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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Most Friendly Blogger Award From Iswady - Planet Aqidah

 Again and again... I felt happy and honored when one by one my friends blogger gave me a gift which called AWARD...
That's all unexpected as my blog was not the best one... The real that I'm the lazy one who very very late for updated my blog, so my blog was really worst and no deserve to be given of any kind of award... but I felt blessed because maybe the friendship in blogger community was more strongly than anything for being expressed by the award ...

This time I received award  from my kindly blogger friend Iswady ..The Most Friendly Blogger Award....  
Thank you so much, Iswady... you're very kind... !!
Hopefully this award would be inspired me to be more  and more  better in the future as a real blogger..

This award I wanna pass to my 5 friend bloggers who had been tagged by  me on my other blog CATATANKU, and also to my other friend bloggers....
Here the list:

Vania Moreira 

Congratulations to all of you, my friends... Hope you would accept it and could pass the award to your other friend bloggers...
Be sure to link me on your blog … OK?! hehe ….
Have a wonderful day to all....    


  1. Congratulations, Nensa!
    You deserve always!

  2. Thank you Carmen!
    Glad to see you here...

  3. thz for the award that you gave to me, but I dunno how to accept it, I just can say thank you so much for the appreciation,ha ha h ah i'll put thiz entry on my blog, i think that award 's some gift like empek2 palembang etc xD

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  5. @Mundo-idiot:
    You're welcome Mundo.
    Here's how to put the award on your blog:
    -click the image of the award
    -save picture on your pc/laptop
    -if you wanna post it, just click add image and then browse your pc, click the pic of the award...upload --- add --- ok
    -If you wanna put the award on the side bar on your blog, here's the step:
    # click layout - add a gadget - choose picture - browse image on your pc - on the 'title' or 'caption' you can write eg: award from Nensa Moon..hehe... - link : my Url (of The Note) - save .... finish!
    Tha's all Mundo, but sorry... am not good on make a tutorial, so hope it would be help you...
    Thanks again my friend.
    Tar mpek2-nya dikrm via email...hehe

    @Family holidays:
    Thanks for stoppin by here.

    Sama2 Iswady... aku jg thanks sdh diberi award olehmu.

  6. thx You so much for all ,,,hey i just pUt thz a wrd on my blog ,, thx for thiz tutorl,,, i think thz tutorl C'late ha ha ha ha

  7. yohoo...sorry for my late reply Mundo...hihi...
    just came to your site in early morning.
    thx for posting the award.

  8. terima kasih yo, dah bantu seting, jadi pacak nih,
    Blog mu bagus nian sampe rank duo., hehehehe

  9. Eeehh...wong Jowo ko pacak nian ngomong plembang...hehe...
    Thanks ya Wen, udah mampir n koment di blog-ku.
    Seneng bangets bs punya sahabat baru.
    Itu bisa PR-2, aku jg ga ngerti... padahal blognya ga karu-karuan cuma asal cuap2 bae...
    'NGkali mbah google nya lg error tuh pas ngitung PR punyaku...wiiww...

  10. Maaf Moon... belum bisa melanjutkan awardnya.. hehehe.. sebab koneksiku lagi tak menentu... awardnya sudah aku ambil kok.. terima kasih banyak ye.. :)

  11. Hehe... Boja no problem, thanks jg sudah menerima awardnya, n sdh mejeng di blogmu... satu kehormatan buatku....
    thx yaww!!

  12. forgive me for forgetting to pick up his award
    thank you before, I brought home soon...
    apparently we are neighbors miss...

  13. Never mind, Bunglon... 'n thx so much for accept the award.
    what're also 'wong kito'...?! Haha...senangnya!!

  14. Nensa my dear,
    Why are you such a gem.Im so touch by this.Thank you and thank you from the bottom of my heart..Hugs from across Selat Melaka.Luv you.

  15. congratulations....
    selamat atas awardnya.....

  16. @Umihoney:
    Umi sayang, so happy to hear from you again since last visit...
    you're most welcome Umi, hope you would enjoy the award...
    always love!!

    Thanks so much rahmatea.
    Nice to see you here, my friend.

    Maurice Mitchell:
    Thank you so much for the comment... and take the time to come here.
    Really glad to know you, Maurice.

  17. hi Moon, Nensa, Teh...., Nuhun, thanks for award, nalangsa campur bungah...., cause you are so generous yet friendly and have a great attention to me, no wonder if others love you... hatur nuhun, katampi salaksa kabingahan...
    (award parantos dicandak)

  18. Euleuh...euleuh...ieu teh cep Igo tea ... kamana wae atuh, kumaha damang diditu di nagare Kanguruna...?
    hehehe... long time no see Igo, hope everything ok wth u n your family...
    Hatur nuhun nya Igo pami tos katampi mah awardna...
    Salam buat keluargamu dari ceuceu Nensa ti Palembang.