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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Missing U Dad...

My dad, Mr. Agus dano

Lately I feel so sad when remembering my dad ....
the last few months he's expressed  heart disease by his doctor when got the medication after several days of illness with difficulty breathing sympton...
After doing some therapy ... now he is beginning to recover and gradually to normal.
Even so... I'm still sad, coz I couldn't be around him this time....
we lived far away, separated by about more than 1000 km distance... so now I just can call him whenever I missed him...

Nowadays everyone here and out there celebrate the Father's Day... the day for greeting and honored every dads in the world...
though this special day was not too populer in my country... it's still echoed my heart and remind me to my own dad...
Here in the spirit of father's day... I'd like to wish you all my friends who've been a daddy or perhaps would be a daddy one day .... and especially for my wonderful dad Mr. Agus dano, and also for my beloved hubby who has been be a great dad for our children... wishing you all have a very very happiest father's day....

And to our wonderful dad Mr. Agus Dano:
Dad you're just like....
The strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,
The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagle's flight,
The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need...
(author: unknown)

I love you Dad...!!
My dad with my son


  1. Everyday is the day for a father to care of his children but today us a special day for their children to express their thanks for what a father has done. Happy father's day to your dad. Very sweets quotes I have found here. Thanks Nensa for sharing this.

  2. Rad,
    I'm really sure you must have be a great dad to your 7 children... so as I ever said, today is your turn... hehe... happy father's day too to u rad, may you'll be a more n more better dad in the future, n you'll be a very happiest dad in the world... amiin!

    and thanks for your words, fren.

  3. are still can see your father, if you have miss him and hear his voices...but, i can't..coz my father have passed away when i'm still, i just can give my prayers for my luvely glad for you...have a great day, my sist...^_^

  4. I wish your father get well soon. May ALLOH blessing to your Fam.
    Nice quotes, Ceu ;)

  5. @windflowers:
    Thanks Diana sayang...
    you're right, perhaps I'm more lucky.. though am not able to meet him whenever miss him but at least Im still can hear his voice by phone...
    felt sorry for u dear... but Allah must have a great plan for you and fam which we didn't known ...
    you take care yaa.

    Thanks so much ya Gung.
    Thx for the doa...

  6. A long time ago we used to ride the bicycle to watch the free movie about 2 miles away from our house.Me and my bro at the back,my sis and another young bro infront and dad cycle.5 people on 1 bike..pretty heavy load.But he cycled just so we could watch the movie.Thats a dad's love. Now our dads are aged and not well.It is sad.I can understand how you feel dear Nensa.They are our world and universe. Its such a lovely poem. Thank you my dear for sharing. My doa for your dad Mr.Agus Dano,may he be always in Allah's keeping.Allah bless you and your entire family and loved ones.Take care and La Tahzan (don't be sad).

    Sayang Nensa.

  7. Umi sayang,
    thanks very much for your very touching words...
    I also never forgot how deep a dad's love given to us...
    when I'm still a student, I often stay up all night to do my homework or just studied...and my dad was always faithful to accompany with me in my room , although he just lied down or sometimes slept on my bed, just for make me feel not afraid for being alone all the night...
    all that stuff was always keepin around on my mind this time... and sure make me felt missed him so much...
    thanks again for your doa, Umi!
    Sayang Umi

  8. lovely Dad Ceu... hope he is getting well soon... Si Aki teh meni ganteng... pantesan incu2na gareulis dan kasep hehehe...

  9. Great article Nensa Moon!
    I love it!

  10. @Land of Oase:
    hehe... thank u Go ats doanya...
    si Aki (we called him Opah) emang ganteng Go...hehe

    Thanks Affection for stoppin here, n take your time for leave a comment... I most appreciate it.

  11. Salam Nensa,

    didoakan semoga ur dad gets well real soon n be in good spirit...walaupun jauh di mata, semoga doa yang diiringi setiap hari dapat mengembirakan ayah Nensa.

    May Allah SWT memberikannya kebahagiaan di dunia n akhirat..Amiin..

    take care my fren.

  12. Pertama Selamat hari Ayah dulu deh biarpun emank ga terkenal di Indonesia.....dan kedua smoga cepet pulih keadaan ayahnya Mbak.....

    Happy sunday,,,,

  13. @Cheqna:
    Wassalam Cheqna..
    Yop... now I just can only pray for my dad for his better health and also for his spirit too...
    May Allah bring him a long long life with full of joy and happiness... Amiin ya robbal alamiin!!
    Thanks so much my dear fren
    U take care too

    Thanks Ferdinand!!
    Today happy Monday to you..

  14. Nensa, bagaimana kondisi ayahanda tercinta sekarang? Mudah2an kondisinya semakin baik ya :)

  15. Hi Nensa Moon! Aq yakin ayah kamu pasti bangga punya puteri seperti kamu! Moga ayah kamu sekarang kondisinya sudah baik dan sehat kembali. Wish u all the best Nensa..

  16. Hey Deasy,
    thx so much dear for droppin here n leave a comment.
    hope so... n my dad was recently back to normal, Alhamdulillah!!
    glad to see uu here fren
    take care

  17. I think I have a missing comment today..
    it's a reply comment to Cheqna n Ferdinand...
    I'm so sorry for that.

  18. Ooo.. the comment was back!! mmm... must be an error here in blogger!!

    @Lina@women's persfective:
    Makasih Lina! Alhamdulillah sekarang papaku sudah agak baikan..

  19. ikutan pindah kesini ...

    met hari bapak ... meskipun telat ...
    pak liek ngertinya bapak ....

    semoga saat ini bapak mbak sehat-sehat selalu ...

  20. Tante kenapa ya kira" ga bisa di koment kaya gini blog ridho?? coba tante di koment lg, udah di ganti jd pop up, tp ga enak pake pop up orang jd males koment.

    tante ada Ym ga??
    add punya ridho tante idho_aydeal

  21. @PakLiek:
    makasih pakliek.. n selamat hr ayah jg buat pakliek, meskipun mungkin belum menjadi ayah.. atau sudah atau akan menjadi ayah...
    n thx for doa..

    jawabannya sudah tante jawab di blog Ridho ya...
    ok YM-nya tar tante add as nensa111
    thx ridho

  22. Hi Seemu,
    Thanks for your kindly comment.
    it's really glad to see u here.
    hv a nice day!

  23. You're a very caring daughter, Nensa. I hope your Dad has fully recovered. His ailment is curable, given extra care. So sad to know you live far from him, but your calls will give him great moments, so just do it! I'll pray for your Dad you and your family.

  24. Dear Lita,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful words.
    I've just tried to be a caring daughter...but it's sad indeed when i must face that I lived apart from him from a long long distance...
    Yes.. I did call him often to check out all everything about him...
    Thanks so much for your best pray and wishes to us.
    God bless you.
    love and hugs