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Sunday, June 28, 2009

'Indonesia Raya', Music & Lyrics

Indonesian lyrics

"Indonesia Raya"
Verse I (Official)

Indonesia, tanah airku, tanah tumpah darahku.

Di sanalah aku berdiri, jadi pandu ibuku.

Indonesia, kebangsaanku, bangsa dan tanah airku.

Marilah kita berseru, "Indonesia bersatu!

"Hiduplah tanahku, hiduplah neg'riku,Bangsaku, rakyatku, semuanya.

Bangunlah jiwanya, bangunlah badannya

Untuk Indonesia Raya!


Indonesia Raya, merdeka, merdek

Tanahku, neg'riku yang kucinta.

Indonesia Raya, merdeka, merdekaHiduplah

Indonesia Raya! (*2)

Verse II

Indonesia tanah yang mulia, tanah kita yang kaya.

Disanalah aku berada untuk s'lama-lamanya.

Indonesia tanah pusaka, P'saka kita semuanya.

Marilah kita mendoa, "Indonesia bahagia!"

Suburlah tanahnya, suburlah jiwanya,Bangsanya, rakyatnya, semuanya.

Sadarlah hatinya, Sadarlah budinya

Untuk Indonesia Raya!


Verse III

Indonesia, tanah yang suci, tanah kita yang sakti.

Di sanalah aku berdiri, Jaga ibu sejati.

Indonesia, tanah berseri, tanah yang aku sayangi.

Marilah kita berjanji, "Indonesia abadi!"

S'lamatlah Rakyatnya, S'lamatlah putranya,Pulaunya, lautnya, semuanya.

Majulah negrinya, majulah pandunya

Untuk Indonesia Raya!


English Lyrics
Verse I

Indonesia my native land, the land where I shed my blood. (Note: tanah air literally means "land (and) water")

There I stand, as a guard of my mother. (Note: "mother" here refers to ibu pertiwi which means 'motherland')

Indonesia my nationality, my nation and my country.

Let us exclaim "Indonesia Unites!"

Long live my land, long live my state,My nation, my people, everyone.

Awaken your spirit, awaken your bodies

For Great Indonesia!


Great Indonesia, independent and free,

My land, my country, which I love. (probably equivalent to English's Long live my land)

Great Indonesia, independent and free,

Long live Great Indonesia! (*2)

Verse II

Indonesia, an eminent country, our wealthy country.

There I shall be forever.

Indonesia, the country of our ancestors, a relic of all of us.

Let us pray for Indonesia's prosperity.

May her soil be fertile and spirited her soul,The nation, the people, everyone.

Conscious be their heart and their mindFor Indonesia the Great!


Verse III

Indonesia, a sacred country, our victorious country.

There I stand, guarding my true Mother.

Indonesia, a beaming country, a country I love with all my heart.

Let's make a vow, "forever Indonesia!"

Blessed be her people and her sons,All her islands, and her seas.

Fast be the country's progress and the progress of her youth

For Indonesia the Great!.


Jozef Cleber, a dutch composer, created Indonesia Raya arrangement for philharmonic orchestra in 1950. This arrangement is widely been used currently for formal and some informal purposes.
Many people abroad said "Indonesia Raya" is one of the best anthems in the world

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