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Friday, September 24, 2010

Return Home...

 On the way to my hometown...

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah... finally we're back to our home in Palembang on last Monday morning on September, 20 2010... from our long trip to my hometown  in Sumedang...
I have lots of story and photos about  my trip... I promise I'll share with you  all my bloggies friends here...

As I told you in my previous post,  I've back to my hometown to celebrate Eid and also for visiting my beloved parents.
Eid this year was really special for us, coz  my eldest son Vincent was not with us in Palembang... but we  feel  happy  coz we got reunion with him in his grandma's home in Sumedang. He came alone from Jogjakarta by train...

It's make me felt  strange when we're at our car  in our trip to Sumedang... We're only five, without Vincent... only me, my hubby, Ochi, icha, and my little son Baim...  Hmmm... usually  we're back to our hometown always with my complete family.. just not like this time...

Here are some pictures  along my trip to my hometown, Sumedang... enjoy!

My hubby...

Ochi, Icha, and Baim... (without Vincent...)

Sleeping tiredness...

entrance to the ship in  Bakauheni Port, ready to cross the Sunda strait toward  the port of Merak

The view from the ship...

Icha and Baim at the ship...

Me with Baim...

For about 4 days we're enjoyed  in Sumedang, reunion with my whole family...  After that we're going to Jogjakarta, sending Vincent to her new place where he stay for college... we're there for  about 5 days.. and then we're back to Palembang...

In my next post Insha Allah I'll  tell you about how we spent our time with Vincent in Jogjakarta... It's really excited, even though we felt sad in the end, because we must  return  home and left Vincent alone there... 

If you wanna know more about my Eid in my hometown, just click here!


  1. You have a lovely family. I can imagine how incomplete it feels when your son is not there.;) I recall my mom hated the first few years after we left home.
    Lovely kids.;)
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Have a most wonderful weekend with your beloved family, sweet Nensa xxx

  3. nice pics auntie nensa. separation makes the reunion more special :)

  4. Hi Nensa, good to see you back safe and sound. You seem to have had a wonderful time, more especialy because you were reunited with your lovely son. The pictures are grand, so nice to look at your family.

  5. Glad you and your family are back home. I guess it was such a happy family reunion. :)

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful time with your family! I love those type of trips!

  7. Welcome back! I am glad you had a safe trip. I love the pics of the sleepy travelers!

  8. Hi Nensa, welcome back! These family photos are sweet - vacations make nice memories for all. And so good you could see Vincent! Will go and find out more about Eid! Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Hi Nensa,
    I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your family, and got to spend time with Vincent too! That's great! I enjoyed the photos of your family, thank you for sharing them.

    Have a nice weekend! :)

  10. @Zuzana:
    Thank you, Zuzana… I think all mom has the same feeling when his son or daughter left home…and make the family become uncomplete…
    Have a great weekend to you too, my dear friend!

    Thanks Saskia, I hope you have a wonderful weekend too with your loved family…xx

    Thanks so much my dear sweet Ash… you totally right.. Eid this year was really special for us, coz we can reunion with my beloved son after separated for a couple time.

    Thanks so much for your kindly words, Val! Yes.. we have a great time, spending our time and reunited with my baby son… even though we felt sad when we must return home and left my son alone there…hehe..

    @Jolly Princess:
    Thanks JP… you’re right… Eid this year was such a happy family reunion for us…

    @Mama Has Spoken:
    Yes my dear friend… we really have a wonderful time on Eid this year… coz we can reunite with our baby son there in my hometown…
    Thanks for your kindly words.

    @Joe Cap:
    Thank you, Joe! Hahaha…’the sleepy travelers’…that pic was so funny indeed..

    Thanks Martina… you got right, my Eid vacation was really great for us, coz we can meet Vincent and spending our time with him…
    Have a lovely weekend too to you my sweet friend!

    @Susan B:
    Thanks so much Susan… I’m very happy could see my son at our Eid reunion in my hometown…it’s really great.
    Thanks also if you could enjoyed our photos.
    Have a nice weekend too to you my sweet friend!

  11. What a lovely trip...your family looks amazing!

    Glad you are home. xoxo

    Thank you for your sweet comments concerning my daughter.

