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Saturday, March 6, 2010

I've Got A Beautiful Blogger Award.....

Maybe I used to congrats myself….?!
I was very happy and really felt honored when my Malaysian’s friend  blogger UMIHONEY surprised me with a beautiful blogger award.  Thanks very much, my dear friend, Umi!
Actually this is the 2nd  award  I received, since I’ve got the 1st  one  from my Brazilian’s friend blogger  named Raquel Crusoe on my other blog: CATATANKU.
Thanks very much, Raquel!!

The rules are:
1. Thank & link the person that gave you the award.
2. Pass this award onto 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic.
3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won.
4. State 7 things about yourself.

Here I wanna pass this award to my  15 friend bloggers. You all have a very beautiful blog, friends... Congratulations to all… Hope you all enjoy!!

  1. Hana
  2. Link Tea
  3. Kyungmee
  4. Bristi
  5. Pure Romance
  6. Karoly Domonyi
  7. Jolly Princess
  8. Carmen Jimenez
  9. Manoel Jose de Santana
  10. Beng Gee
  11. Gwei Mui
  12. Alb-Henky
  13. SB. Tamare
  14. Riccardo Uccheddu
  15. Sunshine and Baba

Truthfully there’re no interesting things about me, but here we go…......... 7 things about me:

  1. I'm just an ordinary one, born in Bandung, one of  a beautiful city of West Java, Indonesia on  1st May 1968
  2. Now I lived in Palembang,  the capital city of South Sumatera, Indonesia with my beloved hubby and my  4 cute  children since about 11 or 13 years ago (I forgot the exactly year…).
  3. I’m a Muslim, and I believed in Quran …
  4. I never left my glasses, except while sleeping.
  5. My fav place is my own room… I often  spend my time here… listening music, watching video, surfing the net or even  reciting Quran and  praying ….
  6. I love Queen… everyone must have  known about them,  the rock legend band from England
  7. I love  speeding while drove my car…, that’s  becoz  I  hate being waste of time or even waste of money for gas…and becoz of  that  my 'special habit’  all  my children were  never late for school… hahaha…


  1. Congratulations and well done

  2. congratulations my dear friend! your blog is nice and informative, funny and simply great! i'm very honored and pleased to be involved in your list :). Thank you so much for kind words on my page, i so appreciate it :). Keep writing great work :)

  3. Dear Nensa,
    terharu..surprised..and would give u a big hug if u were here. Ouch..tq Nensa..was feeling a bit sad and your award really makes me smile :)

  4. Dear Nensa,
    Nensa ada facebook? Hana tidak ada award buat Nensa tapi hana sudah daftarkan di NetworkedBlogs. Nensa boleh confirm sebagai author blog tersebut di :

  5. Hi Nensa!
    You surprised me! Thank you so much. This is the 2nd time that I received this award and I love it.

    You make me feel beautiful, Nensa! Hugs and mwah!

  6. dear!
    congratulate !
    i think you really deserve for that astounding award. i appreciate your indelible endeavors whatever you have done would be hard enough as award is in your hand in the shape of crop or result.enjoy the success.

  7. I like to read the "Truthfully there’re no interesting things about me" Actually that are very interesting. Interesting to know that you are the speed driver & like Queen's music too. Wish you success in blogging & life. amiin.

  8. Hoi.. thanks for u award.. I will take.. hehe n tararengkiyu aja deh

  9. Halah.. rasanya blognya berat nih atau koneksiku yg lelet ya.. hehe
    btw there are tips .. goods in time to try

  10. Salam kenal, kunjungan perdana. Salam

  11. @Gwei Mui:
    Thanks very much Gwei...
    I really glad to have such friend blogger like you..

    Thanks very much dear Jenny, and most welcome...
    You're really worth gold..
    Thanks for being together in our blog...

  12. @Hana:
    Thanks so much Hana, I feel glad to see you happy... You're really worth gold, my dear friend.
    But Aku ga ada FB (haha...poor me!!) next time I'll join...
    Makasih juga sudah daftarin blog aku yaa... I'll confirm soon...

    @Beng Gee:
    You're most welcome, Beng.
    Happy to see you again here...and really happy to make you felt beautiful, even though You really are, dear...
    Congratulate...You deserve.
    Warmest hugs...

  13. @SB Tamare:
    Thanks so much, my dear friend...
    Hopefully you would enjoy this award I passed to you...You're really true worth.
    Success to you too...

    Thanks so much Rad.
    Your comment always so meaningful...
    Waiting for your next visit...

