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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Beauty of CANUKUR

Canukur is a little village located at the distric of Sumedang, Jawa Barat Province, Indonesia.
This village was around by several mountains, hills, and many of rice/paddy fields...
There's also a very popular river in this village called Cipeles.

Most of people here worked at their fields as farmers... Many of them had a very kind hearted. They lived based on 'Gotong Royong' as nature. They used to work together as they help each other whenever they have alot of work to do in their fields.

Honestly... I felt excitted when I tell about this beautiful village.
Canukur... I wanna allow you as my own village.. where I even never lived, but only visit you once in a year.
However.... wherever I recently live, I'll never forget you...

Canukur... I'll always miss you!


  1. I love photos of countrysides. Your kampung looks beautiful n certainly peaceful..

  2. Teika kawashi, thx so much for your kindly comment.
    Its my pleasure to see you here...

  3. I like this posting very much. The photos and the narration make me feel that I was accompanied by you walking around the village to eyewithness the beautiful panorama there. Thanks for sharing the paddy field view.

  4. Thanks very much for your support, MB.
    I really appreciate it...

  5. Duh foto2na jadi asa nineung kalembur.. jadi pingin main kasi ua jeng ka mang uci nu ngurus sawah... hehe.. gak ngerti urusaanya Palembang tapi sundana medok.. btw.. makasih linknya ya.. segera tak linkback

  6. Eh... meni resep ketemu link tea, asa ketemu dgn barayaa...
    I've been exactly born and grown up in Bandung, my mom is from Sumedang and papa saya orang Timor, skrg sdh pensiun n tinggal di my lovely hometown desa Canukur Sumedang (tetangga jauh ama Kuningan...?)
    But recently I lived in Palembang with my hubby and my 4 children...
    So... sundaku medok nya...?! hehe... I really love talking with bhs sunda...
    but here in Palembang susah mau ngomong sunda...
    Sering2 ngajak aing bhs sunda nya... hehe!
    SOri lg pengen ngomong sunda kasar (aing...!?) punten nya...!!

    Makasi bnyk ya sudah berkunjung n koment...

  7. I love these photos of Canukur! They represent the things that make Asia so beautiful. tjeu are elegant in the simplicity of life they represent. Thank you for sharing this wonderful work. Kindest regards, Yordie Sands

  8. Thank you so much, Yordie Sands.
    I really glad to hear that you love the photos of my hometown...
    Pls feel free to come here more often, friend..I'll always welcome you...
    Warmly regards,
    Nensa Moon