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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Special Bra For Men

Who says that bra can only be used by women.... Now the men are starting much wear a bra to support their breast. This bra has been believed definitely not to make the breasts look bigger.

This men’s bra was made by an underwear store, Wishroom that based in Japan.Since last year the company produced this kind of unusual underwear. Initially the producer was not sure about the reaction of the community. At the first time this bra are only produced about 160 pieces. Beyond expectations, this bra is sold out immediately.
And later Wishroom receive orders until 5000 pieces.

This bra which is known as the Bra-O is available in several colors: white, pink, and black. This bra is more reserved for men aged 30-40 years with sizes ranging from 32-38. The price of this Bra-O is 331.00 dollars /piece.

Did you know whoever became the supporter of the advertisement of this man’s bra...? they’re... the world’s famous football player David Beckham and the star’s of James Bond, Daniel Craig… Waaww!!

David Beckham with pink-bra

Daniel craig with black-bra

These two sexy guys wear the unusual bra…. Can you all imagined….?!
They seemed funny and maybe a little bit ugly….haha…


  1. Ho ho...I thought that they were for women and I wondered why they were so small :D Then I know they're for men ^^ Anyway I think they're not suitable for men really ;)

  2. Ha ha ha, the world has gone upside wearing bra...ROLF!

  3. Hahaha... as you all said SK, Special, and Pete... Absolutely AGREEEEEE!!

  4. Hee hee hee this is really weird and funny. I would not want any man I know to be caught wearing a bra. What is this world coming to. Smile. Be sure to stop by my blogs soon and check out my ads this will be a big help to my cause.

  5. I thought so lilyruth...
    I also wouldnt want to look any man i know or especially my husband for wearing that unusual bra...
    Sure, I'll be visiting ur blog.
    Pls keep visiting each other...OK?!

  6. Hi Moons, is it real or what???. I mean, i just can't imagine a cool guy like DB wearing a Bra. Just look at the price also,331.00 dollars/piece. Oh means that a man must spend 331.00 dollar to be weird. Hahaa...,Nice post Moons

  7. Heyy Irfan, I thought can the cool guy like them wearing that kind of you said
    But it's the reality...
    Perhaps it marks that the world was gone crazy...

  8. It was Cosmo Kramer and Frank Costanza who invented the manssiere!!!

    Cool template...

  9. Thx sexandthecitys!
    Btw who are Cosmo Kramer and frank Costanza.....?

  10. They are characters in the TV series Seinfeld.

  11. Oo...I see sexandthecitys.
    Probably that TV series was not too popular in my country...Or maybe I'm the only one who didnt know...Haha...what poor me!!

  12. Hi Moon. :o looks so ugly when it's put on a guy..
    Ughh..luckily it's only David Beckham and that 007 guy :p hehehe

  13. Yup hana... I agree with you.
    They really looked ugly to wear the unusual bra like that...hmmm...

  14. it´s very funny jajajjajaj! :D. I love your blogs

  15. Haha.. aya2 bae sagala kutang di promosikeun..

  16. Hihi... pagi2 dah ketawa baca koment orang Kuningan...
    Eta nu di pake sama si Daniel warna hideng mirip pisan kutang nini sayah...

  17. My first thought was, no way. I thought maybe you were writing this as a joke. I researched though and it's for real. I guess what confused me is why anyone would want to wear a bra unless they had too. I obviously believe in comfort. Thanks for sharing this story.

  18. thanks ! very interesting :)))

  19. @Wapatu:
    Thanks so much for the comment
    (sorry for my late reply)
    Glad to see you here...

    Thanks for droppin by Mila.
    Hope to see you again here...
    pls come more often, my dear friend!
    Have a great day...

  20. I can't believe that any man would wear that...very funny!

  21. Sure Joe, not only funny... but crazy!!