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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!!

On  Tuesday 17th August 2010, Indonesia will celebrate the 65th Independence Day.  Nowadays the red  white flags  were flown everywhere in my country.  The  buildings, the mall, schools and of course the goverment buildings all lighted up by the red and white. There're a lot of people along the roadside selling the red  white flag....
I also bought one to flown myself in  our  yard, because my old flag has been quite worn and faded.

Along  the roadside,  lots of  the red white flag's vender were hawking their  wares

One of the vender was offering his merchandise to me... I bought one for about 15.000 rupiahs

Actually there're lots of activities to celebrate the Independence day... The populer game was named 'Panjat Pinang'... In my neighbourhood, this game was usually held every year, but this time I have no idea, because the Independence day this time was coincided with the holy month of Ramadan when Indonesian Muslims practice fasting for 1 month....
In 'Panjat pinang'  a palm trunk was erected in a public area which is well greased with a mixture of clay and oil. Various prizes in the form of bikes, TVs , radios, T-shirts, shoes, etc were hung at the top and kids and even grownups climb over each other struggling to reach the goal. In the end there are a lot of slippery, muddy kids and grownups all happy and smiling after their exercise of fun.

As I didn't have any pic about 'Panjat Pinang', here I share a caricature of Panjat Pinang, created by my son Vincent: "Panjat Pinang Hit by Tornado'.... enjoy!!

My son,  Baim was tying the red and white flag, he's still in his school uniform... happily!!

Every year  on August 17  the red  white flag was always flown as usual  in my area as an honor and love for Indonesia.
With the spirit of the Independence day, as the commoners,  I hope Indonesia will become increasingly mature, more advanced, can continue to improve the welfare of its people ...
Just expect Indonesia to be a peaceful country secure and prosperous ...

My daughter, Ochi posed under the red white flag in my narrow yard...

Happy Independence day, Indonesia!


  1. Glad to be the first here to greet Indonesia a Happy Independence Day! Nensa, you're such a patriotic Indonesian. Do you know why I love Indonesia? This race has influenced my people a lot. History confirms that the Indones, Malays, and Aetas are the Filipinos' great great ancestors. You see, we are blood brothers!

    May your land, Indonesia, be free and happy and prosperous! Congratulations to all Indonesians and especially you and your family!

  2. Would love to see the race up the palm tree to get the prizes. I've never heard of anything like this before.

  3. I am celebrating with you Nensa:-). Happy Independence Day Indonesia! I hope you're having a great week so far. xo

  4. Happy Independence Day! Hope you and your family enjoy the celebrations :)

  5. We should definitely take pride in our country's independence. I hope you will have a memorable and peaceful celebrating!
    Love the photos of your precious ones!

  6. Happy Independence Day Indonesia and Nensa! :O)

  7. It looks fun and colourful and filled with optimism.
    Thanks for an interesting post.

    All the best, Boonsong

  8. Happy Independence Day to Indonesia! 'Panjat Pinang' looks like a fun game. Your son is a very good artist. Enjoy the celebrations! :)

  9. Thanks for sharing this happy event!

  10. happy independence day to you and all indonesians. i like your son's drawing of the climbing of tree - so creative. :)

  11. That drawing is fantastic! Happy Independence Day!

  12. Happy Independence Day! Have a great celebrations! Looks like your kids are very excited. :)

  13. .............. Happy 65th Independence Day Indonesia....
    Indonesia will celebrate its 65th independence on August 17th, 2010. It is a good time to reflect what has been achieved in the past 65 years and what will Indonesia look in the next 65 years.
    Wishing You Well :)

  14. Your boys are so handsome!!

    Happy Independence Day!

  15. Have a happy happy wonderful Independence Day, Nensa! xx

  16. Wow, you have lots to celebrate this week!
    Happy Independance day and Happy Ramadan, have a fantastic week and be safe!

  17. Happy Independence Day to Indonesia, Nensa... I know this will be a day of celebration for you. Love seeing the pictures of your children. NEAT!!!