  12. Thanks my dear friend Koralee...
    It's always my pleasure to concerned about my friend's daughter, especially who has the same experience with me...
    I just hope we didn't feel alone to face the moment when our son or daughter was not with us anymore...
    so we can keeping our spirit high each other ...

  13. Hi Nensa,

    I am glad you and your family arrived home safe! I can imagine it must have been strange without your son. This summer we went on holiday without our eldest daughter for the first time. I really missed her, but that's the way life goes....I will simply have to get used to it. I enjoyed seeing pictures of you and your family. You all look very stylish!!

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  14. Dear Madelief,
    Thank you for your lovely words...
    I also thanks to Allah, becoz of His blessing we can home safely...
    Yeah... it's really sad indeed traveling for the first time without the presence of one of our children..
    But this was life... as parents we must sincerely accept the situation like this..
    Happy weekend too to you, my dear friend.

  15. Dear Nensa,
    Those pictures are lovely. Family time is priceless. I was actually wondering about Vincent before I started reading your post. I remember your post from when he was accepted to college, and ready to relocate. As I said before, I can relate because I have a 21-year-old son, and I know how much we want to keep our children under our wings. Always.
    Thank you so much for stopping by and for your thoughtful comment. I appreciate it.

    Blessings to you and your family, dear Nensa.

  16. I enjoyed looking at the pictures on your other blog. Your family is so lovely and I can tell you had a good time. I bet Vincent misses his family too.

  17. Looks like a fun trip back to your hometown, I enjoyed the photos too, thank you for sharing.

  18. @Hold my hand: a social worker's blog:
    Hi Doris,
    thanks so much for your delightful you also had a college's son ...'s make me feel more warmth as I know there're so many bloggies friend... like Koralee too...who has also had the kids in the same age... so we can share our experience each other..
    you're right, Doris... how much we're as parents wanna keep our kids under our wings...hehe..
    Blessings to you too, dear Doris!

    @Teresha@Marlie and Me:
    Thank you so much Teresha, if you could enjoy my post...I think so.. Vincent must have missed his family much..

    @Beautiful pear tree lane:
    Dear Sue,
    thanks for your kindly words...I'm glad if you could enjoy my post...
    yes sure I've just had a fun trip in back to my hometown.
    A blessing too to you my dear friend!

  19. It looks like you had a wonderful time, I am sure you are happy to be home again and sad at the same time without Vincent, he will be fine and I know you are proud of him.

    Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

  20. You definitely right, Jimmy... this time I'm happy and also sad at the same time... coz could home safely but without our baby son..
    And yes we have a great time celebrate Eid with my whole family in my hometown..
    Thanks so much for your kindly words, my good friend!
    I'm glad could share my trip with you all here...

  21. So happy that you were able to get the entire family together. I enjoyed seeing pictures of you and the children. They are beautiful.
    ♥ Joy

  22. Thanks so much Joy, I'm really glad you can enjoy my pictures...
    Blessing to you, my friend!!

  23. Dear Nensa, I hope you and your family have always the best moments and much health! May your days be filled with joy and love!!!

    Kisses!! Bela.

  24. Hi Nensa, I'm trying to catch up on blogs today --after being gone for several days. I'm so glad that you all had a safe trip. I enjoyed seeing your pictures. I know how much you must miss Vincent. Hope he is doing great in school.

    Can't wait to see more pictures with family...

    Have a great week, my friend.

  25. Good to know you're back home. Sounds like I'm reading about a family with close ties. That's Asian culture I'm proud I also have. We're brothers, see? Glad you had real fun with your parents and relatives. Will see the pictures in my return. Warm hugs!

  26. @Claudia Murakami:
    Thanks so much Bela... I much appreciate your kindly comment.
    Hope you have a blessed day, my sweet friend!

    @Betsy from Tennessee:
    Thank you so much Betsy,... yes alhamdulillah we return safely...and Im glad if you could enjoy my pictures,
    Have a great week too to you, my friend!

    @Lita C. Malicdem:
    Thank you so much Lita... hehe..sure you're now reading about a family wth close ties...
    Of course, we're brother, my friend... you're Filipino and Im Indonesian...hehe..
    Thanks again for your delightful words.
    sending my warmest hugs too to you, my good friend!