but here in Indo not so terrible like in Malay.. which must go to court for changed our religion...
    wuihhhhh..takuutt dong!!
    Thanks yaa for droppin here, Jenny..

  8. Hello Nensa, I'm so thankful to you for being so thoughtful about my post and for your so very special mention of me in your post. Yes, I have found what I want to do. I believe- faith concerns one's relationship with God, while religions are man-made. They are attempts to explain and define the divine in the terms of human language(s). Therefore religions speak about holy issues, most of them the same, but the human language used in expressing them creates all kinds of differences. I don't really want to create differences but I want to unite them all so worship all Gods and take part in all religions. If I could not make them one then atleast make one team :).
    Thanks again for your delightful thoughts.

  9. Dear Vivek,
    You’re most welcome… and I’m also thank to you…
    Through your blog I can remember my old friend who haven’t meet me anymore for a long long time..
    I really also impress and love the honesty of yours when expressed and blogged your thoughts and views about your belief…
    And I’m glad if you finally could find whatever you wanna do…
    Thanks for coming here and read my post. You’re a very nice person
    God bless you!!

  10. The true story is very interesting. Confidence is a very personal thing. There is no compulsion in entering and practice a religion. We respect his decision, but it is wonderful for just one religion. The best choice is on him.

  11. Dear Herdoni,
    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful thought here...
    I do agree wth you that better to just embraced one religion... but we must keep respect to others who had another view of the belief.
    Actually all differences of thoughts and views would be make the world more dynamic and also colourful..
    Thanks again for the compliment.
    Peace to all!!

  12. thank you for dropping intriguing thought you have okayed out here,,for me i wouls wonder what it was the man was searching for...what was he missing t keep looking...would love to have a conversation with him...

  13. Hello, I'm very pleased to meet you. I came to thank you for visiting my blog but stayed to read a few of your interesting posts. I believe that everyone should have the freedom to follow whichever faith they like and I respect them for it.

  14. Hi There, Thanks for coming to my blog. Please come back anytime...

    No---we are not to judge others for the decisions they make...But--it sounds like Mr. Silent was struggling --trying to find his identity... I'm not sure how someone could change religions that much --but when you are in search of life, I guess you will do whatever it takes to find that happiness... The sad thing is that happiness is sometimes very near--and yet we don't see it.


  15. @Brian Miller:
    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for droppin here..
    I'm not sure he did all for what..but I guess he confused about the he came from the family which the member have different religion one another..
    But perhaps better ask him to know the truth..
    Thanks again for the compliment.
    I'm glad to see you here.

    Hi Valerie,
    I also thank to you for coming to my site and write a nice comment.
    I'm agree.. that we have a freedom to follow whatever faith we love.. and of course we should respect each other..

    @Betsy from Tennessee:
    Dear Betsy,
    You're welcome.. and I'm also thanks so much to you for coming here and take your time to write a comment.
    Your words were really true...
    We respect others who wanna search happiness
    they want whatever they did to find it..though sometimes the thing we try to keep looking for was so near, and we couldn't see it..
    I just hope my friend will surely find whatever he want.. and could feel happy for that.


  16. I agree with Joe, I don't judge people by their beliefs I pay attention to how they treat others and that is what makes my decision on the person.

    Good Post.

  17. Hi Nensa, I just want to say thank for the blog visit and the comment. Appreciate it much!:)

  18. @Jimmy:
    I think everyone would agree wth Joe that we couldnt judge others by their belief but more from their actions...
    thanks for stoppin by and write a kindly comment.
    I'm glad to see you here.

    @Jolly princess:
    Hi JP,
    pls dont say thank for the blog visit i did, I'm glad to come to your site and read the post.
    Will keep looking for your next post...
    have a blessed day

  19. I'm an Episcopalian. I was raised in a Free Will Baptist home, but switched when I became an adult.

  20. Dear Nensa
    Life is a journey and along the way we seek the right path.I hope all of us will be granted the wisdom and knowledge(Taufiq and Hidayah) to the right path.

    I agree that the best judge is the Almighty for he is All Knowing what is hidden from our eyes.

    Thank you for a lovely post.I too hope your friend Mr.Silent has found the right path at last.Amin.
    Take care my dear friend and May Allah bless you and your family.

  21. @Keith:
    Hi Keith,
    I didnt know before there're so many streams in Christianity..
    I'm sure you followed the best for yourself.
    Thanks for the comment
    God blessed you.

    Umi dear, thanks so much for your very valuable comment...
    That's true.. as a human being.. it's a reasonable for us to seek the best path along the journey of our life..
    Only Allah who could lead us to the right path.

    About Mr. Silent.. I also hope he could follow the right path by the guidence of Allah swt. Amiin!!

