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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Moses Miracle....

What do you think about ‘The Moses Miracle’……?
As a Muslim, a Christian or other religious I’m sure you must have known about it.

From the holy Quran I’ve heard about the story of Moses Miracle.
It was began in Egypt, where the Children of Israel had found refuge with Joseph over 400 years before. The beginning of these events involved the struggle of Moses and his people had to endure under the oppression of the Pharaoh (RamsesII).
The oppression ended, however, when Moses with his stick parted the Red Sea by the permission of Allah , and then left it for Allah to close over the Pharaoh and his army.

Do you believe that the amazing natural phenomenon looked like the splitting of the Red-Sea at the time of Moses recently happened in our planet…?!
It exactly found in Jindo island, South Korea.
People also called…’The Moses Miracle’,
despite the fact that it has nothing to do with the story of Moses.

This phenomenon occurs 2 times a year during a low tide, a land path 2.8 km long and 40 meters wide that connects the island of Jindo and Modo for a few hours.

There’s a legend behind the phenomenon of the Korean's ‘Moses Miracle’.
One day a Jindo village was attacked by tigers. All the villagers ran to Modo island, except the helpless old woman who was left behind. Out of despair she prayed to the sea god, who then split the sea and helped her escape from the bloodthirsty animal.

Actually The Moses Miracle was largely unknown until 1975, when a French ambassador visited South Korea and wrote about in a French Newspaper.

Now.. The Korean's Moses Miracle was known by all people around the world….They came every year to attend the festival which dedicated to this natural wonderful phenomenon…

Hmm... there’re so many miracles happened in this earth…
And they beyond the laws of science, it was all fulfilled only by Allah's will and power.

As a muslim I just can say…
Allaahu Akbar


  1. Subhanallah, it's so amazing...I wanna visit there and see it with my own eyes...

  2. Me too, Lina...
    If I got a chance I wanna be there to see it with my own eyes too.

    In fact I'm a lil big concern about Korea and anything happened since I've fallen in love with Korean drama...
    Sure you didnt know I'm a fan of Korean drama, especially with genre romance n historical...

    So that day when I saw the news about Korean Moses Miracle on 'Sumeks'(Palembang newspapers), I really felt excited n promised myself to put it on my blog...

    Anyway thx for the comment friend...

  3. Really amazing! To think that we always experience high and low tide, this phenomena happens only twice a year?!
    The Great Supreme Being certainly have endless miracles for us, mankind!

    Interesting blog here!

  4. The Great Allah! It's a amazing story, I just read and heard about the story for this but I've never seen about the photos. And finally I found here. Thanks for the story and good luck for you!

  5. Yup Beng Gee...
    This phenomenon only happened 2 times a year.
    Thanks to The Great Supreme Being give us, mankind, so many wonderful and amazing phenomena...

    Thx very much for visiting n commenting on my blog.
    Really glad to see you here, dear friend...
    Pls come here again later!!

  6. Hi The Experiences...
    Nice to see you here...long time no see hehe...kemane aje sob...?!

    Hope you would enjoy my post this time...
    Really thx for your visit n comment!

  7. Praf de Stele, thx so much for your visit and your very kindly comment...

    Nice to see you here, friend!!

  8. Wow.. good post frriend... I like it... realy..

    Selamat Tahun Baru ya

  9. Nice blog you ahve here and full of info..Happy New year!

  10. @Saung Web:
    Trimakasih atas kunjungannya ya bo...
    Met tahun baru juga...Semoga apa yang kita cita2kan selama ini dapat terwujud di tahun 2010 ini...Amiiiinn!!

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    Happy new year too to you.
    God bless you.

  11. Hi friend it's new story .. are you know ??

  12. thanks for sharing the mark of the Almighty. So far surfing around the net, only here I have found this story. Thanks for sharing.

  13. @Saung Web:
    Truthfully, perhaps its not a new story...but for me its really a new story when the first time I heard it on palembang newspapers, SUmatera Ekspres (Sumeks) on about December 2009..( I forgot the date )

    Anyway...thx for comment, friend!!

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    Thanks very much for your support, friend.
    I really appreciate it...
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  18. As a follower of Christ (Christian), we too view this as a miracle to save God's people. I have not read the Koran, but I think the fact that the miracle is mentioned in both scriptures helps to bolster the reliability of them both.

    I would however say that science CAN and in fact does explain these phenomenon. This to me tells us how great a God that we have. We have a God that not only created the laws of the universe, but chooses to use them for his glory.

  19. nice blog and so much that it has swooped me to be your friend one.
    lastly, i would say a very happy new year 2010 for you.
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  22. thank you for is indeed a miracle...keep blogging :)

  23. @Domonyi Karoly:
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    Its my pleasure to hear that you'd enjoyed reading my blog.
    I've really appreciated it...

    Sure friend, that's all the mark of the Almighty...
    as what you said it's all proof us that we have a God that not only created the laws of the universe, but chooses to use them for his glory.

    Thank you very much for your visit and comment.

    Thanks so much my friend for your visiting n commenting here... I really appreciated it.

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  25. It's good to know about an interesting place where we can keep believeing in miracle. I'm start thinking that i must go there one day :D :). Thanks for great post :)

  26. Sampurasunn.. arayaaa ??? hujan besar nih.. takut petir.. kabuuur

  27. bohzo (hello) Moons

    I hope all is well with you in Indonesia. I wonder if you get winter, I will have to look it up.

    Have a great day!

  28. @PureRomance:
    Yup...If got the chance, just go and see that beautiful miracle... Probably it would be able to further increase our faith to the mark of Almighty.

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    @Link Tea:
    Eh... ada orang Kuningan... Kunaon eta meni siun ku Petir... Borangan pisan nya!!
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  29. For starters want to thank you for visiting our blog!
    About the miracle of Moses we think highly and we are pleased to remember and read the bible!
    My family I respect all religions but about Islam and the Koran ..... less!
    Greetings to respect all!

  30. Thanks for this delightful story. I learnt somthing new today and thanks again to you. *-*

  31. Wow! I wish I could see it for myself, Only nature and God's hand can do such wonder.

  32. @Eci si Cami:
    Thanks for comming and commenting here.
    I also always respect to all religions...
    Greetings to respect all too!!

    You're wlcome Sarinah.... I really glad to hear that you could learn something new here.
    Thanks very much for comming n commenting here.

    @Silent Poet Klaus:
    Yes me too, my friend...if i could i wanna see it for myself...
    thanks very much for your kindly comment, i really appreaciate it.