  18. I really enjoyed your post on how your country celebrates their Independence Day. I'm sure the national pride is building as the red and white flags are flown. I pray to for you country that is will know peace and prosperity.
    ♥ Joy

  19. @Lita C Malicdem:
    Thanks Lita for loving my country… I’m very glad that we’re all bloodbrother..
    Thanks for the best wishes to me and my country.

    @Mamma has spoken:
    Yes my friend the race up of palm tree (Panjat Pinang) … is such of our traditional game and only held in the Independence day… it surely lots of fun.
    Thanks for your words.

    @Ms. Anthropy;
    Thank you Ms. Antrhopy. Glad to hear you back…hehe..

    Thanks Stacey, you too…have a great week to you and your family.

    @Jemi Fraser:
    Thanks Jemi.. we all do enjoy the celebration..

    @Jamerican spice:
    You right my friend… we should definitely take pride in our country's independence.
    Thanks so much for your valuable comment.

    Thanks so much Lisa.

    Thank you Boonsong, glad to see you again here…

    @Susan B:
    Thanks Susan, yes Panjat Pinang was really lots of fun… and my son was indeed had a talented on drawing … hehehe… thanks for the compliment, friend!

    @Bossy Betty:
    Thanks so much BB.

    Thanks Ash…and thanks also if you like my son’s caricature… hehe…

    Thanks so much Lourie… my son, Vincent has love drawing indeed.…

    @Jolly Princess:
    Thanks JJ… yes my kids were very excited as usual, esp Baim… they all enjoy the celebration…

    Thanks for stopping here and commenting, Mishkash…welcome to you and pls come back again anytime..

    Thanks so much Alicia.

    Thank you so much Saskia

    @Joe Cap:
    Thanks Joe, yes it’s great we have lots of celebration this month…the Ramadhan and the Independence day…
    have a great week too to you and family, Joe!

    @Betsy from Tennessee:
    Thanks so much Betsy, yes it’s the celebration of me and all Indonesian..
    hugs too to you, my sweet friend!

    @ Michelle @ Flying Giggles:
    Thanks so much Michelle!

    Thanks so much if you could enjoy my post..and thanks again for your praying to our country… really appreaciate it.
    Have a great week to you, Joy!!

  20. mampir mbak wah lama sekali ga kesini hehe..
    Dirgahayu RI ke 65 semoga bangsa ini menjadi lebih baik dimasa yang akan datang.
    selamat berpuasa ya mbak..
    Sukses Slalu!

  21. Belated greetngs for your Independence Day. Lovely pictures. Peace be with you always.

  22. @Pepi:
    Pepi, maksih sdh mampir n komentar.
    salam merdeka jg buat kamu and semua...

    @Bunglon blog Indonesia:
    Maksih bunglon sdh mampir...pakabar kamu? semoga sehat and sukses selalu.
    selamat puasa jg buat kamu n keluarga di rumah.

    Thank you Val... I'm glad if you love the pics.
    peace be with you too.

  23. So happy to get to know you, dear Nensa!! Happy too for your sweet words on my birthday post!!! I wish you have had an amazing holiday and wish too we can be friends!!!

    Kisses from Brasil!! Bela.

  24. Hello nice to meet you..I visited madelief and so I found YOU..Started reading your blog and still reading..Greets from Holland

  25. @Claudia Murakami:
    Hi Bela,
    thanks so much for coming to my site and also join my site by google connect.
    Im glad too to be friend with you.
    Wishing you a wonderful birthday my new friend!
    kisses too to you. nensa

    @The Dutchess:
    Hi The Dutchess, thank you so much for coming to my site and be the follower.. I'm glad to meet a new friend from around the globe.
    Welcome to my site my friend, hope you could enjoy my post.
    Will return the favor soon.
    hugs, nensa

  26. Happy Independence Day! I hope you and yours had a fantastic day.

  27. Love your images today...Happy Independence day to you!
    I love visiting you...I learn so much! Hugs. xoxox

  28. @Keith:
    Thank you Keith.. surely we have a very happy day in our Independence day.

