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Sunday, May 23, 2010

'Jempol Award', A Gift from Danang Suryandono....

Can't imagine before that here in blogosphere I could find so many wonderful things…
One of them is a warmth friendship among fellow bloggers.
Here in blogosphere we can develope a wonderful friendship with anyone without any distinction of race, nationality, religion, age, gender, occupation or anything else which have ussualy hard to occur in the real world.
A fortune for me to have so many wonderful fellow bloggers around me...

A few days ago…I’ve gotten a surprise gift from my fellow blogger named Danang Suryandono … ‘Jempol Award’ (mean thumb award).
Here I wanna thank from the bottom of my heart to Danang for the award, and especially as he had been being my friend along this time…

Danang was a very kind hearted young man who has most interested on automotive....
If you wanna know more about him, please visit his wonderful blogs:


  1. congrats on your latest award, well done

  2. Gratz Nensa dear..memang sangat jempol XD

  3. thank you very much miss ...
    I apologize for the late comment because my network was errors.
    I became excited because they have friends like you who really helped me.
    thanks again
    keep blogging...

  4. @umihoney:
    thank so much Umi sayang...
    hehe... memang sngt jempol?!

    you're much welcome Danang.
    It's ok.. sometimes I've also gotten my connection error...
    thx for coming... n keep blogging too to u...

  5. Nensa dear,

    what u said is true..its great to make new frens from all over the world, through blogging, tanpa sempadan.

    n congrats!


  6. Yup Cheqna... it's so amazing to find so many wonderful friend here in virtual world, especially through blogging..
    thx so much fren!

  7. nice award for a good blogger

  8. Thanks Iswady... I'm still trying hard to be a good blogger... hehe...

  9. congratulation miss...
    nice award, have a nice weekend

  10. THank you Bunglon...
    Kemana aja... hope everythng good wth you this time.
    Enjoy your week-end fren!!

  11. thanks so much Affection, for your visit and your word...
    Appreciate it!!

  12. Thanks for stoppin by, Short Poems.
    It's great to see you here...
    pls come more often, will always welcome you.

  13. Congratulation for the Award you've receive .. it mean honnesty for your blogging... and Peace from me :)

  14. Thx for walkin here n leave a nice comment...
    most appreciate it.
    really glad to see you here, Indonesia News reviews. thx

  15. Salam kenal
    Saya mau comment pakai bahasa Inggris tapi kurang lancar, jadi pakai bahasa Linggis saja,
    "Selamat atas award yang diterima, semoga semakin terpupuk persahabatan dengan sesama blogger"

  16. hello Artikel komputer,
    salam kenal juga, tuh bhs Linggisnya top abis deh..hehe..
    thx sdh mampir kawan!!