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Monday, June 29, 2009

"LIMAS" The Traditional House

In Palembang, another interesting attraction is the traditional Limas houses, which you can find scattered all over the city. Most of them were built along the riverbank, facing away from the waterfront, so the residents can have more privacy in their daily household activities.

These ornate prototype of traditional houses in Palembang are easily identified by some of their unique characteristics; - their trapezoid shaped roof; multi-floors structures; and intricately hand-carved columns, door and window frames and ventilation panel which shows the charisma and identity of the house. These houses are built on poles of Unglen (hardest) wood in rather sizeable measurement, with most measuring 400 – 1000 sq meters, Some of these Limas houses are open to the public; there are two well-preserved Limas House which are still used as of today: Rumah Hasyin Ning and Rumah Bayumi. You can make arrangements through the tourist office to visit one of these attractive architectures.

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