    Tanks Koralee, Im glad if you love and enjoy my post...Always love to see you in my site.
    Wishing you have a wonderful week ahead, my friend!
    hugs too to you.

  29. Happy Independence Day to my Indonesia.. n God Bless Indonesia .. Merdeka... n met berpuasa aja deh

  30. Evviva il giorno dell'Indipendenza!

  31. Happy Independence Day! your son is very talented at drawing! I can picture the Panjat Pinang

  32. @Saung Web:
    Hatur nuhun pisan abah Saung parantos sumping ka rorompok... abi meni bingah pisan...hehehe...
    sering2 dateng ke sini yeh...I sangat merindukan rekan2 blogger sekampung..
    Met puasa juga buat Saung sareng keluarga semua di rumah. Semoga puasanya lancaaarr n dapat pahala melimpah dr Allah swt. Amiin!!

    Thanks so much Stella... I'm glad to see you here. Please come back more often.
    Wishing you well!

    @Teresha@Marlie and Me:
    Thank you, Teresha... son has loved drawing indeed...
    I'm glad if you could picture the Panjat Pinang. That game was really lots of fun.
    Thanks again for coming to my site, my friend!
    Have a blessed day!

  33. Hi Nensa!

    Selamat Hari Merdeka to you guys!

    Btw, thanks for dropping by earlier and glad that you enjoyed the post and pictures of Ben! And thanks for telling me about my site being down! I didn't realised that at all. I will look into it and find out what's wrong! Appreciate you telling me this!

  34. Hey jenny,
    Thank you...and the same to you...
    Hope you could find what's wrong with your site out soon..
    It would make people could more enjoy your site..
    See yaa

  35. Back again for you ..
    Actually we do not have shouted " Merdeka "... because Indonesia had been independent 65 years ago.
    now living how to fill this independence

    Halah.. bener gak nih ... nanti tunggu anak saya pulang dari Pare deh.. wuakakak...

  36. I hope bunda Nensa didn't climb for this competition up,I not sure ha ha ,
    salam Buat baim Yang lucu and Selamat menunaikan Ibadah Puasa

  37. Hi Nensa,
    So nice to meet you, and thank you for visiting me and for becoming a follower. Happy independence day to you, I so enjoyed reading of how you celebrate. You have a very talented son. Thank you for sharing.

  38. @Saung Web:
    Dear Saung web sahabatku... I actually wanna shout "MERDEKA" with a very big voice even a hundred make Indonesia sure that we've all been really already MERDEKA for poverty and ignorance...
    hahaha...cuap2 aja bo!! kali aja ada yg denger.
    thx sdh komen.

    @Mundo Idiot:
    Waduhhh... Mundo kemana aja nih, lama ga OL.. kangen bener.. semoga Mundo sehat2 aja and happy selalu..
    Thx sdh mampir.

    @Beautiful Pear tree lane:
    Hi Sue,
    I'm glad to see you here, it's also my pleasure to meet you on your site... You have so beautiful site.. I'm start reading yours... seemed I could learn a lot from them..
    Thanks for your kindly words.

    @Harya Bima:
    Thx Harya Bima sdh mampir and tulis komentar..
    MERDEKA!! hehehe....

  39. Hi Nensa!

    I did some test and found that there are certain countries and certain type of Internet service providers that has smaller data receiver hence, when these sites tried to access my blog, it sometimes load too long (tested no problem with higher speed Internet connection) and so when this happen, my page will not load - which is why you see it as being down :( Nothing much I could do on my side here but thank you anyway for highlighting!

    Hope this doesn't sound too tech jargons for you :P

  40. Happy Independence day! Dear Nensa, thanks for coming. So interesting to read about Indonesia - maybe one day i'll be able to see it. How's Ramadan been so far? Hope you and your family are sharing a lovely weekend :)