    May Allah blessed us and our family.
    hugs n kisses

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  23. Hello Jose Ramon,
    You're welcome...
    You also have a very interesting blog.
    Thanks for coming here and follow my blog. I will follow for you too as well.

    Have a wonderful day.

  24. I do not ever care with the belief of my friends. it is one of the private matters of the people. I think he wants to look for the best belief for him.

  25. Mau komentar apa ya??? Mejeng wajah adja lah

  26. Nensa dear,

    Semoga kita sentiasa di bawah naungan Allah SWT, berada di jalan yang diredhai-NYA..

    dan dikurniakan kebahagiaan di dunia dan di akhirat...amiin

    thanks for this post.


  27. i'm not religious but respect every religion and culture. my parents are a mix of buddhist and hindu so we celebrate both religion's festivals as well as have xmas party etc....growing up in different parts of the world made me celebrate every festivals. hehehehe. that's my excuse! :)

    ~ash's mum

  28. @arfi:
    Dear Arfi,
    Every people have their own way to treat their friend.. so do I, probably I am not the same as u.. I did care about my friend including their belief.. I always try to be the best on their side whenever they need a help, even though am just only be a faithfully listener of their complaints…
    I just hope Mr. Silent will find his happiness this time.
    Thanks for a very nice comment

    @Indahnya kebersamaan:
    Kalo mau mejeng noh disono noh… hohoh…ada2 aja!
    Thx sdh mu mejeng disini kawan!!

    Cheqna dear,
    Insya Allah…semoga saja kita selalu berada dalam lindungan dan karunianya-Nya..Amiin!
    Thanks so much for the compliment.

    As Joe said above, I never judge people by their belief… I always respect others …
    Mmm.. so you can enjoy so many festivals every year… haha..
    Thanks so much Ash's mum for sharing your interesting experience here.

  29. This was a beautiful post. I believe all religions are just a shell we wear. It's our actions that take us closer to God. I respect all religions alike.

  30. Yeah, there are so many branches of Christianity. Whether it's Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, etc. I think many people stick with whatever religion they were raised in while others seek out something different.

  31. blue datang kawan
    great post
    salam hangat dari blue

  32. @Mr. Stupid:
    Hi Mr.S,
    I just hope our religion was not only our shell, but more could be able to guide us in carrying out our activities as a mankind..
    Thanks for coming back Mr.S.
    Hope you had a wonderful trip...hehe..

    Hi Keith,
    Yeah I see...Probably it's our destiny as a mankind to keep search the right path in our life.. but some have been keeping stay in the religion since they born..
    Thanks for the explanation.
    Have a great day/night.

    Makasih banyak Blue sudah hadir disini..
    salam hangat juga dari kami.

  33. Hi Nensa Moon!

    Thank you for your comforting comments on my post. Yes I am shocked! I felt bad although Ben is chirpy as ever. Careless mummy has learned her lesson! Thank you for your concern & support!

  34. Hello Nensa! I am a born Catholic but once switched to being a Protestant. Later, I felt uncomfortable with the latter so I go back to my original religion, Catholic. I guess there's no perfect religion but one's faith in one God is all that important. Best not to be discriminating on anyone's kind of religion.

    Have a great day! Take care Nensa!

  35. @I'm a full time Mummy:
    Hi jenny,
    you're welcome... let it be the very valuable experience/lesson.. for make you or others mom be a better mom in the future..
    Thanks for coming here.

    @Beng Gee:
    Hey Beng,
    Glad to see you.
    You're right friend... everyone has their own experience in their belief..but we better not to judge others by their religion..
    Thanks for coming here.

    have agreat night.
    You take care too, friend!!

  36. Hi Nensa, I'm a through and through Roman Catholic and I serve the Lord in this belief- you can't serve many masters. Different religions follow different beliefs. Although it all ends to loving one Almighty God, their beliefs will be in conflict with which religion they want to follow. Again, however, we strongly respect freedom of religion, so whatever your friend believes in, I just pray that he is comfortable with his actions.

  37. Thank you so much Lita, for sharing your wonderful thought.
    Yeah.. I also hope my friend will finaly found whatever he looking for along this time and would comfortable for his actions.

  38. Wows it's nice post etc. ah bahasa lembur we ah.. pokoknya bat si teteh mau kirim keong racun ke palembang nih.. mugia ditampi

  39. Hehehe... sekarang mah moal katipu lagi ah... tos apal...ieu teh ki Saung Web lah pasti!!...hahaha...
    Mana kadieu keong-na urang masak campur empek2... pasti maknyus...haha
    Hatur nuhun Ki, abdi meni bingah tur bagea tiasa tetpang sareng baraya..