  14. @LinkTea n Saung Web:
    Your most welcome, my dear....
    Jangan lupa di link awardnya yah...
    Oya blog-ku jadi berat ya, mungkin krn aku nambah bnyk widget...
    ntar cari tipsnya deh di blog sampeyan hehehe...
    Tararengkyu juga ya ats supportnya selama ini...

    Maksih sudah berkunjung ke sini, Alris.
    Salam kenal n persahabatan juga.

  15. I'm back Nensa! Just wanna let you know that I'm done in posting the award. I posted it in my other blog, My Quiet Zone -
    Thanks again my friend!

  16. Hi Beng,
    Thanks so much my dear friend... I think you're the first one who post this award since i passed it...
    Its really make me feel no regret to pass it to you...
    Congratulation dear...and thanks again...
    I'll check it out now...
    See yaa

  17. Dear Nensa,
    Im happy that you have accepted the award.Gratz.You deserve it my friend coz I believe you are a beautiful person inside.Thank you for having me as your friend.Hugs.

  18. Thanks so much for all your support Umi dear...
    The award from you was so meaningful for me, Umi
    I really felt excited to be friend with you.
    Thanks again...

  19. Wah awardnya ntar diambil ya.. biar sekalian postingnya soalnya dah ada 4 nih.. hehe

  20. Sengaja datang untuk ngajak ngakak bersama nih.. kunjung ya..

  21. wah selamat yah.... untung pas aku dapat award gituan bahasa indonesia, klo b inggris kaya gini ga mudeng2 hehhe

  22. @LinkTea:
    Euleuh...eleuh...sudah dapat 4 award...
    Hebat pisan nya...
    Bagi atuh kadieu hiji...hehe...

    @Saung Web:
    Makasih banyak....

  23. @Richo:
    Makasih banyak ya Richo...
    Hahaha... sama Inggris saya juga ga mudeng alias banyak ngaconya...
    tapi biar aja, namanya juga ngeblog... suka2 gua aja...haha...

  24. wah ngaco2 tapi mudeng kan..... hehhe boleh dunk di ajarii

  25. hahaha...richo, ada-ada saja...

  26. Kwk1000X...Ada 2 ada saja nich,mampir disini..
    salam kenal dan sukses selalu ya...

  27. kwkkkk....lulus sutopo...
    thx sdh mampir...

  28. hmmm... selamat ya mba Nensa.. atas Awardnyaa.. =)
    selamat jg bwt yg dibagikan oleh mba nensa..

  29. Hi Nensa, you deserve, Congratulations!

    I feel myself very honoured by thinking on me and my blog, this fills me with emotion. Thank you very much Nensa you are a friend.

  30. Was here today. Congrats on your award!

  31. @Mizan:
    Makasih ya Mizan...
    Tu skripsi jangan molor terus dong..

    Thanks Carmen, and congratulations too...
    You and your blog was really worthwhile.
    Hopefully this award could be developing our friendship in blogger community.
    Thanks again..
    Hugs n kisses.

    @By Melcole of PA:
    Thanks so much for stoppin by here.
    Most appreaciate...

  32. Hai Nensa :)
    Nensa telah di tag :)

  33. Thanks Hana...aku segera meluncur kesana!

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  35. Thank you for stoppin by here Eci...
    I'm happy to see you again.
    Happy Easter too to you and your family.
    God bless you all...

  36. Congrats Moon, happy to know that. People love u.

  37. well done

  38. ahah visit tonight
    congratulations for award
    hopefully more successful
    happy blogging

  39. i can say nothing ,, for all ,ex j'wanna say cograt !!! for Nensa moon, N i waitting your face entRy xD

  40. @Jan:
    Thanks for the comment and take the time to visit here. Appreciate it so much.

    @Bunglon blog:
    Thanks so much bunglon for the night visit... and your kindly comment.
    Succes too to u...

    Long time no see... I mean no visit...
    Thx Mundo for coming again here.
    most appreaciate it.

    @Anak nelayan:
    Makasih banyak ats kunjungannya kawan.
    Lain kali datang lagi yaww...

  41. thanks miss nensa...
    matur nuwun....

  42. Ya sama2 Danang..
    Tapi...comment kamu salah tempat tuh haha..., harusnya postingan yg diatas.
    Awas jangan ketuker awardnya ya...thx

  43. sometimes i fell asleep with my glasses, may be then i had clearer dreams..hehehe...

    n i love "pasar baru" at Bandung!